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Found 23 results

  1. Hi folks!! Well its the first day of 2021 and we already have a few great news of upcoming releases!! We could use this topic for post all news that will appear this yes... But for now we already got announced for this year 1:32 P-40B from Great Wall Hobby 1:35 (YES, 1:35) - Bf-109 G-6 from Border Models 1:35 (YES , 1:35) - JU-87G also from Border Models. Also saw on Revell newsletter that they are reissuing the 1:32 Gloster Gladiator (ICM models). A very good start!!
  2. I recall seeing a note somewhere that HpH was working up a 1:32 A-20 Havoc with a projected 2017 release. Has anyone heard any news on this? I've been looking for the Havoc in 1:32 for the longest. I already plan their 1:32 PBY for my birthday gift to myself this year; if they add the A-20, I'll just have to celebrate a bit *more*
  3. The HPH B-52 is scheduled for limited release in 2-3 months, per an email I received today. is anyone here planning to pick one up? They are accepting pre-orders now. This bird is huge even in 1:72; A 1:48 version is going to dominate any space it occupies i can *hope* for a future 1:32 release, but I suspect that 1:48 is going to be as good as it gets. i have a pair of 1:72 kits that I plan to build as “bookends” for the B-52 - one from the Linebacker II campaign during the Vietnam war and the second from the early days of the first Gulf War i’m at least re-evaluati
  4. 1:32 PBY-5A Catalina Cutaway 'Limited Edition' HPH Catalogue # CUT 3201L Available from HPH for 385 Euros The beautiful Catalina needs no presentation… It`s simply one of the most beautiful seaplanes made (alongside with the Walrus… and the Felixstowe… and the Brandenburg W.29). But I found this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4GiyDOGdpM So as I know that it will be a long review, I will skip the brief intro history… Is the Cat you know!?... HpH already set its place in the modelling market, giving the modeler large scale planes or large planes wi
  5. Slovakian Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1 I've had a serious run of bad luck with forum builds in the last couple of years, with the ones that I try to feature here being more prone to screwing up, such as the awful P-39 Airacobra kit from ShittyKittyhawk. My bin can certainly overfloweth. In an effort to buck the trend, I thought I'd build perhaps my most ambitious project yet....the HpH Fw 189A-1 resin kit. What could possibly go wrong! If you want to take look at the review I wrote for this, check HERE This is a very new project for me, and I'll post a few photos in the next days. Wor
  6. 1:32 Heinkel He 111P 'Cutaway Kit' Additional Interior Construction kit for Revell model kit HPH Catalogue # 32021 Available from HPH for €118,00 We had a lot of interest in the cutaway concept model with our recent 1:32 Desktop Mustang review, so we thought we'd continue this here today with our review of the HPH 'Cutaway Kit' detail set for the large 1:32 Revell He 111P kit. If the internal, structural aspects of aircraft appeal to you, and you are savvy with resin and photo etch, then this detail set could possibly provide you with the ultimate in internal-appeal when it comes to usin
  7. 1:32 Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1 HpH Catalogue # 32030R Available from HpH for €210 If there was one country that didn’t mind defying convention with their aircraft design, it was Germany. Unlike some of the more unusual projects created by the Allied nations, the Germans really didn’t mind pushing the experiment further and as a result, a number of pretty unorthodox airframes entered regular service. One of these was the Focke-Wulf Fw 189, designed by Fw’s chief design engineer, Kurt Tank. This specific machine was the winning design for a requirement to provide the Luftwaffe with a
  8. de Havilland NF.21 Sea Hornet HpH Models Yeah, yeah, I know. I already have a topic for the HpH Fw 189A-1 in this GB, but that's fine. I thought I'd stick my flag in the lunar surface and stake my claim to territory otherwise known as the NF.21 Sea Hornet. My plan is to build this as the prototype scheme shown in the box art. What say ye?
  9. It's a bit of a double post, but since this build is finished I thougt it should be posted here. For more information go to the WIP section here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3704-hph-me410/ Enjoy! Cheers, Wouter
  10. Struggling with some loss of mojo, distractions, work, stalled projects, lack of focus AND inspiration, I decided to give the Ohka a whirl. Right off the bat I decided to 3D print the nose charge and display in next to the Ohka, as seen in many pics. Like so: Here's the first render: I found a drawing with measurements. Pretty convenient: And the first parts cleanup: No shrinkage on the fuse:
  11. 1:32 MiG-15bis HpH Catalogue # 32025R Available from HpH for €150,00 The Korean War was the first major conflict where jet fighters from both sides of the conflagration, fought against each other in pitched aerial battles. Even though the RAF operated the Meteor during WW2, and the Germans the Me 262, these two types never met in combat. Without a doubt, the most iconic jet fighters of the Korean War were the F-86 Sabre, and the MiG-15. Unlike the Allies in May 1945, the Russian jet programme wasn’t particularly advanced, with the MiG-9 ‘Fargo’ taking its first flight in 1946
  12. 1/32 De Havilland DH.103 Hornet HpH Catalogue# HPH32024R Available from HpH €184,00 Some aircraft are born destined for greatness, revered as classics or even given legend status. Aircraft like the Spitfire, Mustang or Zero are part of their respective nations identities and are celebrated in the mainstream by people with relatively little knowledge of aircraft; others have a cult following amongst enthusiast, celebrated by those more informed on such matters. The De Havilland DH103 Hornet is one such aircraft. Effectively a scaled down Mossie it borrowed much from its larger sibli
  13. Hi Guys, Found myself struggling to find some mojo when Jim urged me to finally finish this piece. Added the rudder control rods. Some washes. Scratches. Et voila! The railbed is from Trumpeter. Resin figure from Warriors. Cheers, Jeroen
  14. Something new by me...
  15. 1:32 de Havilland Sea Hornet NF.21 HpH Catalogue # HPH32024R Available from HpH for €184,00 When we think of de Havilland, perhaps the type which most comes to mind is the Mosquito. The versatile 'Wooden Wonder', whilst being used for just about every conceivable type of mission, also provided the de Havilland team with a wealth of technical information which would later be used to develop their next fighter design; the Hornet. This aircraft took the wooden fighter concept to the very stage, incorporating split landing flaps, laminar flow wing, and a lower wing surface and ai
  16. Hi all, Not much spare time for modeling, but enough inspiration to start this project. It's the recently released and reviewed manned V-1 by HPH models. Full resin kit, packed with goodies which will be placed on the 1/35 Trumpeter flatbed railway gondola. The gondola is built and ready for paint. The jig that will hold the Re 4a in place will be scratched. I found a pdf of the v1 manual showing me what i need to do so. Here goes..
  17. 1:32 Fi 103 Reichenberg Re 4a and Kugisho OHKA Model 11 HPH Catalogue # HPH32033R Available from HPH for €115 The subject(s): An unexpected release by HPH for sure. I for one didn’t see these coming. The Reichenberg has been released by Bronco some years ago. Both in 1 seater version as in the two seat trainer version. But! In scale 1/35. This is great when you’re an armour modeler that wants to incorporate the Reichenberg in a diorama, but not when you’re displaying it amongst other 1/32 aviation subjects. Having built this kit I can say it lacks some detail. Most apparent simp
  18. 1:32 Letov LF-107 Luňák HPH Catalogue # HPH32031R Available from HPH for €60.00 The Luňák first took to the air in 1948, designed by a number of key, prolific Czech aircraft designers. It has the title of being the first ever glider to utilise laminar wing technology, put to great use in WW2 by the North American P-51D Mustang. Construction was generally of metal, with a later version being constructed of wood. Aerobatic performance was exceptional, and the type notably caught the eye of many aviation enthusiasts of the time. The late 1940's were a tense time in Eastern Europe, and
  19. 1:32 Messerschmitt Me 410A-1 HPH Catalogue # HPH32023R Available from HPH for €196.00 The Me 410 had a sort of ignominious history. By the outbreak of World War 2, the Bf 110 was already a little long in the tooth, and after the success of Blitzkrieg in Poland and the Low Countries, the limitations of its design had become painfully apparent during the Battle of Britain, when losses for the type had become quite severe. The Germans, never ones to let the grass grow under their feet, had already started to design the successor to the Bf 110, and this, the Me 210, first flew around the
  20. 1:32 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I HPH Catalogue # Available from HPH for 170€ The Supermarine Walrus, or 'Shagbat', as it became more affectionately known, was designed by Reginald Mitchell, the very same man who designed the infinitely beautiful Spitfire fighter. Designed to satisfy an RAAF request for a reconnaissance/patrol aircraft to operate from cruisers, and was designed to be launched by catapult. The Walrus was an amphibious aircraft, so as well as being catapult launched and winch retrieved, it could also operate from land. Powered by a single Pegasus VI radial engine, swingin
  21. 1:32 PBY-5(A) Catalina Marine Luchtvaart Dienst / Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service Limited Run Manufacturer: Dutch Decal Catalogue # 32020 Available from Dutch Decal: www.dutchdecal.nl Let's start this review with our standard lines about Dutch Decal: Celebrating their 25th birthday, Dutch Decal has been around since 1986. It is run by the Dutch graphic designer Luuk Boerman and has been producing decal sheets of aircraft from all Dutch armed forces. Every now and then a foreign nationality slips through. More than 100 sheets have been released to d
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