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Found 12 results

  1. PLUSMODEL Big Wicker Baskets (12 resin pieces) Catalogue n.º 537 Price tag: $20/€14 – directly from Plusmodel Once again, here I am reviewing another set of Wicker Baskets… this time some bigger ones. As usual, the quality behind all Plusmodel is top noch. All the parts come with the usual packing, in small paper boxes with the parts wrap in bubbles plastic. The set of Big Wicker Baskets are used in everywhere in the world and for a very long time, so you can use this in a XVIII diorama, a WWI
  2. 1:24 Istanbul Diorama OcCre Catalogue # 53010D Available from OcCre for €60,95 If you’ve recently taken a look at our Istanbul tram review, you might like this particular review article. Yes, of course you can display your tram on a shelf, or in a cabinet, but what about outside Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar? That’s exactly what this new product from OcCre allows us to do, and with relative ease of construction. This is what OcCre have as their website product description: “The diorama is a representation of the entrance to the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, one
  3. PLUSMODEL Diorama Accessories Sets and a Bunker (Garden Pump; U.S.300 gallon fuel tank and German Artillery Bunker”) Available from Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text Plusmodel is my favourite diorama accessories manufacture in modelling world as they do allied quality with originality. If your project is a vignette or a diorama, then Plusmodel is your solutions. All the samples come with the usual packing, in small paper boxes with the parts wrap in bubbles plastic. Garden Pump Catalogue n.º 5
  4. 1:35 Wooden Boxes & Crates MiniArt Catalogue # 35581 Boxes. Crates. We all need them. Whether it’s in moving house, packing up your ammunition before going on campaign, or simply for mail or consumer goods, the humble packing crate is the hero of the day. This has most certainly crossed the minds of the good folk at MiniArt, who now bring us this set of the same, designed for all of your carrying and product transportation needs. This new set is packed into MiniArt’s familiar glossy, end-opening package, and has an artwork, strangely enough, of boxes and cr
  5. 1/35 EAST EUROPEAN HOME STUFF MiniArt Catalogue # 35584 Every good Eastern European home needs good Eastern European home stuff, right? Without a doubt. As long as it’s not Morphy Richards, Kenwood, Sony, Ikea or anything else that was manufactured outside of the 1940s, then this set should be just about perfect for your diorama. MiniArt creates some wonderful and quite leftfield sets for an unspeakable number of diorama possibilities, and this time we have some nice, antiquated-looking items that could well have adorned the interior of an Eastern European home, or
  6. Wingnut Wings Gotha G.V 904/16 'Erika' So this is going to be my biggest project to date and I'm actually looking forward to it! As you can see this will be Gotha G.V 904/16 'Erika' build with the aircraft being prepared for a night sortie over London. I have no photos of the actual plane being prepared so some creative license will be used unless something comes to light. There are several firsts, including the incredible conversion kit by the talented Ron Kootje - I was one of the lucky few able to purchase the limited runs of his conversion kits and its going to be a very large und
  7. PLUSMODEL 1:35 Accessories Wherry (Catalogue n.º 457) Price Tag: 13.60 €/19.40$ Available from Plusmodel Plusmodel is a quite busy company in releasing diorama accessories giving modelers huge options to their work in dioramas! We are spoiled by Plusmodel and very happy with that. And once again Plusmodel just release a very welcome add to their catalogue with a wherry, or we can call it simply a rowing boat. The kit come in small but strudy box, with boxart, the model complete with paint and weathering as usual in all Plusmodel box. Opening the box I was quit
  8. Hello, it was a long time working on it, but finally I think it is done... a cover of plexiglas still missing, but the diorama and the truck itself seems to be finished. It is the KrAZ-255(, a Russian heavy military truck which was used also in and around Tschernobyl after the nuclear catastrophe. This is the place my diorama is settled in. A truck bringing some pipes to the reactor or to any other place in this area shortly or some days later after the catastrophe. The kit itself is a resin kit with photo etched parts in scale 1/25, produced by company MiniManFactory in Hungary. I have
  9. 1/35 USA Air Compressor Mirror Models Catalogue Number 35050 Available direct from LZ models at €TBA Here we have a brand new addition to the growing range of kits from Mirror Models in the form a beautifully rendered replica of the Kellogg compressor used both militarily and by civilians during and after WW2. The kit actually contains two full kits, presented in a sealed plastic bag measuring 150 x 250mm. Each sprue contains 21 parts to build one Compressor. Here you can see both sides of the Sprue. The wedge shaped parts are actually the bed sides for t
  10. Hi guys! Here the lastest work of my good friend and awesome modeler (for me, the best in the world) José Brito. Just enjoy my friends! : Cheers Francisco
  11. PRECISION ICE AND SNOW for the realistic depiction of snow and ice effect in all scale modelling. Introduction When this product was brought to my attention by fellow LSM staff member Doogs I thought: I know that stuff.You mix it with white glue and water and smear it on your model. I have used products like that in the past and was never happy with the results. Not natural. Too random and blobby. When trying to confirm my first thoughts I went to the website: www.precisioniceandsnow.com . The first photo of an english taxicab made me look a bit further than my nose (as we say
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