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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, After the review I did of the Kitty Hawk F-86D Sabre Dog review I did here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3528-132-kitty-hawk-f-86d-sabre-dog/ and the Ejection Seat here http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3884-eduard-f-86d-ejection-seat-for-kittyhawk-kit/ and the Seatbelts here http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3885-eduard-f-86d-seatbelts-fabric-for-kittyhawk-kit/ I figured it was only sensible to actually start the build. So far its just the Seat I have done to tie the two reviews together but once I get to the Eduard Cockpit and Interior review I will start that part of the kit too, its only a couple pictures so far. I build it as per the Eduard and Kitty Hawk instructions, nothing difficult, you just need to be careful aligning everything and making sure you check and double check before you remove any kit parts. Essentially the seat update is the seat sides, some fittings on the seat and it has seatbelts. I however used the Fabric Seatbelt set my first use of these. They went together relatively easy but I didn't realise they had to come off the card backing until the 1st cut. Once that was understood though everything else just fell together with some care taken to thread the belts through the various buckles. The seat was painted as per kit instructions and then washed with some light blue Ammo Wash and a darker wash of grey Paynes oil paint. It was then lightly dry brushed with a later of lightened base coat before being sealed with flat vallejo varnish. The straps were then fitted as per Eduard instructions and the two remove before flight lanyard fitted too, the upper one being attached by a very think length of solder to the seat back. I think it looks ok so far so cant wait to move on to the cockpit and rest of the kit.
  2. Eduard Update Set 32835 F-86D Interior Self Adhesive for 1/32 Kittyhawk kit Available from many online-stores or Direct from Eduard for around £13 Ive already reviewed the two Seat sets (Seat itself and Interior here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3884-eduard-f-86d-ejection-seat-for-kittyhawk-kit/ http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3885-eduard-f-86d-seatbelts-fabric-for-kittyhawk-kit/ Ive also built this and started a Build log of the whole kit here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3905-132-kitty-hawk-f-86d-build/ My intention is to review as I build to make it more interesting for you, the reader, and for me. I really enjoy doing the reviews of these updates and doing build logs but doing a lot of one or the other can get a bit dull I think so trying the reviews as I build idea just for fun. This update is for the Eduard interior, which basically covers the cockpit and canopy other than the Ejector Seat and its belts. I remember (sounding old now) when Eduard Interior sets were all of the interior and covered the whole cockpit. Im not sure if I miss that or give Eduard kudos for allowing the modeller exactly how much they way to update (and spend). I will leave that to you to decide. The update set itself consists of two etched frets, the Coloured Etch and the standard brass etch. As usual the coloured etch covers the cockpit elements of the instrument panel and the various side consoles in the aircraft. The brass more deals with areas you will more than likely paint anyway, the cockpit rails, some small details and the canopy details too. Its a really nice mix and whilst some dont really get the coloured frets I like them. The multipart nature means you get depth to the etch itself and also still allows the modeller to add those little extras like gloss coat on instrument faces and washes that should make the detail pop. Enough of my words, time for some pictures of what you get for your hard earned cash: As you can see there is some really nice detail here. One thing worth of mention is the 'Self Adhesive' side of things. The coloured etch is on a self adhesive backing that should make it easier for the modeller to attach to the kit parts. I say should as I often do some remedial work in adding a little CA glue here and there to ensure that it not only sticks, but will stay there more permanently in the long term. This isn't necessarily required, I just do it for piece of mind, that may say more about me than the etch itself. Where I can say it helps immeasurably is that there are less cases of what I call 'Etch Ping' when one removes the etch from the fret. So many times have I made that last cut on that smallest of pieces that the action of cutting pings the part into the ether, never to be seen after its eaten by the carpet monster. This happens a lot less with this adhesive backing, to the point that I even now fold masking tape behind small parts when I cut them off normal etch to try and make sure the 'ping' doesn't occur. Sometimes I look at the really small parts and wonder if its worth the bother. In most cases I say it is, and once you've done a whole cockpit with Eduard it really shows, its just that some of the smaller parts really do make one wonder now and then. This isn't an attack on Eduard as they have done a really great job across all of their releases, I just wonder if we sometimes expect too much of such small parts in the search for accuracy. Something maybe for a greater debate not a review. The instructions are up to Eduard's usual impeccable standard and make sense to the viewer as soon as you see them. Conclusion As in all things Eduard I think they are to be congratulated here on these sets. They really help the modeller create a more realistic and pleasing to the eye model. Some will always want to paint the detail, me I have a foot in both camps. That said when I see a set like this I really just want to get on with the building of the kit and enjoying that rather than all the small intricacies of cockpit interiors. I really look forward now to getting on with the build of the Interior/Cockpit phase. Keep an eye on the build log for an update. So, as you may guess this set is Highly Recommended and I must thank Eduard (and Jim for sending them on from Eduard) for the review samples.
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