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Found 2 results

  1. Sayonara F-4 EJ and welcome SeƱhores to a new WIP. The Phantom has been there all my life, at least it felt like. When I was a kid, we often spent our holidays in the north of Germany by the sea, where the land is flat and the Phantoms were flying very low, often with supersonic speed. You can imagine, I was deeply impressed. First there was this roaring sound becoming louder and louder, than one or two F-4's passed and than there was the bang, how cool, except for the people living there. I have an Eduard boxing of an F-4 in my stash, with a lot of goodies, but when I saw the ZM Kai Phantom with the farewell livery, I was immediately sold and felt the urge to build promptly. I love the disco glitter blue markings, which are well represented on the huge Cartograph made decal sheet. There is a second sheet with markings, stencils and fabulous Instrument panel decals. Now a few month later, the Kai sneaked onto my bench and I started to build. Browsing through the box is pure joy, everything is well packed and the grey plastic has very sharp details and no flaws of any kind. The manual is a bit over informative in places and shows every detail from various angles, but misses some tiny bits of information, but this is nitpicking. I preferred the color printed manuals of the 32 scale birds of ZM, but like the Phantom's plastic way more than the sometimes soft detailed sprues of my long ago built TA-152. What's really missing are seat belts, which I bought from Kits-World, canopy masks, which were purchased from New Ware and as an add on some Res-kit burner cans. Next up, cockpit and engines. Cheers Rob
  2. My entrie for the build is Hasegawa Bf109 F-4 Trop kit.. Will be of Hans Joachim Marseille F-4Trop W.Nr. 10137... I will throw some Eduard Belts at it and Aires Pit at it... So lets get it started!! Cockpit details grinded off with a Demel Test fitting the Aires pit... its a few mm's to short... Kit part to show the difference... Plan of attach it to cut of the mounting points and push the Aires pit into place and CA it! Panel Line on the wings are filled.. so are the hatches etc... These damn kidney inserts again! I hate these and the damn seam on the cowl! This time I have sanded the back of the insert down and used Mr Surfacer to fill in the gaps... I am sure that I will have more problems with them later!
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