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Found 22 results

  1. 1:32 Fokker Dr. I/F.1 (Early and Late type) Meng (Ex-Wingnut Wings) Kit No. QS-02 Available from Ak-Interactive for €59,95. Well, there it is… the Meng Fokker Dr. I. The box has its fair size, well packed with plastic and in the side with some profiles and information. I confess that this review and this release is a bittersweet for me, as I have been a WnW Fan since day one… since April of 2010. Personaly, Wingnut Wings gave me a lot… new knowledge,
  2. It’s been awhile since I really had my model mojo” going. Along the way, with various fits and starts with various ongoing projects, a few new truths began to emerge: Standard WW2 fighter builds bore me to death. Tamiya plastic bores me to death. I discovered I love building wood model ships in 1/64 scale. I love resin the best. Unique subjects never done before in man scale interest me even more. Then with Joy’s Dad passing, our getting the 56 Meteor up and running again, and then dealing with all our issues, the bench seemed to fade far away. My last real Passion Build was the
  3. Hi all, This is my recently finished Fokker Dr.I in the colours of August Raben's bird. The decals are Eagle Editions and the paint is MRP. Some use of Aviattic rib tape and fabric decals, as well as some Uschi wood decal. Guns are MASTER, and the prop is from a WNW Fokker D.VII kit. Used ammo chutes are also from the WNW Fokker D.VII kit. For this build, I used the Roden F.I kit, but used the parts for the production Triplane version. As well as some of the Encore PE extras, I also used stuff from the PART PE set, such as the ammo bins etc. Quite a lot of thinning of
  4. 1/32 Fokker D.VII “Early” Wingnut Wings Catalogue # 32067 Available from Wingnut Wings for $99 plus shipping The Fokker D.VII was a German World War I fighter aircraft designed by Reinhold Platz of the Fokker-Flugzeugwerke. Germany produced around 3,300 D.VII aircraft in the second half of 1918. In service with the Luftstreitkräfte, the D.VII quickly proved itself to be a formidable aircraft. The Armistice ending the war specifically required Germany to surrender all D.VIIs to the Allies. Surviving aircraft saw continued widespread service with many ot
  5. Hi all, Here she is. All finished. The resin Silver Wings 1/32 Fokker D.21. Started this kit on april 29 and finished today. So about 2,5 months. A joy to build. Great fit but challenging instructions. Take your time and you'll be fine. I added: • Master barrels turned brass gun barrels (2 sets). • Some minor details on the door (locks, hinge, etc..) That's it. Used Gunze paints all over and AK interactive panel washes. Also AK Interactive lense crystal clear and transparent red and green for the navigation lights. The aerial is EZ-line. Build log here: http://forum.la
  6. 1:32 Fokker D.XXI Silver Wings Catalogue # 32-017 Available from Aviation Mega Store for $149,95 or directly from Silver Wings Introduction Let me start this review by addressing the fact that: • I am dutch • My grandfather built the Fokker D.XXI before and during the war • I have a soft spot for this plane • My name is mentioned in the instruction booklet in this kit Taking the above into account, you might be inclined to think that I am somewhat biased and will praise it into the sky. Well… Maybe, but only if it deserves the credit. I never expected any company to tackle
  7. Well ADHD got me again, so sue me, this makes kit # 29 in progress. Have started building Wingnut's Fok. D.VII (OAW) with the goal of having it done no later than April 25th. The large local contest on the 26th has the WWI theme and I plan to take all of my completed wingnuts kits to display. This one will be the Sieben Schwabben (7 Swabians), available on this wingnuts decal sheet. Lozenge decals will be Aviattic and I can tell you, boy do they look beautiful on the paper. Progress so far: lots of thin strips of masking tape and preshading of some fuselage parts. Wings are painted no
  8. Hi gyus, I'm in! There are not many Albs build and I already made Udet's red D.VIIF, so this time I will try Alb, it will be this beauty I will try to reproduce this scene from Harbers crash and create a little diorama with pilot and witnesses - farmer and shocked goat looking together at this unlucky bird I already had a farmer chosen: http://www.mbltd.info/3588.htm but I'm sure, I will change head to Hornet one, second one from this set is absolutely excellent: ...and I also have a goat!!! I hope goats didn't change so much between WW1 and WW2 Still lookin
  9. Hello, here is my finished FOKKER D.VII flown by Ernst Udet 1918. My first Wingnut Wings kit and 100% not the last one Hope that you like it.....
  10. From the horses mouth; the 1/32 Fokker DXXI will be available in 1 or 2 months time. Yessss Cees
  11. Guys Deciding to do the Fokker DVII build, I thought I might like to do a little extra work making sure it looks as authentic as possible Whats a good Reference book for the DVII? Any ideas Robin
  12. Hi Guys, Diving right in with the Fokker E.IV! I've enjoyed building the Fokker E.III soo much, this was a no brainer. I love the worn effect on the cowling of Lt. Müller's plane, so that's what I'll be doing. Here's a link to Hans Müller's page on the Aerodrome forum: http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/germany/muller1.php In addition I will use the amazing resin Taurus engine, HGW seat belts and LMG08 (not LMG08/15) after market barrels. And off course a wooden Doug Craner prop! Cheers, Jeroen
  13. This is the one I'll build, from the Wingnut Wing kit "The Duellists. This is the only markings option: Besides this profile I can't share anything yet as the GB only starts the day after tomorrow! I already have some cockpit parts snipped off the sprues, but nothing is glued yet! See you all in a day or two!
  14. One of my favorite planes... Strong, diverse, rugged and diverse in versions and scheme's. I bummed this kit of Jim (thnx buddy!) and Cees dropped off (as usual) some great reference books. At first I wanted to do one in Dutch markings of the LVA. Number 266 (as can be seen in our militairy aviation museum - see walkaround posted by Erik) or number 265 (as can be seen at the hangar of 'Early Birds' in Lelystad). Both of these planes are in a two colour scheme. Green and blue. Linky to 'Early Birds' BUT... then Cees gave me something that changed everything and made me decide to
  15. Guys and gals, Francisco has chosen to kick off the first ever WNWF GB with the amazing Eindecker kits. I'm throwing my hat into the ring and building one of the very latest that I've just reviewed HERE. I'll build: Fokker E.IV, 161/16, Lt. Müller, Kest 6, April 1917 SCHEME CHANGED....see notes further down. My motive? You can hardly see those cowl swirls
  16. 1:32 Fokker E.I / E.III / E.IV Resin Cowlings Manufacturer: Aviattic Available directly from www.aviattic.co.uk Everyone agrees that Wingnut Wings kits are top of the range when it comes to details. But lately we’ve seen a huge increase in aftermarket and scratch added detailing on Large Scale Modeller. Aviattic offers us more colour true Lozenge decals with added printed fabric texture. Quite an improvement over the Wingnut Wings decals to be honest. With these decals and other aftermarket sets (like Gaspatch’s anemometer and turnbuckles, Master Barrels guns, real wooden
  17. I have been wanting to build one of these for a while now so... why not add another project on to the wip list! Cockpit is pretty much done.. Just have to do the rigging and control lines and the fuse can be closed up.. To speed things up I will will be just building straight from the box!
  18. Hi Everybody. This is the build review of the Wingnutwings Fokker D.VII F. As this is my first WW I and WNW kit, and as I'm not really into this kind of planes, I have to apologize to this kind of job for the specialists. I will build it Out Of The Box, just made the rigging as it's put in the instructions. I want to made this build review as I would like to see all, with "how too" and "how I do this". So, enough Blabla.... Page four of the instruction start with the cockpit: Here are the parts used in the first row: Start with the floor.I painted a base coat of Tamiya XF-59, thro
  19. Hi all, finally finished the Fokker E.III in Max Immellmann's 'colors'. Since he was awarded the Blue Max medal, I placed a replica of the Pour le Merite on the base. I have added HGW seatbelts. A wooden prop (by Douglas Craner). Bob's Buckles and EZ line. Now, on with the DH.9a! Cheers, Jeroen
  20. Hi guys, Looking at Wingnutwing's instructions for their E.III I get a bit confused. Are the cables to warp the wing only attached to the control stick at the underside by the moving bracket on the U/C framing? Or also from the upper side at the pulley? See the front/rear schematic to see what I mean; in this case if warping is only induced at the bottom side of the wing and the opposing wingtip is pulled up because the top wires slip over the pulley by the tug of the downward warping wing:
  21. The Fokker D.VII at the Militaire Luchtvaart Museum in Soesterberg, the Netherlands. I have heard it was an original German D.VII that was shipped to the USA after WW I and was civilian owned afterwards. Supposedly it was acquired by the Museum and refurbished in the colors of the Luchtvaart Afdeeling (old Dutch spelling)of ca. 1920. I have this from hearsay, so please don't take my word for it... enjoy, I hope the photos prove themselves of use for your WnW D.VII projects! The pictures were taken by Jeroen Peters with my Nikon
  22. Hey all, This was one of my latest builds, First one to be completed with an airbrush, first WWI-aircraft and first one to get a diorama base. It was build in three days (excluding the diorama), the idea around this whole build was, no excuses, just finish it. It was build using the 1/48 Revell kit, which actually contains an Eduard mold. In the kit were decals for the Fokker Dr. I flown by Manfred von Richthofen, who should not be unknown with most of you guys. He flew various aircraft, as the Albatros D.V. and various Fokker Dr. I's and scored a total of 80 victories. The Revell kit state
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