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Found 3 results

  1. Hasegawa's 1:32 P47D "Slick Chick" 368FG/395FS. Slick Chick will get plenty of love with AM belts/wheels/blast tubes/bombs and some scratch build action on IP/gunsight/ignition wires and M10 bazookas. I started this as a double build last March. Slick Chick took a back seat to the Russian Jug (WIP and Finished) as I wanted to figure out the M10 Bazooka build. Just was not happy with the bazookas I raided from my Trumpy P47N. I have found a build solution for the M10's so here we go. Some images will look familiar from the Double Jug thread, enjoy. Aftermarket items include: Eduard Belts for Slick Chick Barracuda Wheel set Hasegawa brass Blast Tubes Kits World decals for Slick Chick I put "Slick Chick" in the bin to work on the Revell Bf109G6 late August. Now she's on the prowl and is looking for a party. Follow these threads and catch up on "Slick Chick" WIP. General fit seems pretty good with no issues projected on seams, wing roots...however ENGINE MOUNTS During test fit a glaring issue was the poor fit of the cowling. Basically it is the complete engine/cowling fitting on the fuselage mount. off by about 1mm THE PIT Pit is OOB with exception of Eduard PE Belts. Multiple passes of setting solution needed to get the IP decal to settle. FIXING HIDEOUS Replacing the really thick hideous gunsight.. Cut from 0.13mm clear styrene, scored then folded. Color me happy. Paint crash pad and all done. THE DOCTOR IS IN carefully removing the engine mount after fuselage is glued and cured, the one piece canopy (I'm using the two piece option for both final builds) is very handy to protect the pit during surgery... using 1.6mm styrene angle 3 pieces are cut and glued, port and starboard sides are easy to position however, the critical bottom piece is dropped 1mm. initial test fit (with complete engine parts) shows an acceptable fit... a final test fit of engine mount then... add a .05mm styrene card placed to recapture space lost from the "saw off" and give the repositioned engine mount some glue area... engine mount positioned and glued... styrene card shows "saw off" recovery... and the final fit is good...
  2. Hasegawa's P47D Bubble Top was used for Frank Perego's mount "Slick Chick". Overall a sound kit and fun build with only issue being having to lower the engine mount by about 1mm. See my WIP log. BUILD DETAILS Alclad II - various shades Gunze and Valliajo used throughout Flory's Wash Thinned brown & black wash followed by Alclad II Semi Matte overall MiG pigments for dirt, exhaust, powder burns on blast tubes and ordnance weathering Added various wires & plumbing in R2800, cockpit, wheel wells, landing gear and bombs Aftermarket items Eduard bomb fins/belts, Hasegawa brass blast tubes, Barracuda wheels Scratch built the M10 bazookas, K14 glass, oxygen hose, fuel lines on drop tank and static wire With flaws too numerous to mention this build yielded some great lessons as my skill-sets continue to evolve. Thank you all for your encouragement and support during this build. June will be dedicated to rebuilding my bench and setting up new photo table.
  3. Hasegawa's 1:32 P47D Jug for this double build. Russian 255 IAP, Northern Fleet and "Slick Chick" 368FG/395FS. The Russian Jug will get the PE treatment/wheels/blast tubes while Slick Chick will be OOB with exception of belts/wheels/blast tubes. Aftermarket items include: Eduard Big Ed for the Russian Jug HGW Belts for Russian Jug Eduard Belts for Slick Chick Barracuda Wheel set for both Jugs Hasegawa brass Blast Tubes for both Jugs AML decals for Russian Jug Kits World decals for Slick Chick TEST FIT General fit seems pretty good with no issues projected on seams, wing roots...however about 1mm difference between lower cowling and fuselage. i have a plan... IN THE PITS Eduard PE for the Russian Jug pit... A nice comparison of the Eduard PE enhanced cockpit on left with HGW textile seatbelts for the Russian Jug and Out Of Box construction of cockpit for Slick Chick with only enhancement being the PE seatbelts, will give the pits and belts a drk brown/black wash... Ready for some assembly line painting. Wheel wells, cowlings and PW-R2800 being cleaned and prepped for painting...
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