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Found 6 results

  1. 100 Years of Soviet and Russian Military Parades- 1917 -2017 The Red Army on Parade Volume 1 1917 – 1945 Author: James Kinnear Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing Pages:256 500+ photos Hardback Introduction Canfora presents us the first part of 3 books covering 100 years of Russian Military Parades. This event held annually gained worldwide fame due to the mass presentation of Military vehicles in parade on the also famous red square. Despite the fact that parades were organized on this location before the Russian Revolution, it was on this period that it started to be associated as a annual demonstration of red Army and latterly Soviet Army military might. This volume (1) covers 28 years of Russian military parades, hold on red square (1917-1945). Researched and written by James Kinnear, who had written hundreds of articles on soviet and Russian military technology, this book is the culmination of his collecting material on a subject that never had been covered so depth. The book is organized chronologically, by decades, presenting the reader the historical context of each era, focusing on the military vehicles on the parades. The reader is presented with a precise and detailed historical event, and very well documented by the quantity and quality of the included photographs. It positively surprised me, more than 500 pictures published and even more unpublished. Of particular interest are the pages dedicated to the parades staged during WWII period with focus on the 1st May 1945, 24th June 1945 – The VE Victory Parade and 7th September 1945 – The Allied Victory Parade – Berlin, where the new IS-3 heavy tank was “introduced” and paraded to the shock of foreign commanders, that had not expected to see from a country weakened by four years of war for survival. Also, worth mention is the relation of all “tekhnika” – the equipment presented on all parades, included: foreign, light, fast, medium and heavy tanks, Self-propelled and towed artillery and military transport. Conclusion This book is intended as a neutral account of the armoured vehicles and weapons systems that have been demonstrated on the red square in the past century, presented in a unique and in-depth narrative for this world-famous event. The book is hard covered with matt finish and the image reproduction is high quality even though some pictures had almost 100 years. This is a high recommended book for everyone interested on contemporary military history. To purchase this directly, click here. If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller! Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright. Ricardo Veríssimo
  2. Fallen Stars 1: Crashed, Damaged & Captured Aircraft of the USAAF Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing Price: 22,75€ (EU price) At LSM we had the pleasure to read, view and review several past titles from Canfora Publishing, like the Wingspan Vol. I, Vol.II, Rare Wheels, T-60 and others. Today we have in hands a new title series: Fallen Stars, which is the vol. I written by Tom Leamlein. The idea is to compilate the best pictures of fallen aircraft and most of then are totally new to me. Like others books from Canfora as Wingspan, this one is produced in soft-cover landscape format with 128 glossy pages. All the pictures are in black and white with the glorious exception of the one on the back cover. This volume its only about USAAF airplanes, or after crash landing or in repair, or in move from retirement Several types are covered in this order: Lockheed P-38 Lightning Bell P-39 Airacobra Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (P-40B/C & E) Republic P-47 Thunderbolt (Bubbletop & Razorback) North American P-51 Mustang (P-51B/C & D) Northrop P-61 Black Widow Douglas A-20 Havoc Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Consolidated B-24 Liberator North American B-25 Mitchell Martin B-26 Marauder Boeing B-29 Superfortres Conclusion Is the book a good value for the modeler? Yes as it give the modelers, besides inspiration for new projects, very good and useful pictorial information of the airplanes in large and good resolution pictures. For me, it as works as an inspiration as I just have several new future project in my head... thanks Canfora! Thanks to Toni and Canfora Publishing for the review sample. Fran
  3. Red Machines 1 T-60 Small Tank & Variants Authors: James Kinnear & Yuri Pasholok Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing Price(EU): 34,50€ Introduction Canfora presents us a book with a different content of the ones already reviewed. This new series focus on a type of machine, and on this subject, the Russian Light Tank T-60 and series. Being the third most numerous tank-types built in the Soviet Union during the 1941-45 “Great Patriotic War”, behind only the T-34 Medium Tank and the Su-76 Self-Propelled gun. Despite the fame of being under armed and weakly armed, played a crucial part on the critical period of 1941-42 when the soviet manufacturing plants struggled to replace combat losses at the front. Canfora bring us the compiled of several years of archival research and study, on the form a hard cover book, containing the development and service life of the T-60 light tank. So what about content… This book composes of several chapters, for better understanding: Introduction Chapter 1 - Development History Takes us thru the model genesis and development notes, as also inform on the man responsible for the T-60 Design (Nikolai Aleksandrovich). Chapter 2 - T-60 Production at plant nº37, KhTZ (Kharkov) & GA (Gorky) Description of the first prototypes build, production notes and history. In fact some interesting information is described, as for example, the difficulties posed on the factories to obtain and manufacture of the tank’s parts Chapter 3 – Re-Armament and Modernization An approach on the reviews for update the T-60 during the production stage in terms of up armor protection and firepower. Chapter 4 – T-60 Production at Plant Nº264 (Krasnoarmeisk), Nº37 (Sverdlovsk), Nº38 (Kirov) Chapter 5 – The T-60 In service and combat This chapter takes thru operational combat service. Complemented with a quantity of war time photos (German and soviet origins), on capture and / or destroyed vehicles. Chapter 6 – T-60 Variants and Prototypes Present us all variants (produced and proposed) based on the T-60 Chassis. The iconic flying tank Chapter 7 - T-60 Description and Walkarounds Chapter 8 – T-60 Preserved Tanks This chapter describe location of all know restore vehicles and the background history. Also mentioned is the status of the preserved tank (static display, running condition, etc). All of this is accompanied of color photos of the restored units. Also available are several color profiles and technical drawings of the several versions produced. Conclusion This is a fantastic book, on one of the mechanic workhorse of the Soviet army on the first stage of WWII. Despite not being a expert on the subject in hands, the reading in interesting and detailed enough to keep us addicted on the reading. The graphical support (B/W photos, drawings, Color photos and profiles), are flawless, and the glossy pages gave the book a much differentiated look and touch which these days it’s not very common to see on many publications. The content is appealing for those of us who enjoy reading about military history, and the modeler is presented with some very inspiring photos and walkaround details. This book is to couple with any 1:35 scale T-60 model! Highly Recommended! To purchase this directly, click here. If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller! Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright. Ricardo Veríssimo
  4. On display vol.4 Under the Red Star – Soviet WWII Vehicles Author – several Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing Price: 23,50€ (EU price) Introduction Being a proud owner of two previously releases (The Nordic edge series and On Display – Post war armour), and being books with quality content by an array of skilled modellers I was anxious and very curious about this new volume from Canfora Publishing on WWII Russian vehicles. Well, let’s see if the expectations were fulfilled! So what about content… Under the red Star is presented on a A4 format. The attentions go for the Su-100 close up and a small picture for every model presented on the book. A closer look is also possible to consult all contributors for this publication. A total of 8 full builds are presented and described with clear and detailed photos of all phases: As so, and for every chapter on this book, we’ll get: historical context / introduction; model assembly and detailing; Painting Weathering Accessories Base (if applicable) Also available for each build, a step by step photo report with caption of the task (it can include any of the following: assembly, detailing, painting weathering close up. These captions sum up a process and display a lot of knowledge that a regular modeller can retain and use on its own projects. Some notes Nowadays we are presented with several paths to approach to a model kit project. Either painting or weather with enamel / lacquer paint and based products or using acrylic based paints / weathering products. On this book, we are presented with articles with this “approaches”. Despite the fact that for all builds, the painting process resort to acrylic paints, the weathering section derivates on the classic enamel /oils approach, some of them resort to acrylic products for this task. As obvious, this could add extra interest to a very know subject, as WWII Russian vehicles. On content and on display So on this book, we’ll get the following builds: 1. 1:35 KV-1S 1. 1:35 Gaz-AA Cargo Truck 1. 1:35 Su-76 1. 1:35 IS-2 1. 1:35 SU-100 1. 1:35 OT-34 1. 1:35 T70 1. 1:35 BT-7 Conclusion In the last years, the amount of magazines, special dedicated books and brands, made available to all, a great amount of literature ranging almost all of the favourites modelling subjects. Sometimes it’s necessary to proper filter the content available, due to cost limitations, or just to have the best info in hand. This book presents a good content balance, as every article has an adequate pictures resolution, the support text is sufficient even for any modeller ordinary modeller with minimal knowledge of the English language. I have my fair share of modelling books, bought or just borrowed from other modellers and in my opinion this book deserves to be on any modeller’s library. With the proximity of the Christmas celebration, this is a perfect gift to ask Santa Claus. Just make sure that your Christmas sock is big enough to accommodate this book! Highly recommended by its overall quality and mainly as a source of modelling inspiration. To purchase this directly, click here. If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller! Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright. Ricardo Veríssimo
  5. Wingspan2 1:32 aircraft modelling Author – several Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing Price: 27€ Introduction Being a proud owner of two previously releases (The Nordic edge series and On Display – Post war armour), and being books with quality content by an array of skilled modellers I was anxious and very curious about the second approach from Canfora Publishing on large scale aircraft territory. Well, let’s see if the expectations were fulfilled! So, what’s on the box... ah … book! Wingspan2 is presented on an A4 Landscape format. A magnificent F-4C is presented as front cover. The book guides us through 10 1:32 scale models built by 8 modellers. Every chapter describes a complete build. In the beginning of each chapter, we’re presented with a visual layout of the completed model a description of the brand, accessories and paint / weathering products used on the article. One key aspect is the introduction text that makes us fix our attention on that particular build, even if it does not fit on our “taste”. The historical framework of the model, what’s on the box of that particular kit, looks like if it’s a story that we are reading. For each build there are several pages dedicated to step by step details. Varying from painting techniques, weathering methods, scratch build and extra detailing. As a good support, on these step by steps pages, every picture has a correspondent label describing the operation, So… what about a taste of the content? As described, 10 builds are included: 1:32 Zero M2B 1:32 Felixstowe F.2A 1:32 Ta-152H-1 1:32 F-4C Phantom II 1:32 N1K2-J Shiden-kai 1:32 Ju-87G-1 Stuka 1:32 AV-8B Harrier II 1:32 Hurricane MK.IIC 1:32 P-61A Black Widow 1:32 Bf-109F4 A final touch I couldn’t be indifferent for this visual index made by the external frames of the articles. Each of them have an external frame of a different colour. Nice touch! Conclusion I have my fair share of modelling books. I found that some are rather sparse on the key details; some really can go neat picking for rivet numbers. This one is really balanced. The pictures have nice definition and detail. We can stare at them and find small and interesting details. The fact that the layout choose was landscape, allows that same pictures to frame the complete aircraft without losing details. This is a book to be keep near the workbench, to be used in cases of an inspiration emergency, in a moment were our minds ask “how I’m I going to do that effect”, when we are waiting in the car for the wife / girlfriend to finish their shopping or leaving home, and we have that amount of time just to appreciate a good reading! Yes… I highly recommend this book as great source of inspiration! To purchase this directly, click here If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller! Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright. A special thanks to Canfora Publishing for the review sample Ricardo Veríssimo
  6. A new book from Canfora Publishing! Fran
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