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Found 7 results

  1. Great news on the jet-front: http://www.italeri.com/news_scheda.asp?idNews=643 http://www.italeri.com/imgup/Preview%20Italeri%202016%281%29.pdf
  2. Eduard F-104C Interior Set Product Number 32 819 for Italeri Available from many online stores or directly from Eduard for €22,95 As mentioned in the F-104A Zoom-set review, Eduard also markets sets with more details than just the bare necessities. This is such a set for the F-104C. Although the coloured fret at first looks like it's the same as the one provided in the F-104A set, that isn't the case. If you look at the right side of the main IP you see one of the main differences between the F-104A and -C IP's. The F-104A has three small gauges above each other (tachometer
  3. Eduard F-104C Electronic Equipment. Product number 32 820. Available from many online shops or directly from Eduard for €18,75 This is really quite an involved sit to detail the avionics bay behind the cockpit by adding detail and through the deletion of a couple of "F-104 Jeep Cans" add depth to the bay. Those two frets look deceptively easy to use. You are required to cut away some of the moulded jeep boxes and build up part of the bay with PE parts. It looks to me that the end result can be quite stunning. Especially the detail parts that deal with the sills of the bay a
  4. Eduard Lockheed/Stanley C1 ejection seat set for the F-104A. Product number 32 824. Available from many online stores or directly from Eduard for €14,95 Eduard describes the set as being "F-104 C1 Seatbelts". Of course the belts are included, we may be happy that that's not all. The ejection seat in the kit is a somewhat flawed Lockheed/Stanley C2 ejection seat and although the family ties between the C1 and C2 are evident, they have easily seen differences. For instance the C1 was a downward firing ejection seat and had the rollers for the seat rails near the top, the C2 was upward
  5. Eduard F-104A cockpit ZOOM-set. Product-number 33-142. Available from many online stores or direct from Eduard for €18,75. For quite some years now, Eduard gives the modeller the choice between complete interior / cockpit sets or basic sets to only tackle the key parts of the cockpit such as instrument panels and the like. This set is one of the latter; a ZOOM-set. Instead of two frets of PE as in the other Interior-set, you only get the coloured PE fret. The set does include parts to dress up the cockpit sills and has parts for new rudder pedals however. I don't have too m
  6. Eduard 1/32 detail sets for the Italeri F-104G After Italeri launched their 1/32 F-104G/S Starfighter kit –reviewed here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2124-italeri-132-f-104gs-starfighter/?hl=starfighter – Eduard has issued several Photo-Etch detailing sets to add detail to this kit. We received the following sets: 32348 F-104G exterior set, 32803 Self-adhesive F-104G interior full set, 32805 F-104G Martin-Baker seatbelts, 32808 F-104 Lockheed C-2 seatbelts, 32811 F-104 undercarriage set, 32817 F-104 Lockheed C-2 seatbelts, 33131 Self-adhesive F-104G interior Zoom-set,
  7. Dutch Decal DD32015 F-104G RNLAF 312 Sqn "Dusty 3000 Hrs" Graffiti Price €12.95 including VAT at the Dutch resellers of Dutch Decal; see here: http://www.dutchdecal.nl/where-to-get If you really, REALLY want to have a different looking F-104G Starfighter in your collection, finish it with this decal sheet! It does need the original F-104G sheet DD32014 for the rosettes, emblems and stencilling though. A review of that decalsheet can be found here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1746-dutch-decal-dd-32014-f-104g-starfighter/#entry24374 In December 1982, F-104G D-8337 o
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