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Found 1 result

  1. HI Guy's, with my little Corsair diorama closing to an end, i want to present you guy's my next project. 4th of July, 1989, is the day that a un-manned and out of control MIG 23 crashed into a farm house in Belgium. I think lot's of us guy's remembered that day, but for those who didn't know, here's the whole story. https://theaviationist.com/2012/10/03/mig23-belgium/ I know that it was a MIG 23MF Flogger-B, and i know that it served with the 871e Fighter Regiment, based at Kolobrezg in Polen. The number under the cockpit was 29. That number was clearly called by the lead F-15 pilot who intercepted the MIG. What i don't know is, which color it was. A fellow modeler who manned that fatal day the Dutch Command & Control Station BANDBOX told me it could be yellow 29, but still we are not sure. If anyone can shed light on this, please, any help is greatly appreciated. I know, this build will be partially a what if scheme, because, there was not much left of the crashed jet. And, those day's where cold war day's, so not much info was given about the crashed airplane. But i will do my best to create a realistic possible appearance. My goal is, to build the MIG 23, still at his base in Polen, with the pilot next to the aircraft, ready to board. One little extra will be added to the base-plate, and that's a piece of the cockpit of the ill-fated MIG. For my build i bought some goodies, to give the Trumpeter kit the extra detail. It consist of an Aires Cockpit, Aires exhaust and Aires wheelbay's. Linden Hill decals, Eduard pe weapons set and Eduard pe cockpit. Master pitot tube, Quickboost air scoops, Profimodeler Static electricity poles, Montex minimask and a Aerobonus Sovjet Pilot. The only detail set i'm missing are the Zactomodels splitter plates, but these will be soon delivered. For now, i have some questions according the research fase of this project : 1). like i said before, what color is the number 29 under the cockpit? 2). Do any of you guy's have photo's of a MIG 23MF in service with the 871e Fighter Regiment? 3). Are there walk around sites, with clear pic's of the MIG 23 cockpit. I have a few but they do not depict all area's. 4). What kind of helmet was use by the Sovjet's in those day's (1989). I have two types of helmets in my possession, modern an old style. Greetz Danny