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Found 3 results

  1. F4U-1 Wheels Eduard Catalogue # 632 019 Available from Eduard for 7,10€ Bunny Fighter Club price: 6,04€ Eduard have made many after market sets for the beautiful Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair, which will all be reviewed over the next couple of days here on LSM. My first review covers the resin wheels designed to directly replace the wheels and rubber tyres supplied with the kit. The wheels of the kit are very detailed, but the rubber tyres are more difficult to weather than these resin replacements, then of course we must consider the difficulty of obtaining a realistic bulge on the flat spot on rubber tyres. The set comes in Eduard's normal split bubble packaging, with the foam insets to keep everything in place. (The foam is great for replicating paint chipping, don't throw it away). The set contains six resin parts, a set of paint masks and instructions, painting colours are called up from the Gunze range. The outer hubs are beautifully cast. It is left to the modeller to open up the holes between the spokes, but these sections are wafer thin and will come out easily. There is an alignment peg to ensure correct radial alignment of the spokes. On my sample each outer hub part has a tiny air bubble in the centre cap, nothing a drop of Mr Surfacer won't sort out.. The inner hubs are a direct replacement for the kit parts and will fit directly onto the Tamiya undercarriage leg with no modification whatsoever, a very nice touch from Eduard. The tyres are also beautifully cast with a bulge and tyre lettering, both absent on the rubber kit parts. Tread detail is superb. The instructions are colour printed on both sides of one A5 sheet of paper. This little resin set is beautifully cast and is worth every penny when you consider you get rid of those love 'em or hate 'em rubber tyres AND get tyre lettering and bulges. Recommended!! Thanks to Eduard for supplying this great set of wheels and tyres. I will be using these and all the other Eduard sets on my online build, starting here on Large scale modeller soon.......
  2. Out of the box, with the exception of the decals, some of which I'll be replacing from EagleCals' "Birdcage Corsairs: Part 2" set: The current plan is a wings-down, wheels-up, in-flight rendition using the provided stand. Thinking now about whether or not it will be piloted and having trouble waiting until August 1st to get started...
  3. Vought F4U “Corsair” Volume 1 Monograph #52 Tomasz Szlagor / Leszek A. Wieliczko Kagero Books (3052) Available from Kagero for €19,07 This is volume 1 so one or more volumes are on the cards, which is a good thing. The Corsair had a very long service life and was constantly being improved. Although there are only 96 pages, they are filled to the brim with information. There are three chapters with a Bibliography section and appendices. The whole book is very well researched without getting too deep into details. Timing is very good with the recent availability of the early Tamiya Corsair. What's in the book? The origin and development Obviously this deals with the design and development of the Corsair. The text deals with the conception and subsequent testing for service. Although the technical side is very well written it is not too technical. Good photographs showing the various versions and experimental types. The various users of the Corsair do get a mention as well as the difficulties with the Brewster license production. The reviewer never heard the name "Brewster Battler" but that is what Brewster apparently suggested. A two-seat version suggested by Vought is also included. The text also mentions that the Corsair was tested against contemporary US fighters but no reports are given unfortunately. Camouflage and markings Very useful section but dealing only with US Navy service during the period 1942-1945. good text reference to FS-numbers and heights mentioned of lettering and numbers. Also is mentioned whether a color was glossy or matt from the factory. Frontline service The majority of the book is reserved for frontline information in the Solomons and Rabaul theatre of operations from February 1943 to March 1944. The text reads nicely and you get a good idea about what it was like in the Corsair Squadrons. Combat reports give a good feel about the day to day operations. The famous “Black Sheep” Squadron led by Gregory Boyington is very well represented including a combat report of him being shot down in combat. Appendices Here is a summary of technical details about the Corsair such as performance, production statistics and engine specifications. Art work The last 8 pages are reserved for some great artwork of US Navy Corsairs. Pity that the British FAA and RNZAF Corsairs aren’t included. Pros Very readable text Good quality black & white photographs Federal Standard paint numbers Cons No FAA or RNZAF artwork No scale drawings Conclusion A very useful reference book for modellers and those interested in this great aircraft. This volume 1 gives a very good insight into the conception and development of the early Corsair version and the service history. The lack of scale drawings is a bit of a disappointment as these series usually have them included. Maybe we'll see them in Volume 2! Recommended Our sincere thanks to Kagero Publishing for the review sample. To purchase directly, click HERE. Cees Broere and Jeroen Peters
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