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Found 1 result

  1. 1:32 Russischer Pilot (with leather jacket - in lederjacke) Kaiserlich russische Fliegertruppe Kellerkind Miniaturen (from Martin Hille) Catalogue n.º 060 Price tag: € 15,95 WnW really did a revolution concerning WWI modelling around the all world and brought the very best to WWI. Kellerkind Miniaturen is in fact one of those cases, giving WWI modellers very nice products and variety. Behind Kellerking is Martin Hille, a sculptor with great qualities and whom work I have been following in WnW fans facebook page and in Kellerkind facebook page for quite some while and I`m really honor to had to opportunity to make this review. Here we are going to review the lasts figure out from Kellerkind studios, a Russian Pilot with a leather jacket. Just in time to the Polikarpov R-1! Here`s two pictures that I found about Russian pilots in WWI. The first thing that caught my attention was the high color box in all sides and in the back painting instructions (which for rookie figure painters like me are very useful). The box art it’s a really good on with a great paintjob by Mirko Schlemmermeyer. The figure only have two resin pieces, a full standing figure with head, torso, legs and right arm and left arm in separate. The cleaning is almost zero and the resin block is quite easy to remove with a saw without losing any details as they are on the shoes sole. The figure has a brilliant composition and posture and the left arm odes contribute a lot to that pose and expression with the cigar at its end being the cherry on top of the cake. The fit was not quite perfect but very easy to get by just a bit of cleaning in the attaching point of the arm. The facial expression just give us the face of a hard and tough man that is ready to fight for is country and a believer in is thought and convictions. Everything in his face is in extreme detail: ears, nose and nostrils, lips, jaw rigid and stress but at the same time without fear. Or just a badass guy with no fear! I`m really amazed with the details on the clothes which are essentials to bring any figure to live and the details on this figure are simply astonishing: the front buttons with the buttons house just there being stretched, the insignia on the shoulders, buttons and buckles on the pants and the fur on the inside of the gloves, the hat with all the lines and head bump on the top. Amazing really, the pics do not make justice to this figure. Conclusion: This figure is a tremendous quality, with all the details being taken to the limit. The quality casting is superb and his pose is simply fantastic. No doubt that I will be using these ones in near future. Just perfect. These are perfect to stand on your shelf along with other stuff on WWI, mainly WnW. Highly recommended. My sincerely thanks to Martin Hille, the man behind KellerKind for the review samples. (You can buy directly here and if you do don`t forget to mention Wingnut Wing Fans and Large Scale Modeller and join Kellerkind on their facebook page) Fran
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