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Found 2 results

  1. Soviet War Colors 1936-1945 Gordon Forrester / Fernando Vallejo AK Interactive Profile Guide Series Available from AK Interactive for € 21,50 and paint set available for € 13,20 What we have here is quite an impressive book filled to the rim with colour profiles. Actually 180 of them! The first thing that struck me was the attention to lay-out. Every chapter is introduced by a spread large artwork in the concept of this edition: Soviet WW2 propaganda. The chapters cover: • Light AFV • Medium AFV • Heavy AFV • Light Vehicles, Crawlers and APC • Lend lease • Photo references The second thing that appealed to me are the 3 view profiles. How many times did you find a profile online or in a book, only showing the left or right side. Leaving you guessing what’s happening on the top, front or back? Admittedly not all 180 profiles provide 3 views, but the ones’ that need ‘m, have ‘m. The artwork is crisp, clear and really well done and are accompanied by background information on the subject. The last chapter is a bonus and gives us full color walkaround photo’s of surviving subjects. Material The book is printed on sturdy, high quality paper. The soft cover is printed on a double folded matt laminated heavy material that oozes quality. The back is glued. Total is 102 pages. Conclusion This book is a must have for any armour modeller that is tempted to tackle any Soviet subject. It’s full of inspiration, variation and gives you a more than good sense of what colors to use. Speaking of colors… Soviet Camouflages (Soviet Tank Colors from 1935-1945) Paint set nr. AK 561 A good base to start your Soviet color collection with comes in this set, that is linked to the Profile Guide book as descriped above! The AK Interactive paints can be used directly in you airbrush or handpainted on. When spraying with a fine needle you might want to use thinning agent. AK Interactive suggests using their Acrylic thinner: AK-712, but other brands might work too. I myself haven’t tried a different brand so feel free to chime in. The bottles are the typical bottles we have come to know. 17 ml and shake well! The colors included in this set are: AK 746 • 4BO (Russian Green, used as primer, protection from corrosion from 1941) AK 747 • 6K (Russian Brown) AK 748 • 7K (Russian Tan) AK 750 • Protective Green AK 749 • 3B AU (Basic Protector, used as primer, protection from corrosion from 1935 – 1939) AK 751 • Washable White Paint (for creating faded white washes camouflage) Very highly recommended Our sincere thanks to AK Interactive for the review sample. To purchase the book directly, click HERE. To purchase the paint directly, click HERE. Kind regards, Jeroen Peters
  2. I'll jump in with this: For aftermarket; I'll only use AFV-Club's own workable single-link tracks:
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