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Found 6 results

  1. Mirror Models 1/35 Diamond T 968A Cargo Truck What a surprise when the postman delivered this yesterday... this is the brand new kit from Mirror Models of the Diamond T 968A Cargo truck with Hard Top Cab. Obviously, most of the kit is based on the Wrecker, which I am also building here on LSM, but don't fear. I don't intend to show only the differences between the two kits, but also cover the whole build in detail. I will discuss the little changes I have made to the kit learned from the Wrecker build and show how I've done these changes. There aren't many required, but you may be in
  2. 1:35 U.S. Tracked Tractor (Military Crawler) USA D7 7M Tractor (Military Variant) Mirror Models Catalogue # 35850 Available from Creative Models for £39.99 The D7 caterpillar tractor was first produced in the U.S in 1938, and very commonly seen in its bulldozer guise. Known as the ‘Cat’, the type was designed for the U.S. military, and has served with distinction over numerous conflicts from WW2, right up to the illegal and destabilising invasion of Iraq. The Cat has been adapted continually over this time, being fitted with armoured cabs etc. and it is actually still possible to
  3. Here we have a build log of Mirror Models fairly new Diamond T Wrecker. There has been a lot said about this kit on various websites, complaining about issues such as difficult part identification and large sprue connectors, well, lets see just how much of a real problem these issues are?? I'll start by saying every part is identified by its part number and letter, yes, the numerals are small, but hey, we're into detailed scale modelling here? We must also consider the parts are put together by their relative assembly, for example the whole of sprue K is dedicated to the compressor. All the ch
  4. 1/35 USA Air Compressor Mirror Models Catalogue Number 35050 Available direct from LZ models at €TBA Here we have a brand new addition to the growing range of kits from Mirror Models in the form a beautifully rendered replica of the Kellogg compressor used both militarily and by civilians during and after WW2. The kit actually contains two full kits, presented in a sealed plastic bag measuring 150 x 250mm. Each sprue contains 21 parts to build one Compressor. Here you can see both sides of the Sprue. The wedge shaped parts are actually the bed sides for t
  5. 1/35 M36 Truck Gun Ring Mount with M2 Browning Gun LZ Models Catalogue Number 35442 Available direct from LZ models at €15.00 Following my Review of the lovely Mirror Models Diamond T Wrecker and on-going Build, I would like to share with you a little aftermarket accessory set from LZ models, Libor's sister company to Mirror Models. If you decide not to use the Soft Top option, you may decide you'd like to add a little aggression to your soft skin Wrecker by adding this M36 Gun Ring Mount? In fact, this ring mount could be used on other trucks also...
  6. 1/35 Diamond T 969A Wrecker Mirror Models Catalogue Number 35801 Available direct from LZ models at €55.00 For many years the modelling fraternity has been waiting for an injection moulded Diamond T in 1/35 scale, low and behold, we get two at the same time!! The Merit Models 980/981 M19 Tank Transporter has recently been released, but if, like me you are a real fan of everything Diamond T, you will want to buy both kits!! Sure, the 980/1 is a big old hulk of a truck, but this 969A Wrecker is so sweet, you just have to have one!! Mirror models is a fairly new company,
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