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Found 1 result

  1. Kitty Hawk 1:32 OV-10D “Bronco” HH32003 The Bronco - Wikepiedia Entry The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is a turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the 1960s as a special aircraft for counter-insurgency (COIN) combat, and one of its primary missions was as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. It can carry up to three tons of external munitions, internal loads such as paratroops or stretchers, and can loiter for three or more hours. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Rockwell_OV-10_Bronco The Kit. Well, as soon as I heard about this I knew I had to get it. It’s been on my pre-orders since day one and today it arrived. I have to say that, so far, Im not disappointed. Some have said they’d rather Kitty Hawk had started with the OV-10A and worked through the various models. They also say that the various bumps and extras on the D model make it ugly. Well for me it just looks right, yes its fugly but so is the A-10 and it never did that aircraft any harm. So onto the fun bit, the kit breakdown. The box is big, not WnW Duellist big just big. Its about 60cm wide, 20 deep and thickness of about 15cm. Its also packed to the gunnels with plastic. There are 9 sprues of grey plastic that’s as good as any I have seen (including Tamiya) and 1 of clear. A nice touch is that the clear sprue is housed in a special box of its own. There is also a metal nose weight that seems quite heavy and a fret of small PE along with 2 sheets of decals. The Sprues: Spue A has main engine parts, some panels for the engines and some cockpit elements too. Sprue B is the main outer wings and the flaps associated with that and the tail Sprue C is the main inner wings and again more control surfaces Sprue D is the main engine pylons and the small stub wings that fit below the cockpit Sprue E is the tail, some panels and some cockpit elements too Sprue F and J are the tail booms, cockpit parts and various under wing stores, missiles and bombs Sprue GP is the clear parts and this kit has a big cockpit, Sprue I (there are two) is weapons and the engine parts Sprue H (there are two) is more weapons, some engine parts and ancillary equipment. The Instruction Manual The Instruction manual is very good. It has bi fold out front and back covers and full colour guidance on the colour schemes, more of those later. It’s very well printed, clear and up there with the best. Whilst I’d say it’s on par with Tamiya its not up there with WnW But you can see that Kitty Hawk has really worked hard on these and to make them as clear as possible. The Colour Schemes I think I many need at least 3 of these kits, as I love all but one scheme. They are: US Marines VM)-4 airframe tail-number 55498, which is 3 tone wrap around scheme in Green (FS34102), Greyish Blue (FS35237) and Grey (FS36801 a very attractive scheme. US Marines VMO-2 airframe tail-number 55468, which is the main box cover Brown (FS30219) and Sandy Brown (no FS Callout but C19 in Gunze Sangyo) with an underside in Grey (FS16640). US Marines, VMO-2 airframe tail-number 55479, which is in a 2 tone grey wrap around scheme in Grey (FS3618) and Greyish Blue (FS35237). US Navy unidentified squadron tail-number 55172, which is Field Green (FS34097) over Grey (FS3662). This one is my least favourite and probably the only one I wouldn’t build personally. All of the schemes are also referenced, as is the whole kit in Gunze Sangyo colours. Personally I’d like some other callouts too but that’s just me, I always use Vallejo and convert using their colour charts anyway. Overall Impression This for me is a dream kit. I remember years ago buying the Testors 1/48 kit and the Paragon Details update with wings and pylons and I loved the look of the aircraft as much as I do now. For me it’s highly recommended. On all the sprues the detail looks great and where it exists there is some very fine riveting detail and great panel lines, which look to be mostly even and clean. Its currently being built by someone on a Facebook page and I think he has nothing but good things to say about it so far, though only into the cockpit area so far. There are also two full engines, removable panels and it’s all visible if you leave these off. A nice touch I think. The rear cargo door is accessible too and can be posed open as can the nose giving access to the hardware in there including the Optic systems in the nose. I’ve not been lucky enough to see Kitty Hawk’s earlier Harvard and Texan kits in 1/32 but from what I have read they are just as good and if they look as good as this does in the bare plastic I don’t see where anyone but the most choosy could have a problem with this kit. There is a very good selection of drop tanks, air to air and air to ground weapons. There are also some very nice cannons for the stub wings and they have full detail down to the bays in which they sit. A super details person could go mad with all the open panels and could build an absolute blinding kit from this. That said even OOB this is going to look great. I got it from Hannants at £59.99 but it should be available from all good model stockists. Highly Recommended.
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