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Found 3 results

  1. 1 Man Army Paint Masks 1:32 Spitfire Mk.I/II RAF Cat. N. 32DET013 Price tag: €23,38 plus shipping Available at Ak-interactive store, here I has surfing in the net, and I came across this name: 1 Man Army and I went to their website – www.1manarmy.be. As you can see, all their catalog are in 1:32 and they are expending their references with more and more masks. I became quite curious because I really don’t like the looks of decals in 1:32 scale and 1ManArmy mask are mainly stencils, for what I could see I haven`t heard anything from this brand before, so I couldn`t resist in get one of their mask. I chose the Spitfire because it can be use for the Revell Mk II and for the future Kotare Models Mk. I. Let`s see what you can get with this set mask. You get two mask sheets, similar wit Tamiya tape, but its not really the same as the color is darker and the tape itself is thinner. I unglue part of it from the paper and its very malleable with good glue.. I detached several times and the glue was still in very good shape. These two sheets give the modeler a full set of British roundels (for wings undersurface, wing upper surface and fuselage both sides) and all the stencils, all the little ones. So goodbye silvering and tiny little decals.!! Of course that all the places to put the stencilas are very well indicated for all sides of the aircraft. Also you get the markings set for two Spitfire Mk.II: - “RN N” from Squadron n.º 72 1941; - Douglas Bader Tangmere 1941; To handle the best way possible, a user manual is given and its very comprehensive. It’s a really nice touch from 1ManArmy. CONCLUSION: I love this mask set. I really do because in 1:32, the decals tend to be very big (roundels) and all the stencils are present with small decals, that could ruin your work with the silvering or not settle well into the part. So with this mask set, beside a full set of stencils mask, two markings sets, one especially for Douglas Bader Spitfire. Its cheap? well no, but you can use it several times and I know that I will use it at least two times so putting that way, its not expensive. Very highly recommended Fran Our thanks to my bank account for this product. You can get this set and all 1ManArmy catalogue at Ak-Interactive store
  2. 1:48 Lancaster (HKM) and 1:32 Westland Whirlwind (Special Hobby) mask sets Artscale Available from Artscale (see article for codes, prices, links) There's another player in town when it comes to mask choices. Like Eduard, ArtScale (also Czech-based), are using Kabuki paper for their new range, but from the outset, you can see there's a difference here. As well as producing beautifully cut masks, the sheets are also printed to help locate the individual parts. That printing also extends to grouping the parts too for extra clarity, as well as some occasional text thrown into the mix. There is also of course a parts map supplied with helps you locate the mask parts within each group. For the Lanc, two sets are available. These are single-sided and double-sided. 1:48 Avro Lancaster B. Mk.I (single sided) (€12,90) Single-sided means that the masks contain parts for only the canopy/turret exteriors. Even with that, there are a lot of parts to stick onto your model. 1:48 Avro Lancaster B. Mk.I (double-sided) (€17,20) 1:32 Westland Whirlwind F Mk.I (€7,80) These are actually double-sided (although it doesn't state), including masks for both the interior and exterior of the canopy. Conclusion In all, these are great sets, and not too expensive either. I know if you have the Lanc, you will definitely want to use a set, and I really do recommend the one from ArtScale. Quality is everything we expect these days with crisp, sharp cutting, and I have to say I really like the extra printing on the sheets. My sincere thanks to ArtScale for the samples you see reviewed here. To purchase direct, click the links in the article.
  3. Stepless Adjustment Circular Cutter DSPIAE Catalogue # HRC64~75 Available from Breveco Modelling for €62,50 I was recently lucky enough to be sent the Thinnerline circular cutter for test. If you don’t know what these tools do, then it’s quite simple…they allow the modeller to cut out discs in masking paper and very thin plasticard etc. from around 1mm to 50mm in diameter. Having found the Thinnerline an amazing tool, I couldn’t turn down the offer to try out the brand new DSPIAE tool kindly sent to me for review from the Netherlands, by Corien and Evert from Breveco Modelling. DSPIAE’s new Stepless Adjustment Circular Cutter (long name!) comes in a very attractive, robust and heavy box whose quality is pretty reminiscent of the way Apple packages its products. The box lid contains a line drawing illustration of the circle cutter, and the edge of the box has a unique 16-didgit identifier that you can use to verify that this is a genuine DSPIAE product, and not a counterfeit. Certain elements of our hobby have succumbed to piracy, so this is a very nice touch. The only thing I can pick up on is that the box lid states the minimum size is 1mm, whilst the maximum is 7.8! I am pretty sure that this is more like 50mm. The lid is a seriously snug fit, and once you overcome the suction when you remove it, you’ll find a removable tray with foam cut-outs. This contains three different cutting tools in their own plastic box, tool assembly components and a screwdriver. Yes, you will need to assemble this cutter, but it won’t take more than a few minutes. For information, the tray lid tells you the cutting angle for each blade. These are colour-coded for ease of recognition. Assembly After lifting out the tray, you will find a foam-backed instruction card, with everything clearly shown in line drawing format. The cutter is assembled in six easy stages. Unlike the Thinnerline tool which is essentially based upon a bearing, with internal parts, the DSPIAE tool is also enveloped in an aluminium case that protects the bearing. This is machined in high quality material and has a red/crimson appearance to it, applied probably through anodization. The sharp corners are then machined at 45 degrees, exposing the metal again. Very attractive indeed. The two-part aluminium housing is now bolted to the exterior of the bearing, and tightened with the supplied tools. Four grub screws are now applied, securing the bearing so it doesn’t slide. Don’t fasten these too tight. They only need to nip. Now the adjuster and gauge are fitted. I did find a washer left over and a small neodymium magnet. They aren’t on the instructions. Use After fitting the blade into the tool (yellow 45 degrees) and adjusting its position, I dial the size of circle I want into the cutter, and the cutter is sat on a sheet of masking paper. I then use the small handle to turn the inner bearing and a perfect circle is cut. It really is that simple. The gauge works so that the close to the centre of the bearing you adjust the pointer, the smaller the mask. Move it outwards towards the circumference, and your masks are larger. The cutting tools are amazingly sharp and should be kept in their plastic protectors when not in use. Conclusion Does exactly what it was designed to do, and flawlessly. An amazingly high quality tool for which you will find endless masking applications in your hobby, from wheel hubs to inner radius curves for canopies etc. You really should treat yourself! My sincere thanks to Breveco Modelling for the opportunity to try out this new tool. To buy it directly, click HERE.
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