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Found 17 results

  1. 1:32 Fokker Dr. I/F.1 (Early and Late type) Meng (Ex-Wingnut Wings) Kit No. QS-02 Available from Ak-Interactive for €59,95. Well, there it is… the Meng Fokker Dr. I. The box has its fair size, well packed with plastic and in the side with some profiles and information. I confess that this review and this release is a bittersweet for me, as I have been a WnW Fan since day one… since April of 2010. Personaly, Wingnut Wings gave me a lot… new knowledge,
  2. Just spotted, that Meng announced an 1/32 Fokker DR.I. The kit seem to have options for a F.1, a DR.I early or late. It's new tooling and includes some PE. http://www.meng-model.com/en/contents/59/290.html Cheers Rob
  3. Ok, here's my entry into the GB. I'm almost done the Dingo so will diving right into this Here's the scheme I'm going for. Best part is there's no OVM tools. I hate doing all those little clasps.
  4. Straswudje tovaritch (should be something like hello comrade), If you are tired of rivet counting, if you have forgotten which RLM-colors are needed for the tunesian scheme of your Würger, if your eyes are burning, because you are researching in books and the internet until the winter is over, if you are tired of multi piece single track links for your armour, if PE-bending gives you the spooks, if you get an alergic reaction because of cement fumes you might encounter your personal MODELLING BURNOUT And mostly there is one reason why this is happening. About all these huge, big
  5. Its time for my clubs annual Build the Same Kit competition, and the Armour subject is Meng's Panther Family. Which works out great as it ties in nicely with the GB here! Meng's fantastic Panther Ausf. D kit built as '219' of I./SS-Pz.Rgt 12 in Fonteny-le-Pesnil area of Normandy sometime between 9-11 June 1944. Huge thanks to Sam Dwyer, who has been more than helpful, pointing me in the right directions and the discussion in 219 ridge-less zimmerit. Zimmerit was added by using Tamiya's Polyester 2 part putty, slapped with an old toothbrush. The tracks are MasterClub, and Meng's Suspension
  6. Hola Senhoras e Senhores, this nasty little rocket powered beast will be my lazy summer build. Between surfing and mountainbiking, lots of swimming and gardening there are only little amounts of time and only place for a little bird with not too much extras included. The Komet or Kraftei or whatever names where found for this pocket rocket was always a subject of fascination to me, because of it’s radical design and raw power for the short rocket burst it was able to produce out of an obscure reaction between the T-Stoff and C-Stoff fuel components. When MENG released their kit
  7. Hello everybody. The Caterpillar D9 heavy bulldozer in scale 1:35. Based on the fantastic kit of the armored Bulldozer of Meng Models. Several parts replaced, made new or modified. Plus metal tracks, etched parts, new decals, lights, .... I hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  8. Hi all, Its been a while. New job, new challenge, less free time. So, I finally finished off the MENG 1/35 M2A3 Bradley. Its the one from my WIP. Its mostly painted with Vallejo with lots of MiG and Ammo washes and Pigments used. I love a bit of weathering so I went to town on this one. Its waiting for some figures to arrive, for me to find suitable material for the aerials (any ideas welcome) and for some sort of diorama base to put it on. Anyway less words more pictures. Enjoy and as usual constructive criticism is very much appreciated.
  9. Something new by me...
  10. 1:32 Me 163B interior and masks Eduard Catalogue # See article for code and price Available from Eduard Do you ever build a model as soon as it's released, and then just wish you'd waited a little while to see what aftermarket sets would be released. You knew there would be some, but impatience takes over. That's exactly how I felt when I recently built the Komet for Tamiya Model Magazine International (to be published March 2014), especially considering that the base kit lacks in detail in a good number of areas. Eduard to the rescue with these new sets that have been sent for rev
  11. Hi all, I know I shouldn't start yet another build, but after opening the box on this kit, it got the better of me. I rummaged through old spares boxes I found some PK Tinyland Luftwaffe hatches, CMK cockpit, Eduard exterior and interior, Master Barrels, Aeromaster decals and MDC mk108's. It's not that this kit needs much, BUT with all this stuff lying around AND me never touching the Hasegawa kits in the stash anymore, I thought I'd see what can be used. I haven't decided on a scheme yet, other than that it will not be the red Wolfgang Späte plane. I made a small start by cut
  12. Hi all, Here's my finished Me163B-1a in RAF colors. Based on these references: http://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/me163/vf241.htm In reality this particular captured example had it's MK108 cannons removed and also it's rocket engine. However: at what point this happened isn't to be found. This plane was being towed and tested as a glider. I used the Hasegawa Eduard PE set to spice things up. As all these parts seem to fit this kit really well, I can really recommend it. Also used the Master models pitot tube and added some missing details. All can be found here: http://foru
  13. I've received some real aggravation recently about posting this build up here, so I caved in.... I'm building this one as another bare wood and metal machine. The Meng kit is superbly engineered with some very innovative touches. There are a couple of things let it down, and one of those is the cockpit. There are a myriad of things not included, in there in terms of parts and detail. There are fuel tank (console) straps missing, levers and switches missing, as well as absent fuel piping, floor detail and numerous other things. The back bulkhead is also very simplistic.
  14. 1/35 French FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret) Meng Catalogue # TS-008 Available from Hobby Link Japan for 5,760¥ Whilst Meng call this the FT-17 Tank, this vehicle is more accurately referred to as the French FT tank. Whilst not exactly a spectacular vehicle it does have some very prominent "claims to fame". It was the first production tank to feature the general layout that we are so familiar with today namely, main armament in a rotating turret, driver in the front hull, and rear mounted engine. With upwards of 3000 of these light tanks produced this was the first volume pro
  15. 1:32 Messerschmitt Me 163B Meng Catalogue # QS-001 Available from Hannants for £44.99 Messerschmitt's Me 163 Komet was designed as a point-defence interceptor, designed to lay at rest in various locales around the Third Reich, and then to zip almost vertically towards bomber streams as they approached. The simply astounding rate of climb of this diminutive aircraft enabled the bomber streams to be almost overhead before the Komet had to actually take off. That same speed advantage became very much a disadvantage in combat, with the Me 163 frequently overflying its target before i
  16. 1/35 Pickup with ZU-23-2 MENG Catalogue # Velociraptor series VS-004 Introduction With its open cargo bay design, the Pickup is widely used in many conflicts around the globe today. Numerous models see activities not only as military supply carriers but also as light fire support vehicles. They are fitted with machine guns, recoiless guns, rocket launchers or as in this kit with light AA guns. The ZU-23-2 was developed in the 1950's by the Russians. Around 1960 mass production started and it became very popular due to its high firing rate, light weight and low costs. Large export o
  17. AMX-30B French Main Battle Tank Meng Model Catalogue # TS-003 Available from Creative Models for £44.99 Meng are not a company to follow everyone else it would seem. Their 1/35 scale releases have included an experimental German WWII minesweeping vehicle, a pseudo Toyota HiLux pick-up truck, and a British super heavy assault tank that came too late to serve before VE Day. And whilst they have also done some more mainstream armour in the Israeli Merkava (IDF does indeed seem 'a la mode'), Cold War French armour is not something that any other mainstream manufacturer has attempted a
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