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Found 1 result

  1. INTRODUCTION PART #1 Hi all ... One of the most annoying things in life is watching people have a great deal of fun, while standing on the outer as you're wishing you could participate (for whatever reason)! There are always Group Builds (GB's) going on ... and although my skill set is as dodgy as a $3 bill, I've always wanted to have a go - provided I have something that fits within the subject matter - which is usually not the case! This year, more than any other, has been busy as all get out and I've usually only had time to pop into the forums to check the mail and post the odd comment - never mind Group Builds, I haven't even had time to dust any kits off and fondle plastic!! ... I've watched in frustration as LSM has had no less than 3 current Group Builds that all give me an entry point ... and they all end on 31st December. Work has now changed (I was informed of this while on Annual leave with my wife-to-be in the Philippines back in November) ... and with the end of the FIFO contract work, I'm back on the road locally - which means that, along with the rest of the technicians I'm on Christmas break from Dec 24th to Jan 3rd ... which sparked an idea ... As per the below discussion thread started a couple of weeks ago: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/4272-tools-for-resin-and-photo-etch/page-1 I'm going to attempt this mission ... to build a Bf.109E-1 (1940) with a full Eduard Brassin upgrade, before the Dec 31st deadline! This build contains a number of "Firsts" for me ... * It will be my first ever public build - I've never posted my work online before ... largely because my skill set fits firmly into the beginners category ... and when you're just gawking at the amazing work of others posted online, while learning some new techniques, you're also learning how far behind the rest of the pack you really are! ... no matter - everyone has to start somewhere, right??!! * It will be the first time I have ever worked with resin - I've bought a number of resin kits (and a couple of mods) for the stash ... but apart from having a look inside the boxes, I've never touched them. * It will be the first time I've used Photo Etched metal parts this extensively - Previous metal components have been limited to brass barrels from various manufacturers and the odd sticky (self adhesive), pre coloured Photo Etch detail. In reference to my first point above, I decided that I'd document this build in detail - hopefully so that more "First Timers" or beginners will gain some understanding from my experiences on the "How To's" and gain some confidence to have a go in future. ** so bear in mind as you read AND comment that this thread is worded and targeted for BEGINNERS ** ... I mentioned above that there were 3 Group Builds going on simultaneously ... I wanted to at least have a go at the "Spitfire" GB as well so I was thinking of a simple, straight Out Of Box (OOB) build of the 1/32 Tamiya Mk.IXc ... but then I figured I might not have enough time. With the sad passing of Edgar Brooks (a leading specialist on the aircraft and an irreplaceable reference, really!) a "Tribute" Spitfire GB has started on the LSP (Large Scale Planes) forum - so even if I can't complete a build here, I'll have time to finish it off over there! Then I also thought of this resin upgrade caper, I also thought of my Hobby Boss Mk.Vb - and the HpH resin correction set I have on the shelf ... and that's when the idea was born for Build #2. There was no way I was going to have enough time to get involved in the HK Models GB ... BUT (Merry Christmas to me!) ... there's a new "HK Models Official Contest" arcing up as of January 1st - so I get another opportunity! Thanks guys - Build #3!! ... I digress ... Back to the the 109 and Build #1 ... It's Christmas Day ... and I have to do some family stuff etc ... I've run out of time for the moment ... Introduction Part #2 to follow later today! Rog
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