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Found 3 results

  1. 1:32 French Pilot (with a cigarrete) Französischer Sous-lieutenant Zigarrette Rauchend Kellerkind Miniaturen (from Martin Hille) Catalogue n.º 54/066 Price tag: € 16,95 Kellerkind Miniaturen has made their path into the modelling market always with nice and original subjects and exquisite quality. Behind Kellerking is Martin Hille, a sculptor with great qualities and whom work I have been following in WnW fans facebook page and in Kellerkind facebook page for quite some while and I`m really honor to had to opportunity to make this review. Here we are going to review the lasts figure out from Kellerkind studios, a French Pilot with a cigarrete. I confess that I did not found this figure on Kellerkind website but it was for sale in Scale Model Challenge where Martin kindly gave me this one as a review sample. This figure came in a plastic little opening plastic box with all the 3 resin parts inside well packed. The figure only have 3 resin pieces, a full standing figure with torso, legs and right arm in one piece and head and left arm in separate. The box art is not really anything that the figure all set and ready to be paint. So it’s a picture of the product, of what you will get without paint. The cleaning is almost zero and the resin block is quite easy to remove with a saw without losing any details as they are on the shoes. The head and left arm also have connection point in lace that are not to be seen after construction. The figure has a brilliant composition and posture and the left arm odes contribute a lot to that pose and expression with the cigar at its end being the cherry on top of the cake. The fit was not quite perfect but very easy to get by just a bit of cleaning in the attaching point of the arm. The only little low, for me on this figure is the facial expression. Its just too sad, it’s a man with a very sad look. We can see for another point of view… It’s a very concentrated man, knowing the danger and fate that he faces every single day in war. I think that the sadness is a bit too much on this one but its a very personal opinion. The detail on the clothes are as usual, top noch. Amazing really, the pics do not make justice to this figure. Conclusion: This figure is a really great add to any vignette or diorama with a 1:32 French aircraft like the wnW Salmson. The quality casting is superb and his pose is very good. My only reservation is the facial expression but it’s just a personal opinion. Highly recommended. My sincerely thanks to Martin Hille, the man behind KellerKind for the review samples. (You can buy directly here and if you do don`t forget to mention Wingnut Wing Fans and Large Scale Modeller and join Kellerkind on their facebook page) Francisco
  2. 1:32 Highly Detail Bombs by Kellerkind Miniaturen (from Martin Hille) In this review, we had the chance to take a close look to the new set of WWI Bombs in 1:32 made by Kellerkind. Once again, these ones are full committed to WnW models kits and lets see if they are a really improvement aftermarket. But first, I asked Martin to give us a small background history about Kellerkind Miniaturen and it’s a quite fascinating history. “Founded in 2004 and started with some historical and fantasy figures in different scales. Main scale at this time: 28mm figures and 54mm figures. sculpted the first 3 WWI aviation figures in 2010 (after I had seen the fantastic Wingnut Wings kits) after making the first years since 2010 only German and British figures I did in 2014 the first French aviator in 2015 the first accessories (like aerial bombs and pilot clothing) added to the “knights of the sky“ range made in 2015 the first Russian aviator figure I like the “Pirate style“ of this early pilots. Not really uniforms but more a mix of different clothings and styles. So a lot of possibility’s for me as an sculptor and no change for boredom”. 1:32 Sprengbombe P.u. W. 50 kg (Kaiserliche Fliegertruppe 1916-1918) Kellerkind Miniaturen (from Martin Hille) Catalogue n.º 062 Price tag: € 18,95 This set came in a quite small plastic box, and inside of it you got 4 resin parts in a zip-lock bag and protect by soft foam, 40 (yup, forty) PE parts, painting guide and a drawing with constructions indications. In the box art, there`s a pic with the four bombs where we can see the extensive details on them. The resin is a gray color, with exquisite detail and no distortion or bubbles whatsoever. Only a few and smalls seams lines to clean with care to not clean all the rivets re are very well cast giving a true real appearance to these bombs. The PE sheets gives 40 parts, being 10 parts to each bomb, so a single bomb in 1:32 has 11 parts (one resin and 10 PE). The PE sheet has its own details with the rivets on it, and very delicate parts that will turn each of these bombs almost a model by its self. The painting guide is quite complete in the information giving the modeler the light of the controversial about the paint used: “light blue” or “light gray”. The drawing with constructions tips is in fact the only less good aspect of this little set being a little confuse and hard to read… Its more helpful the box art with the four bombs made, by Martin (I presumed) 1:32 Brandbombe Carbonit 10 kg (Frühe Ausführung) (Kaiserliche Fliegertruppe 1914-1917) Kellerkind Miniaturen (from Martin Hille) Catalogue n.º 063 Price tag: € 12,95 Passing along to the small ones, this set also comes in a small plastic box with the resin parts in a plastic zip-lock bag and a protective soft foam. Also the “box art” is the four bombs very well painted. Like the other, this gives the modeler four resin parts, 8 PE parts, painting guide and a drawing with constructions indications. The resin is flawless, with all the details you can get in 1:32, that along with the PE parts will turn these bombs in high details ones. The only cleaning is also the very light seams lines. The painting guide also gives the modeler several options according with contemporary pictures and the color interpretation that have been made of then. In this set, probably because its only two PE per bomb, the construction guide is much more modeler friendly because it’s a assembly text with the bomb next to it and not a construction drawing. I personally prefer this option. Conclusion: These two bombs sets really are something of the best I ever seen in bombs. The detail is exquisite and will turn out a small vignette with the beloved WnW model kit, much more attractive because it will enhance the final look of it. No doubt that I will be using these ones in very near future. Highly recommended. My sincerely thanks to Martin Hille, the man behind KellerKind for the review samples. (You can buy directly here and if you do don`t forget to mention Wingnut Wing Fans and Large Scale Modeller and join Kellerkind on their facebook page) Francisco
  3. Hello, Roland D.VIa is finished.... the base is ready... Roland D.VIa - 1/32 by Wingnut Wings plus gun barrles by Master Models and a figure of a German "Vizefeldwebel der Luftwaffe" by Kellerkind Miniaturen is done. The painting was made with acrylics by Lifecolor and oil colors .... More pictures on my website - hope you like it! Now let's think which Wingnut Wings model will be next .... BR Michael
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