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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, after a conversation with Martin I realized I have way too many twin engined kits that I won't have the space for. Especially if I'm going to be building four engined behemoths. So time to pare down a bit. All prices in USD and do not include shipping from Canada. Ju-88C-6 package- $125.00 Includes: - AIMS C-6 conversion set - AIMS decal sheet for Ju-88 fighters - Eduard Ju-88 PE interior set - Revell Ju-88A-4 kit The kit is unstarted with all parts still in bags. BF110 G-4 package- $180 Includes: - AIMS Bf110 G-6 conversion with both vac and resin canopies - Dragon Bf110 E-2 kit The kit is unstarted and all parts are still in bags. Thanks for looking, Carl
  2. I believe this build will qualify, as KG 26 was using the Ju 188 as a torpedo carrier, pretty much to the very end of the war, even though they sustained some pretty heavy losses in those final months. It is my understanding that elements of II and III Gruppen handed over their aircraft to the British, in Norway, at the end of the war (which is what I have read that the photograph below actually depicts). I believe most of those aircraft were destroyed, soon afterwards. However, there was at least one or two that survived, if only for a couple years, to be reviewed and tested by the RAF before being scrapped (one reference stated that a particular 188 from this unit was kept until 1947 before meeting it's fate). I've built a couple of Ju 188s before, both of them being from the DML kits in 1/48 scale. The first was about 20 years ago and was an E. The second, which I completed earlier this year, was an A and was done as a study for this build, actually. However, at the time, I was leaning towards a night-flying pathfinder of KG 6, as found by the British in Belgium, late in the war. As mush as I enjoyed building that one and was pleased with the outcome, overall, there was yet another scheme that had been pulling at my heartstrings, for most of my life, actually. Ever since I was a kid, it seemed that every time I went looking for information on the Ju 188, there was one photograph that kept popping up. Almost every generic "Aircraft of WW2/the world/Luftwaffe" would have this picture in it, somewhere. So, it's a familiar photo for most Luftwaffe fans, yet I haven't seen a lot of models built depicting it, especially in larger scales. This is believed to be a D-2 and, if you look closely, you'll notice that it still has the mounts for the Fug 200 "Hohentwiel" radar on the nose and, therefore, is also lacking the nose mounted MG 151/20 cannon (unless it was also removed like the dorsal cannon, but most radar equipped aircraft didn't have the nose gun). Given the activity record of III/KG 26 leading up to the time that this photo was taken, it can also be assumed that this aircraft most likely had pylons/racks mounted for torpedoes. I'm not sure yet if I want to depict it exactly as it appears in the photos, or install the radar (AIMS has a PE set that would work). I'm kind of leaning towards the latter. Even though it will be more work, I think the overall presentation would be more impressive with the radar attached. The base kit is going to be Revell's Ju 88A-4 and the conversion is AIMS models' 188A/D set. For my main references, I have copies of the two Ju 188/388 books by AJ press (Polish versions, however) and have also obtained a copy of Hikoki's "Luftwaffe Aerial Torpedo Aircraft and Operations in World War Two". The Hikoki book is a great reference for specific units, giving an operational diary, including that of KG 26. It will probably be some time before I can start this build, as I'm trying to get started on another commisisoned project and hope to get that finished, first (but if I can start picking away at this at any point in the meantime, should I have some down time from that build, I will certainly do so!). Cheers, John
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