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Found 4 results

  1. So it's a new year, therefore a new build. Another twin to clutter up the bench with First step was to go through the errors & omissions list that Brett Green published on Hyperscale regarding the kit's instructions. Then I started on the engines. These went together really well. Next up is the MLG and gear bays. The ribs that go into the nacelles were a bit of a head scratcher until I checked the instructions from the Dragon D/E kit. In the C-7 kit, they only show the placement of the ribs for one nacelle. The D/E kit shows both so here it is for your reference.
  2. The final pieces to this puzzle arrived today. So, I thought I should reserve the space for my very first build on LSM, now, even though it will probably be a couple weeks before I can start it. My initial intention was to have an early Bf 110 in my collection, but I was fairly certain that it would be a day fighter. The C variant seemed to be the obvious choice, so that's the kit that I picked up. I found a few promising schemes (something I'm very picky about when it's going to be in my own collection. It has to have "the look" and be "the one".), but when I came across this photo of an early nightfighter, I knew that it was indeed "the one" and it happens to be a D. So, since I had only the C kit, I ended up doing some trading of parts, in order to obtain the proper tail and tail wheel pieces that would be required to do a D variant. On top of that, I managed to pick up the following parts that I thought would help complete this build and make some improvements over what comes in the box (which is already pretty darn nice, from what I can see!). Dragon Bf 110C kit (with swapped out parts to make it a D) Eagle Cals decals (probably only be using the stencils) Montex masks HGW seatbelts (will be my first time using them) Eduard Zoom PE set Eduard canopy masks (but may just use the Montex, not sure yet) Quickboost exhaust pipes Aber brass barrel set for the 110C/D (these look amazing!) Some spare squadron crest decals donated from a fellow member at the LSP forum. I'm not a 110 fanatic, but I've always liked the look of the plane and it has a pretty rich history. In my lifetime, I have built a couple of the Monogram 1/72 kits, the Promodeler 1/48 G-2, as well as Revell's 1/32 G-4. However, only one of the little 1/72 builds survived over the years and the Dragon kit, along with all this aftermarket support and my improved patience and skills over the last twenty years (since I built my last 110), should be able to produce something that will blow all the previous builds clean out of the water. So, I am really looking forward to this one. I also have a pretty good stash of other Luftwaffe twin engines to build, so I figured this would be a great place to start with that lineup. I hope you all enjoy it and I want to say that I'm not opposed to constructive criticism and helpful information. So, feel free to add anything that you may feel is helpful. I may not implement every single thing, but the information is appreciated, nonetheless. John
  3. I had the opportunity to take some pictures in the reception area at the Draeger facility in Lübeck / Germany Draeger have been producing oxygen systems for german aircraft from the early stages of aviation until today. They still produce old systems for restored and flyable machines like the Me 262, Bf 109 and Fw 190. These pressure reservoirs were installed in the inner part of the wings of the Me 262. Altitude Respirator for Seat-Parachute: Gegenstand: [item:] Atemgerät Höhenfallschirm [Altitude Parachute Respirator] Eigentümer: [Owner:] Erprobungsstelle Rechlin [Testing Centre Rechlin] Eingangs-Datum: [Date of Receipt:] 5. Feb. 1943 Cockpit Instruments:
  4. I started this one last month but the progress has been pretty slow, finally got to the point where I can post some pictures. This is the 1/32 Dragon kit (D-1/R1 boxing), I'll be doing it as "M8+AP" from 6./ZG 76 piloted by Hauptmann Heinz Nacke, Argos, Greece in May of 1941. Minimal after-market will be used, the kit really doesn't need it. HGW seatbelts, Quickboost, exhausts, Hobbydecal stencils, Montex Super Mask set and an RB brass MG 15 for the rear gun. Most of the cockpit work is done, the biggest project of this nature I've done to date, lots of detail and lots of parts! Fuselage sidewalls: Cockpit deck: Instrument panel, done with Airscale and Mike Grant decals:
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