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Found 6 results

  1. Up next is a German panzer 4 ausf H. I'm pretty sure this is the H variant although it's labeled as G on the box This model is from the maker ZVEZDA I haven't made any models from this company before but they looked pretty good and had decent reviews so I thought I'd give one a go. Pictures of the box. Whitch is more of a cover as all the model is in a plain cardboard box inside this Pictures of the parts and frames.
  2. This should be a reletivly quick build. A nice little Pak 40 I haven't done a ambush or AT gun before so should learn some things on this. Model is made by Tamiya
  3. “German sitting civilians” (1:35 Miniatures series) MiniArt Catalogue #38006 Available from any good model shop Miniart is continually adding some interesting items to their catalogue and tis set is an example of that. Here a set a civilians Germans, all sited but in different body postures. I really don’t understand why Miniart gave the name German sitting civilians as they could only putted “Sitting Civilians” because I can´t tell the different of these faces to some French civilians for that same age and time. This set is on a typical MiniArt style box of thin cardboard wi
  4. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3112 So what do you think guys, is this the before mentioned DFW or something absolutely new? Maybe Albatros C.III, C.I? Dave surely knows, but will not tell even under hard interrogation or torture
  5. Hello everyone, This is going to be my first build project here on LSM. I need a break from Aircraft, so thought I'd do an OOB Military build. I picked this up at a very reasonable price, so thought it wouldn't be too much of a shame to build it OOB. This is the later version of Karl, which utilised a different suspension set up from the earlier version. Both versions have the ability to raise and lower their suspension, and Trumpeter give the option of modelling either kit in the raised or lowered position. This kit is also kitted by dragon, but according to some reviews on the 'net,
  6. For anyone building the Me 262 here is a cool video on YouTube of close up shots all around the engine. This might help detailing your engine. Paul
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