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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, As if I didn't have enough to do already , (with the Catalina underway and the DB605 engine), I Really couldn't resist to build an all time favorite of mine, and in a very large 1/18 scale too. The famous ME 109. It wil be a slow build because I intend to place a DB601 engine in the model, which it is now lacking. Now there is no other engine available in this size other than the DB605, so I ordered a 605, and I will try to convert it into a DB601 which was used in the E4. I will have to cut open the model to get the engine in place, this will be a bit nerve wrecking , as the aircraft is moulded with a complete fuselage and a loose nose cone made in one piece. So in order to get an engine that is visible I have to cut open the nose cone, but also the front of the fuselage. The engine will be completely visible, engine covers taken of, the bottom cowling with the oil cooler visible, (will have to scratch build that one). But enough said, here's the model I will not be doing this version , got some books from the shelve, and I am currently trying to decide what kind of version I will build, I am more leaning towards something like this, visually more interesting with the mottling .... As you can see, it's huge, the detailing is really impressive, look at some loose parts, Very impressive wheels,... Look at the detail of the inner lining of the wheel well, even unpainted it looks like the real deal Cockpit floor also great detail So I started with the model (head on) literally . Got the nose cone out, its a one piece moulding. Where the propellor meets the fuselage is a 1 cm thick piece of resin on the inside that has to come out, so started there, and removed the pour stub from the nose, Still some cleanup to do Then it was time to open up the nose in order to get the engine in withe the cooler, Opened the holes with a drill, there was a huge "blob" of resin directly behind the cowling, so had to sand a lot of it to get a Smoot finish, have to get to almost scale thickness in order for the cooler to fit directly behind the cowling. Butchered the cooler from the DB605, the cooler from the 605 is bigger so I had to cut a piece of, and had to grind the cooler all around because it is tapered and wouldn't fit in the fuselage, here are some pic's, Original db605 coolant tank.... And cut and tapered, (have to fill in the gap on the bottom inside ) , next on the list, this was only for testfitting, But it fits like a glove, the crankshaft also lines up exactly in the middle, Exhausts also line up nicely, That is it for now, more to follow, will be cutting up the nose next .....................can make no mistake there, because I need every part of that nose. Getting pretty nervous to do that, but that's for another time, Cheers, Frank
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