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Found 12 results

  1. Yeah I know, the typical 'DS-tracks 'like 'em or not' thread, but no, this is about ageing or reacting of the material they are made of and/or they are packed in. I have four sets of DS-tracks, which luckily in all but one case will be substituted. For some reason, I opened my Jagdpanther G2 box, #6609, and found the still sealed DS-tracks in a state, shown on the pic. Where they were bent in the box, they already were broken and the third crack appeared, while taking them from the box. The tracks are absolutely brittle and the plastic wrap seems to have shrunken on them. I checked the other boxes, a Patton, where I opened the sealing of the DS-tracks and they are still flexible and unharmed. On a Panther G, they were flexible, but due to packing, they had bended guide horns, which I doubt, will be usable and on an early Tiger, I found the same. The kits are all four to seven years old, when I bought them new and the worst, the Jagdpanther is not the oldest one. Do you have similar effects with DS-tracks, and how do they held up under aggressive painting and weathering? Cheers Rob
  2. Another model I rescued off my shelf of doom, one of Dragon's older models, the Hetzer. It started life as a flame thrower but I bought it second hand from someone who had used that part for something else and included a resin conversion and metal barrel for a conventionally armed machine. I initially put this on the shelf of doom as it was before magic tracks, so I had to cut out and clean up about 200 track pieces. I guess I burned out on the model after doing that and it sat in the stash for years until I pulled it out again a week ago. Other than the tedious track link clean up, the kit is pretty good. The colours and markings represent no machine in particular. I kept the weathering fairly light, a grubby wash and some dirt here and there, enough to make it look used.
  3. Ok, I've pretty much finished off everything on my bench of late that was close to being finished: - Millennium Falcon - Y-Wing fighter - Toyota Celica WRC rally car So here's what I'm hoping will be a quick build with minimal AM. I think the only AM I have is from Dragon itself. I got started by following the instructions (!). Blasphemy, I know. I installed all the suspension arms, making sure I used the correct ones for the steel wheels at the rear. Then I started prep on all the road wheels. And that was the end of day 1.
  4. In with a Dragon le.SPW from the 21st Panzer Division; replacing the 20mm Flak 38 with the Tristar late variant of the same gun, with the trailer also in tow. An Aber turned metal barrel is so far the only aftermarket option to be used. I may source a figure or two to add along the way, but both kits come with P/E frets to supplement the plastic parts so everything seems well enough detailed for my liking. I managed to find a photo of the kit subject, captured by the British 6th Division in August 1944, so at least there's a good guide as to equipment and condition for the time frame. Work to start shortly. S
  5. So it's a new year, therefore a new build. Another twin to clutter up the bench with First step was to go through the errors & omissions list that Brett Green published on Hyperscale regarding the kit's instructions. Then I started on the engines. These went together really well. Next up is the MLG and gear bays. The ribs that go into the nacelles were a bit of a head scratcher until I checked the instructions from the Dragon D/E kit. In the C-7 kit, they only show the placement of the ribs for one nacelle. The D/E kit shows both so here it is for your reference.
  6. No ... It's not the one I started up tried to get moving for about 2-3 years ... GT Resin wants to give it a bash ... ETA 4-5 months? http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=70239&page=1 Rog
  7. Hi Guys. Just want to share my last project.. i called it "Odd". This is my second AFV model. I finish this one two years ago... after that i start lots of model... finish zero... this year I intend to do it much better! This is 1:72 Dragon Maus and figure. The Aircraft is the old CMK Kanzan in 1:72... I start this project just for good fun... and I really enjoy it... The harder task was painting the 1:72 figure... No totally happy with it... Sorry for the pics... not very good ones. Fran
  8. A kit that had been hanging around in the stash for some time after I bought it at a swap and sell for a couple of bucks, I just pulled it out a couple of months ago and finished it in a couple of days. U 2540 was commissioned in February 1945 but never went on a war patrol, being scuttled on May 4th. In 1957, it was raised, overhauled and put back into service as the Wilhelm Bauer, until being decomissioned in 1982 and eventually, being turned into a museum 2 years later. She is on display in Bremerhaven and one of only 5 surviving U boats.
  9. I started this one last month but the progress has been pretty slow, finally got to the point where I can post some pictures. This is the 1/32 Dragon kit (D-1/R1 boxing), I'll be doing it as "M8+AP" from 6./ZG 76 piloted by Hauptmann Heinz Nacke, Argos, Greece in May of 1941. Minimal after-market will be used, the kit really doesn't need it. HGW seatbelts, Quickboost, exhausts, Hobbydecal stencils, Montex Super Mask set and an RB brass MG 15 for the rear gun. Most of the cockpit work is done, the biggest project of this nature I've done to date, lots of detail and lots of parts! Fuselage sidewalls: Cockpit deck: Instrument panel, done with Airscale and Mike Grant decals:
  10. I just realized that this GB does have very little in the way of ground equipment. Time to help rectify that! In 2007 when on a business trip to York, UK, I purchased the Dragon M4A2 Tarawa-boxing at the local hobby shop. On this site one can find very interesting info on the invasion of Tarawa, including photos of the Sherman tanks. http://tarawaontheweb.org The photos of Colorado below were taken from the "Tarawa on the Web"- website. Colorado was early in the fighting hit by a Japanese 75mm shell. Later on Colorado was the victim of a molotov-cocktail which set the tank on fire. The crew drove the tank back into the surf and by doing so, extinguished the fire. Maybe surprisingly enough, Colorado was together with China Gal one of the 2 only serviceable tanks of C-Company after the fighting. What is easily seen is that the headlights were not fitted and that the framing of the right headlight was completely deformed. Also, on the color stills (from a USMC-film) the rearing elephant of the 1st Corps Batallion looks to be yellow, not gray as on Dragon's decal sheet. The colors don't look to be that accurate in those stills, though... But that would mean that the names maybe weren't yellow either, but gray or off-white... If someone knows the "definite" answer, please let me know. I'm afraid it'll be like those RLM 76 discussions amongst Luftwaffe builders, though... That's it for now, since this first installment is written at work during the night shift. After grabbing some sleep I hope to be back with an update!
  11. And now for the Dragon Bf 109 Ok My friend changed his mind about which version he wanted something that I am very used to so this is the final choice hehe I think he made a great choice so more fun for me like this one to. Now overall the fit is great only the top motor deck sits to high and I needed to sand it back so you notice the white filler to get it back in shape the wing roots needed some work. The canopy fit is great just drop in place. all the seam are now smooth I did glue the control surface fixed place yesterday. same here the prop and spinner dry fit. Now ready for some paint the wheels and legs are ready and drop tank. Have fun Johan bos
  12. Hello All! Herman and I survived our move, now back to the business at hand,, Not that the kit needs any help , but we are adding a BIGED set to the mix. Back to the new bench as Herman is anxious to start, More to come and it's good to be back! Thanks for lookin!!
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