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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, As it's a bit of an unusual modelling subject, I thought some might be interested in the pair of FN5's I'm building for a very large RC Wellington Mk 1c, in the colours (eventually) of one of the Polish RAF squadrons operating the type in 1941. The turrets will have "FPV" cameras installed eventually, allowing the rear turret to track targets through a working reflector gunsight (built in collaboration with Tim Noack) whilst the front turret will have a more general view that is pan/tiltable independent of the turret movement. The turrets feature working pneumatic rams elevating and depressing the gun cradle, with all the mechanical linkages that keep the gun-sight parallel to the guns working as per the full-size turret. Virtually no glue has been used anywhere, with most parts 3d printed in SLS Nylon, then holes drilled and tapped before finally being screwed together, usually with M1 machine-screws, nuts and washers. The turret have extensive lighting, an overhead lamp, spot-lamp, amber warning light, and 3 coloured Bendix lamps, all of which are either "grain or rice" or "grain of wheat" light-bulbs. The gun-sight has an LED, and produces an auto-dimming glowing reticule in correct for the era, which at the correct focal length us the correct size. All function. From initial research to where the builds are now has taken three and a half years during which I've taught myself CAD, soldering, and using an airbrush, as well as all the engineering side to have the moving parts, often separated by gaps of only 0.1mm, work as intended. If you search youtube for Fidd88 you can see the videos that documented the build over the last 13 months or so. I should point out that I'd never used a cine camera or looked at youtube when I started, so some of them are a bit dull and repetitive, I'm not what you'd call a "talented film-maker"! I'd recommend starting with the most recent films and working back. All of the parts have been 3d printed from my own CAD drawings. There are a few known errors in dimensions, but as there are no extant technical drawings to work from the whole thing has been reverse-engineered from photographs. No two museum turrets being the same, this was a difficult exercise as you may imagine! It's as accurate as I could make it however. Anyway, here are a few pictures. If any of you have comments or questions, please feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to explain. There's still a lot to do: Fabrication of initial plug to make mould to cast positive over-which hot Perspex is pulled to make cupola windows. Bolting window panels to sub-frame, attachment of cupola Plumbing of pneumatics to drive elevation and depression of gun-cradles Camouflage of same to resemble hydraulic pipes Addition of plethora of cosmetic hydraulic pipework Weathering, dirtying and so on of entire turret paintwork. When all services are proved, lock-tighting of all nuts. I hope you find this interesting, if not up the amazing standards of modelling here! The eventual intention is to build the Wellington 1c in extruded alloy channel to form a geodetic construction as per the original aircraft.
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