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Found 6 results

  1. I'll take part with a Meteor F.4 from the (then) Dutch Air Forces, as they were still part of the Royal Army at that time. The Air Force only became the Royal (Netherlands') Air Force in 1953.... In any case, the Dutch Meteors weren't the most colorful variants to ever see the skies, but hey... There aren't many photos of the F.4 around on the internet either, so you have to make do with some early ones, BEFORE the introduction of squadron and base-colors. www.strijdbewijs.nl www.gahetna.nl / fotocollectie Anefo, J.D. Noske The second photo is from September 28th, 1949, sh
  2. Gloster Meteor F.8 Walk-Around In March 1953, the Fokker built Gloster Meteor F.Mk.8 c/n 6466 was delivered at Soesterberg as '3W-50' to the 322 sqdn. of the L.S.K. Within a week the aircraft was damaged in a landing accident. The aircraft re-entered service in November 1953. The next incident with this airframe, re-serialed '3W-50', took place in May 1954. The canopy exploded in flight. In spite of the damage the aircraft landed safe. October 1956 the aircraft re-entered service as '7E-12' with the 327 squadron. Early 1957, the Meteor was moved to the 322 sqdn. as '3W-32'. On 28 May 19
  3. Dutch Decal DD 32014 F-104G Starfighter Available directly from Dutch Decal here: http://www.dutchdecal.nl/where-to-get for €15 A little history: The Royal Netherlands Air Force received its first F-104 on the 12th of December 1962. That day the D-8013 and D-8022 were handed over to 306 Squadron at Twenthe Air Base. In total the Klu received 138 F-104's; 18 TF-104G’s, 18 RF-104G’s and 102 F-104G’s. Later 10 F-104G’s were converted to RF-104G but received no internal photo reconnaissance systems but only the Orpheuspod (from The Oude Delft Optical Systems in conjunction with Fokke
  4. Been playing a little with my new studio lights and selected the 1/32 Spitfire built by Luuk from Dutch Decal as the victim! JPG's straight from the camera, no tweaking. I'm not completely satisfied with the results yet. But enough about photographing; on to the model:
  5. The Fokker D.VII at the Militaire Luchtvaart Museum in Soesterberg, the Netherlands. I have heard it was an original German D.VII that was shipped to the USA after WW I and was civilian owned afterwards. Supposedly it was acquired by the Museum and refurbished in the colors of the Luchtvaart Afdeeling (old Dutch spelling)of ca. 1920. I have this from hearsay, so please don't take my word for it... enjoy, I hope the photos prove themselves of use for your WnW D.VII projects! The pictures were taken by Jeroen Peters with my Nikon
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