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Found 1 result

  1. This is a build that was actually started in December but never appeared on SPAR. I have been working on this one for a Steel Cats GB on Finescale, but the deadline for that one is April 1 and I'd rather not rush to crank this out over my upcoming spring break. Actually, this build was the last thing I was working on over there, so I may not be returning anymore. But anyways, I thought I'd start a fresh thread here where the cool modelers hang out, haha. First, an introduction. The tank is a Panther G in Italy, with the focus of interest being the add-on armor. I got the kit really cheap at a sale at my LHS, and I opened it not knowing what to expect. Essentially, it's the crispest model I've ever seen! The detail is superb, and so far, every bit of fitting and gluing has been flawless. I read a detailed review/analysis of the kit, and found out that the specific tank that I'm building did not have Zimmerit, but had more armor than the kit offers. The kit gives some very nicely detailed armor for the turret, but apparently the actual tank also had some engine armor as well. To supplement the kit, I found Alliance Model Works' armor set, and it definitely should look the part. The only other real flaw with the kit is that lack of an anti-aircraft MG up-top, though the arm that would hold one is included in the kit. I found a MG 34 resin set from TANK, and I gotta say, the casting is beautiful. I'm really looking forward to painting it and showing it off on top of my model. Up to this point, I don;t have a ton of work done on it, but the complex suspension was a job in itself. Here are the pics I've got so far, and I hope to work on it sometime this month, so hopefully I'll have an update sometime soon, though I can't promise anything. Either way, thanks for looking! And this is the set of cleaned-up wheels, another job in itself, haha. The second picture is a test fit, so they don't look straight for a reason.
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