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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all I've put the Hellcat to the side for awhile, waiting for Alistair at Aerocraft to finish his landing gear. So what to work on next...hhmmmm..I've got it Airfix's 1/24 scale Mosquito FB VI. I started by modifying the landing gear, added metal tubes and rods to stiffen em up. I covered this in a separate post. Now I'm working on the fuselage bits. I cut out the rear access hatch and added some hinges and the latch mechanism to it. I added the inner flange to the opening in the fuselage for the hatch. The hatch will be displayed in the open postion. Also I've added some surface detail to it (see pics) I also added the missing surface detail and a handle to the entry door, this will be in the open position also. Rear hatch on left, entry door on right. That door knob was a real PITA! I lost it twice to the carpet monster and had to start over again. Inside view of entry door and hatch. This needs to be cleaned up and primed. This ones just to show size. Next I cut the hatch/cover over the front .303 Browning machine guns into left and right halfs. Airfix kinda dropped the ball on this making it one piece. I added some interior ribs that were missing from the kit parts. I also added some surface detail that was also missing from the kit parts (see pics) these modified parts still need to be cleaned up and primed. Inside left and right hatches. This shows the scribed in lines and latches. Next I started on the cockpit area, first I added some detail on the canves boot around the control column to simulate the stiching at the rear of it. You'll never see this but I know it's there. I started on the control column by modifying the thickness of the hand grip. I shaved it down being very carful not to break it. I carved a groove down the length of it to accept the 0.015" lead wire for the cannon and machine gun firing buttons. I then ran two lengths of 0.015" lead wire down the column from the back of the fireing buttons to the base of the column. Super glued these to the column Then I added the line from the brake lever on the column, down next to the previous wires to the base of the column. Next I wrapped the hand grip area with some 0.010" lead wire and added some more just behind the brake lever. Super glued this, then added some wire wraps from some 1/32" pin stripping tape to represent wire ties down the column. (see pics) Pilots view of the control column. Side view showing the wire wraps and wires going into the base. Rear view of control column showing wires going from the firing buttons down the column. The othe side of the column. This needs to be cleaned up and painted, then it will look really cool setting between the pilots seat and instrument panel. Thanks for looking let me know what you think. Ron G
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