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  1. Hi folks!! Well its the first day of 2021 and we already have a few great news of upcoming releases!! We could use this topic for post all news that will appear this yes... But for now we already got announced for this year 1:32 P-40B from Great Wall Hobby 1:35 (YES, 1:35) - Bf-109 G-6 from Border Models 1:35 (YES , 1:35) - JU-87G also from Border Models. Also saw on Revell newsletter that they are reissuing the 1:32 Gloster Gladiator (ICM models). A very good start!!
  2. After finishing the German railcar, I decided that I should maybe do a British tank transporter. Plus this way I could join in with all the heavy equipment that's being built. I've got the Thunder Models Scammell kit. Here's the bit of AM that I have for it. There's not a lot out there. I had hope to find some suitable crew figures but haven't had any luck. Assembly starts with the trailer deck. The deck is one piece and you assemble the frame underneath it. The mouldings are quite thin which is nice. Most ejector pin marks are raised so are easily
  3. Focke-Wulf Triebflügel Interceptor Kit# 40002 Miniart Available from Hannants for 43,99 pounds Background For some reason the Luft ’46 subjects appeal to a lot of modelers and aviation enthusiast. Designs that never made it to mock-up stage, wind tunnel or prototype. Since I have gotten the question many times in the past, let me be clear: this concept is no different. It was drawn up and as far as I know, only one propeller blade with one Ram jet shape made it to a vertical wind tunnel set up. Ofcourse a lot of material was destroyed by German engineers at the
  4. T-44 Soviet Medium Tank MiniArt 1:35 Catalogue n.º 35193 Price tag: £ 39.99 659 plastic parts 15 clear parts 1 decal sheet for 10 variants 1 photo etch fret with 94 parts Total: 768 parts. MiniArt did make a good marketing move with the release of two videos on this model and truly it was not for less: one T-44, first released in injected plastic and then with full inside. Everyone can google it and search for a full history of this almost WWII tank. So a little resume in wikipédia: The T-44 is a medium tank first produced near the end of the World War II b
  5. 1:35 Bergepanzer T-60(r) MiniArt Catalogue # 35238 The kit MiniArt’s Bergepanzer T-60(r) is the TENTH incarnation of this kit in only 2 years, and it another of their ‘Interior Kits’ which are proving very popular these days, with many contemporary companies also choosing this busy approach to new releases. It’s also packed into a surprisingly small box that is crammed full of styrene. You’ll need to be careful taking everything out if you intend on putting it all back in again afterwards. There are a total of TWENTY-SIX sprues in this release, all moulded in lig
  6. 1:35 Concrete Mixer Set MiniArt Catalogue # 35593 Concrete. Since Roman times, there’s sure been a lot of it laid down, without a doubt. During WW1 & WW2 however, concrete laying really took off in use for fortification construction and the Germans were the real master of this. All over once-occupied Europe, from Poland to the Channel Islands, the remains of fortifications stand as silent sentinels to a more sinister and dark age that is still within living memory. Should you have wanted to lay this stuff down in smaller, less industrial quantities, then the pr
  7. Ok, I couldn't wait for the D-Day GB to start and got a bit ahead of myself. This is the Miniart Dingo scout car. I tried to build one a few years ago and have up after seeing the number of parts involved in the suspension. That first try got binned but I still had a second one in the stash. So I figured I'd try again.
  8. 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. D/B MiniArt Catalogue # 35213 The Panzerkampfwagen III, commonly known as the Panzer III, was a medium tank developed in the 1930s by Germany and was used extensively in World War II. The official German ordnance designation was Sd.Kfz. 141. It was intended to fight other armoured fighting vehicles and serve alongside and support similar Panzer IV which was originally designed for infantry support. However, as the Germans faced the formidable T-34, more powerful anti-tank guns were needed, and since the Panzer IV had more development potential with
  9. 1:35 Wooden Boxes & Crates MiniArt Catalogue # 35581 Boxes. Crates. We all need them. Whether it’s in moving house, packing up your ammunition before going on campaign, or simply for mail or consumer goods, the humble packing crate is the hero of the day. This has most certainly crossed the minds of the good folk at MiniArt, who now bring us this set of the same, designed for all of your carrying and product transportation needs. This new set is packed into MiniArt’s familiar glossy, end-opening package, and has an artwork, strangely enough, of boxes and cr
  10. 1/35 Flettner Fl 282V-23 Hummingbird Aircraft Miniatures Series MiniArt Catalogue # 41004 The Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri ("Hummingbird") is an intermeshing rotor helicopter, or synchropter, produced by Anton Flettner of Germany. According to Yves Le Bec, the Flettner Fl 282 was the world's first series production helicopter. though other writers claim the same for the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223. Flettner’s Fl 282 Kolibri was an improved version of the Flettner Fl 265 announced in July 1940, which pioneered the same intermeshing rotor configuration that the Kolibri used. It had
  11. 1:35 Soviet Ball Tank ‘Sharotank’ MiniArt Catalogue # 40001 I have to say that I usually steer well clear from What-If subjects, almost to the point of purposeful avoidance. There are times though that I do get tempted, and then overcome the temptation. In this instance, MiniArt’s new Sharotank is one subject that I just hadto take a closer look at. Of course, this armoured ball tank never existed, but I’m pretty sure that there was more than an ounce of influence and inspiration taken from Item No.37 at the Kubinka Tank Museum, just to the west of Moscow, Russia. Here, a ra
  12. 1:35 U.S. Tank Crew MiniArt Catalogue # 37005 MiniArt really do create some superb sets to aid the diorama modeller, whether it be something as simple as a wartime domestic scenario, or the popular vehicles and figures combo. We recently reviewed the East European House Stuff kit containing table, chairs, and domestic items, but today we’re going to zip forward a few decades to look at a set that’s been designed to complement your U.S. armour builds. Photo courtesy of We Are The Mighty Whilst it’s quite vogue at the moment to produce armour with full i
  13. 1/35 EAST EUROPEAN HOME STUFF MiniArt Catalogue # 35584 Every good Eastern European home needs good Eastern European home stuff, right? Without a doubt. As long as it’s not Morphy Richards, Kenwood, Sony, Ikea or anything else that was manufactured outside of the 1940s, then this set should be just about perfect for your diorama. MiniArt creates some wonderful and quite leftfield sets for an unspeakable number of diorama possibilities, and this time we have some nice, antiquated-looking items that could well have adorned the interior of an Eastern European home, or
  14. 1/35 Flettner Fl 282V-6 Kolibri Aircraft Miniatures Series MiniArt Catalogue # 41001 The Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri ("Hummingbird") is a single-seat intermeshing rotor helicopter, or synchropter, produced by Anton Flettner of Germany. According to Yves Le Bec, the Flettner Fl 282 was the world's first series production helicopter. though other writers claim the same for the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223. Flettner’s Fl 282 Kolibri was an improved version of the Flettner Fl 265 announced in July 1940, which pioneered the same intermeshing rotor configuration that the Kolibri
  15. Plusmodel 1:35 U.S. Road roller PlusModel Catalogue #467 Introduction On our everyday paths, on the roads, we come across on same given time, usually when we are late for a meeting (or late for work, or picking up the kids), with a road repair. Usually there’s a machine with a resemblance with this model on review. On this particular case, Plusmodel presents us with a 1:35 scale replica of a hyster C330A smooth drum roller, on a military or civil paint. This dual drum roller model in particular has been around since the 80’s. A internet search u
  16. Champagne & Cognac Bottles with Crates Miniart 1:35 (Buildings and accessories series) MiniArt is well known manufacture that have in the past years marking a set of quality and originality. This particular set is no different as quality and originality are present. Packed in a standard cardboard box with side flip open. But don’t let you fool by the size of the box… you have inside 276 parts… yes 276 parts divided in 12 sprues for crates and 17 sprues with bottles. The crates are quite amazing in detail, as that was possible but yes... but eac
  17. Concrete Telegraph Poles MiniArt 1:35 Catalogue n.º 35563 (Buildings and accessories series) Price tag: 13,50€ (available in MBK – Modellbau-Koenig) This set is a quite useful one in several sceneries since WWI and modern conflict so it’s a quite useful set that I was quite happy to see it release by the same usual suspect: MiniArt. This set has a quite strange looking box… It’s a very long and sturdy box. The inside is quite simple with 4 identical sprues containing the poles and fixtures, and two transparent ones containing the lamp lenses and light bulbs. T
  18. Su-85 Soviet Self-propelled Gun (Interior Kit) 1:35 Miniart Catalogue n.º 35187 Price tag: € 44.95 707 grey styrene parts and 10 clear parts 1 decal sheet for 2 schemes 1 photo etch fret with 88 parts The SU-85 (Samokhodnaya ustanovka 85) was a Soviet self-propelled gun used during World War II, based on the chassis of the T-34 medium tank. Earlier Soviet self-propelled guns were meant to serve as either assault guns, such as the SU-122, or as tank destroyers; the SU-85 fell into the latter category. The designation "85" signifies the bore of the vehicle's armament, t
  19. “German sitting civilians” (1:35 Miniatures series) MiniArt Catalogue #38006 Available from any good model shop Miniart is continually adding some interesting items to their catalogue and tis set is an example of that. Here a set a civilians Germans, all sited but in different body postures. I really don’t understand why Miniart gave the name German sitting civilians as they could only putted “Sitting Civilians” because I can´t tell the different of these faces to some French civilians for that same age and time. This set is on a typical MiniArt style box of thin cardboard wi
  20. MiniArt Buildings & accessories Series 1:35 Railway track with Dead end #35568 Available at any good shops As my previous review this set highlights the latest releases from MiniArt. Simple, highly detailed set containing a 342mm of railway Track with a dead end (or also called a buffer stop). In the total, 90 plastic parts are provided. According to Wikipedia and I quote: “A buffer stop or bumper (US) is a device to prevent railway vehicles from going past the end of a physical section of track. The design of
  21. Miniart Early Production SU-122 Catalogue #35181 Available from any good model shop MiniArt has been releasing from some time now a new generation of 1:35 injected moulded kits. The WWII Russian Self-propelled family SU has received a detailed attention, on the form of SU-85, SU-85 with interior and SU-122 with interior . The subject of this review is the Su-122 simplified version without interior detail (no engine and minimized detail on the interior). The fact that it has simplified model does not means that it does not boost details and modern mould injection. Miniart did its job we
  22. Miniart Buildings & accessories Series 1:35 Railway Track (European Gauges) Catalogue #35561 MiniArt has treated us with some new and innovate model kits. This set, despite it’s apparent simplicity fit on this description. Once assemble it supplies us with 686mm of 1:35 (WW2) railway track. Very useful for a railroad diorama with a draisine, or a flat wagon cargo with a Tiger or SU-122, this set is highly detailed and it almost a shame to hide some detail on the weathering process so typical on this kind of environment. What’s on the box?
  23. U.S. Soldiers at rest (1:35 WWII Military Miniatures series) MiniArt Catalogue #35084 Available from any good model shop MiniArt does have a good range of 1:35 military (and now sarting also with some civilians) with several ones being quite original and with unseen positions in 1:35 scale. So whenever Miniart releases another figures step at a very good value price (comparing with resin ones) I always jmp myself in happiness! J The boxart of this set of soldiers at rest is a good one, caughting the attention to all the figures that this set contains with some workar
  24. “German Tank Crew” (France 1940) (1:35 WWII Military Miniatures series) MiniArt Catalogue #35191 Available from any good model shop MiniArt just release a new set in the already long sets of figures sets. In the small box there is one sprue that with can sub-divide in 5 sprues, all inside a single plastic bag. In each sprue, there`s complete figure with 7 pieces each. Just be checking the sprues, a modeler can see how quite simply it would be construction of these figures. There`s a little bit of flash but nothing hard. Also surface d
  25. 1:35 U.S. Armoured Bulldozer MiniArt Catalogue # 3518 Available from Creative Models for £39.99 MiniArt already marked its place in the world of modeling as interesting and more esoteric models, far from ShermTigerPanther released every year by other producers. And in addition, is a manufacturer with a general and high quality of injection molding, giving the modeler all to get a quality model of great straight from the box. This kit is actually packed into a medium box with a quite attractive boxart in satin finish. Opening the box, it was with great surprise that I saw the
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