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Found 1 result

  1. He 219 AO OWL 1/32

    Hello to all, my name is Mark Ostler, but everyone knows me as Oz. I'm currently building ZM's He 219 AO-1 Owl, and it is quite a big kite. Basically I'm half way through the build. I'd like to show everyone how the rest of the construction as most of the stages are basically being dry fitted to check how it all lines up. I've cemented the fuselage halves and the wings, built the motors and the cockpit, wheels & undercarriages. This kit is a tricky beast to handle with a few minor fit issues, but all is good so far. I've bought a couple of AM bits and pieces, ie; ZM's cockpit update & access panels, barracuda wheels ( no front tyre is included) which is a pity as the threaded tyres look the 'bomb'! That's Aussie slang for cool. I bought the ZM untreaded tyre kit as well, but the barracuda kit got the green light for this project. I've made a couple of the PE access panels and I must say that I'm slowly improving on making these gadgets! I've been pop riveting this kit as my first attempt. So inaccuracies are abound to be plentiful as I've not got a great deal of reference material on hand. So when I manage to get some decent photo's, I'll expose the behemoth to all, cheers Oz.