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Found 9 results

  1. G'day guys and gals, I've been a member on here for a while now and haven't put up a WIP thread, so I thought I might start with something easy and quick..... as the title suggests I'm converting the HK B-17G into a D model. I actually started this over on another forum just over a year ago, but I figured people might appreciate seeing it here as well. The bottom line so far is that this is in no way simple or quick. For those who aren't familiar with the HK B-17, this is an amazing kit and a long time dream come true for a lot of people that wanted a big bird of their own. It builds up nicely and looks like a B-17 when it's done. There's been plenty of comment about the accuracy of the kit all over the internet so this thread is not about trying to make a super accurate G. More so, I had an idea that using the kit as an excellent base, I could design a new nose and rear fuselage and graft them onto the existing centre section. As the wing shape more or less remained unchanged throughout the life of the fort, the would make my life easier. Originally I was intending to make vac form masters and then get them professionally pulled, but then I took a great big step into the 21st century and brought myself a 3D printer. I then used that to make the required fuselage corrections and now it's all about adding the internal details. I'm aware that most people (including myself a lot of the time) come for the photos, so I'll try and keep the explanations to a minimum. However if anyone is interested and would like to know how I did a certain thing or elaborate on a process, feel free to ask. Also, if anyone has any information they feel is pertinent to B-17's feel free to share it. Comments and critique are welcome too guys; I'm certainly not the world's greatest modeller but go for it, anything is welcome! Anyway, on with the pictures......
  2. Helo Everybody, I've been a lurker on this site for quite some time, admiring all of the excellent work done by everybody here, I've never posted a build before. So, this is my first build post on this site. This B-17 is the 4th aircraft I've built since getting back in the hobby after a 35 year hiatus. I have well over 400 hours over a 14 month period building this beast. IMO, it is an excellent kit. The detail is amazing and most of the kit engineering was amazing as well. I've used just about every Eduard PE set available except the flaps, maybe on the next one.... I used the Profimodeller Landing Gear set and the Eduard Brassin wheels and 50 cal machine guns. It took 9 bottles of various shades of Alclad to paint her. I think the Alclad came out amazing and to me, it looks like a metal aircraft. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy looking at my finished results:
  3. Hey guys, Been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to share my attempt at correcting the look of the B-17 around the windscreen/cockpit area. I haven't given up on my C model, as you can see, and I won't be progressing any further with this one for a while as I'll be moving overseas shortly, but I wanted to try a trial just to see if it could be done..... I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, even at this very rough stage! Cheers, Craig Cheers, Craig
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, Within a couple of months, or thereabouts, the new B-17E/F will be released by HK Models. I sort of get the impression that this is the one that everyone wants to see, as Memphis Belle can be built from this (and will be included in the decals), plus there will be an option to build another as yet un-named famous machine (with specific glazed part), and parts will be there to build standard E and F variants. Jeroen will be doing a more thorough assessment of the kit, along with Cees, within the next week, so my post here will just take a look at the new parts in this kit. Please remember that there is always the possibility that there could well be some refinement of the model as of yet, including the reduction of internal ejector pin marks etc. This kit contains no decals or PE parts. The final kit will have three schemes (2 x B-17F, and 1 x B-17E). First of all, there are around 15 to 16 new sprues! So, this isn't just a minor rework. The first one up is a whole new starboard fuselage. This is superbly packed in order to protect the delicate fin to rudder connection. How is this part different? Well, firstly, you will notice that the crew access door is now moulded separately, giving the modeller another display option. I couldn't understand why this wasn't the case with the initial 'G' version, and HK have obviously listened to comments. Secondly, the waist gun window has now moved in line with the one on the port-side. The old position can still be seen, but faired over. One great feature of this model is the ability to unplug the wings. To attach, you just clip them to the fuselage, and push them forward to lock into position. Here you see the chunky connector. This model needs to filler in this area, so rest-assured that this is a practical feature. New internal bulkheads are supplied. One of these is for the radio operator station, and one for the forward cockpit. These was certainly enough in the way of change to merit these being re-tooled. Of course, new parts are included to further furnish these areas. The E/F had quite a different upper turret, with a slightly lower profile, and what looks to be far more in the way of glazing panels. The turret internals are also markedly different, having built up the cutaway model for the HK stall at Telford last year. The instrument panel is also different, and here it can be seen, along with the plug that fits into the rear of it, sandwiching the instrument decal. Here we can see the earlier engine cowls that have a squarer front radius. New prop blades are also included. HK haven't simply done the most obvious in the way of changes. There are of course refinements in the original design, such as that fuselage crew entry door, but there are also new internal parts, such as new crew seats, and details that seem to be specific to the E/F, some of which can be seen in the waist gun areas. Here, we appear to see a fairing for the upper nose area of the 'F' version, maybe to convert the model to a late 'F', or perhaps even an early 'G' without the chin turret........ New internals for the E/F noses. Also included is the rear part for the new tail turret. The E/F didn't carry the Cheyenne tail turret that the later 'G' did, and here you can see that earlier tail, plus new internals for the various crew stations. New parts for the B-17E nose, inside and outside shots. And if the B-17F floats your boat, here are the specific nose parts for this, including internal shots. No less that FOUR new clear sprues here, containing new noses (although you should see another in the production kit, designed for another 'F' machine). New parts for Memphis Belle will also be tooled. Note the small astrodome for that fairing we saw a earlier. Also of note are the different waist gun windows, and the canopy for the tail turret. You can usually glean a lot about a kit from looking closely at the options, such as that astrodome. So, there you are. Expect to see far more in the next week when Jeroen and Cees will really look in depth at the whole kit, including the common sprues. Danke!!
  5. Many of the people who look here will already have seen this work on another forum. As I am no longer a member of that particular forum, I thought I'd put up some of the work done here. I will start by saying that this thread is not a kit bashing rant or intended in any way to disrespect the work of HK Models. We are all aware that there are issues with the kit and we are also aware that many people are happy with the way it looks out of the box, I for one am not happy with the appearance, so I am pulling out all the stops to correct it and make it a little more pleasing to my eye. I want to build this model as little Miss Mischief, but may have to change my mind as the NMF will be very difficult to achieve with all the cutting and modifications that are being done to the fuselage. We'll have to wait and see..... The first thing we notice if we want to build LMM (Little Miss Mischief), we need to move the starboard waist window back to create a non-staggered waist window fuselage. The recessed area for the glazing will be very difficult to reproduce, so I have decided to cut the window aperture out, along with a corresponding piece of plain fuselage and simply swap them over.... This is the inside of the fuselage, where I have marked out the lines I will cut. Note I've used the ribbing as a guide to keep everything square. Following some careful scoring and cutting with my razor saw, I have a £250 model with a big hole in the side!! Now, if we turn the cut out part over, we can refit it into the hole and hey presto, job done... No.. note the moulding for the clear part is different top and bottom... We need to cut the removed section in half and replace the front with the rear and vice versa... here's an interior shot to show what I mean. the plastic stock is there to lift the aperture into the correct position and to fill the gaps resulting from the saw cuts. Here we are, a non staggered waist window fuselage.. If you intend to build this kit this mod should be considered as it will really open up your options for the finished scheme, especially if you don't want to build it in NMF.
  6. Hello, here is my finished B-17 "Flying Fortress" in scale 1/32 by HK Models. Additionally used the full Eduard sets, Resing and brass parts by Profimodeller, Eduard's fantastic wheel set, metal gear, decals by Kitmaker and some additional scratch built stuff. Here it is.... ... and here are some interieur pics: Thank you so much for your time and interest! BR Micha
  7. B-17 Placards Eduard Catalogue # 32 790 Available from Eduard for 15,47€ Bunny Fighter Club price: 13,15€ Eduard have really gone to town with Aftermarket accessories for the HK models 1/32 B-17G and one of their latest sets is this one, B-17 Placards. The set is packaged in the normal clear envelope with card stiffener, containing one fret of plated and pre painted etched brass. The plated and painted fret measuring 93mm x 59mm contains no fewer than 115 parts. The painting on my sample is perfectly in register and very sharply printed. The set contains information labels, radio equipment faces and even a fist aid box, all of which are dotted all over the fuselage, from nose to tail. Many of the parts go into the cockpit, including sidewall and overhead console detail. There are also details for the bomb aiming equipment and electronic equipment in the nose section. The bomb bay is covered with all the bright red bomb loading instructions at each station included. There are even parts for the tail gun area!! Here are some close up pics, displaying the quality of printing on this lovely little set.. By now you may have noticed that all these parts are included in the various other sets, dedicated to each section such as Bomb bay or Front Interior sets, but this is where Eduard have helped if you want to add a little fine detail to your model, but don't want to go to the expense of all the other sets. This set contains enough to add "that little extra" to your model for a very reasonable cost and with little effort. The instructions in the set come as 4 sides of Black and white printed on A5 paper. I have downloaded the instructions from Eduard's site and printed them out in colour on A4 paper. Sheet 1... Sheet 2... Sheet 3... Sheet 4... To summarise, this set is of no use if you have all the other Eduard sets, but it will be greatly received by those who don't want to spend the time or money on all the other fantastic Eduard sets for their HK models B-17G. Thanks very much to Eduard for supplying this review sample.
  8. B-17 Seatbelts FABRIC Eduard Catalogue # 32 796 Available from Eduard for 18.02€ Bunny Fighter Club price: 15.32€ Here we have Eduard's lovely set of fabric seatbelts for the HK models B-17G. Eduard also make a set of etched seatbelts, so if you prefer that medium, you are catered for with that set. The set is packaged in the normal Eduard fashion, in a clear sleeve containing a card stiffener. The set consists of one sheet of fabric belts measuring 51mm x 83mm with 52 separate parts, and one sheet of plated etched brass measuring 40mm x 35mm with 39 pieces. The set includes enough straps to make 5 full size lap belts as fitted to the cockpit seats, covering the cockpit, nose section leaving two spare, perhaps for the belly turret? There are also two simple lap belts, which the instructions tell you to fit to the navigator and rsdio operators seats. Check your references for the correct placement... The buckles are beautifully etched and plated, so will not require any further finishing, just assemble and apply... Here we can see the great stitching detail on the belts themselves. The instructions are supplied as two A5 black and white sheets. For this review I have printed the instructions out on A4 paper in full colour. All Eduard's instruction sheets can be printed out from their website. Sheet 1... Sheet 2... There is no mention made of screwing the belts up between ones fingers, but it may make the belts look more realistic?? All in all, this set will greatly enhance the very visible cockpit and nose section of the HK models B-17G and are a great improvement over the standard kit parts. Thank you very much to Eduard for the review sample.
  9. B-17G guns Eduard Catalogue # 632026 Available from Eduard for 29,95€ Bunny Fighter Club price: 25,46€ Eduard have recently released their resin Gun set for the HK Models 1/32 B-17G, and what a set this is!! The set, numbered 632 026 is supplied in the now common Brassin Packaging as shown here. The set contains a total of 27 resin parts and 24 PE parts on a single fret measuring 23 x 25mm.My sample exhibited no issues with bubbles or warping. There were also no breakages, which is testament to Eduard's packaging, are you listening Aires!! There are four different styles of gun, automatic, left and right loaded and Manually operated, left and right hand loaded. Notice the extremely crisp detail on the breeches and also the cooling holes on the barrel jackets. here I have tried to show the detail on all four faces of the breeches. As previously mentioned, VERY crisp. The Breeches in the HK kit are made in a range of sizes, which is incorrect, then the barrels are also made in a range of lengths to give the guns the right "look". The B-25 suffers the same issue. maybe Eduard will make a set of guns for that kit too?? Now we come to the big feature of this set, it is not just a set of machine guns, but a complete set of replacement and updated mountings. For example, the radio room gun mount in the HK model is very basic. This set fully replaces the mount with a correct replica of the sheet metalwork found on the real aircraft. There are also upgrade parts for the waist guns. All of this is very visible on the finished model. See the instructions for more detail of the replacement mounts. Here is the PE fret, covering the gun sight parts. The instructions are supplied as four sides of A5 paper printed in colour with a painting guide, calling up Gunze colours. In summary, this set is a great addition to enhance your 1/32 B-17G. Not only are the inaccurate oddly sized guns in the kit replaced with accurate renditions of the real guns, but you will also be replicating the mounts more accurately. If there is a small downside to the set, it is that the barrels weren't supplied as separate parts to be added after final assembly. Having said that, it will be a very simple job to cut the barrels off and glue them back to their breeches at the end of your build. You may even decide to drill the breeches and fit brass barrels instead? Thanks go to Eduard for producing this great set and also for supplying the set for this review. These guns will be used on my B-17 build, I may buy another set for my B-25, unless Eduard produce a dedicated set for that kit too?
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