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Found 1 result

  1. Well sometimes you find yourself stumped and go off on a tangent, so here I go. I've been trying to repair some of the collection that was damaged in my move but several models were complete write-offs. This left me with a rather large collection of parts salvaged from the damaged 109 kits that in most cases I didn't want to use on a new kit but didn't want to toss either. So thinking to myself, "Mike, you've got a bunch of those 21st Century Toys 109s on the shelf, here's a great way to put those parts to use". So I set off with a fresh blade in the Tamiya hobby knife and a cold six pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade in the fridge. If you're familiar with the 1/32 21st CT 109s you know they're a little light on detail and a little clunky in some areas. For these builds I'm limiting myself to parts from spares bin or aftermarket parts from the stash that have been rendered obsolete that I probably wouldn't have used anyways. So these were marketed as Friedrichs but they're actually closer to Gustavs so I'm going to do them as G-2s. I'll be doing Hermann Graf's "Yellow 1" from 9./JG 52 and Hannes Trautloft's "<<-+-" from Stab/JG 54: