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Found 7 results

  1. I got my hands on this a few weeks ago and I immediately binned the A29 and the Mossie, new canopy ordered. That said after a through wash I broke out the sprue cutters and got to work. See James Hatch's outstanding review. This is going to be an out of box build. With exception of markings which will be masked and painted. The decals have some spots and are not usable. Details on that later. Test fit looks good. There will some seam work and scribing needed. Obligatory ejector hole fills needed. A little 500 Mr. Surfacer did the trick. Using my shaping tool I addressed the flare racks and flare gun rack. Tedious work. Common variable when working with photo etch. Using Gator Glue The flare racks are secured. Flare gun rack on and done. Port side complete as far as I can before painting. Starboard side ready for paint.
  2. Hi guy's long time no post. A quick build to see how I would go with these mask sets. Never used them before I just put up with decal troubles but have to say although fiddly a much better result can be had.
  3. Here is Trumpeter's 1/32 Mig 29K built straight from the box. Really no problems building this kit which made it quite enjoyable. Thanks for looking Bevan
  4. Hey fellow modellers, haven't posted anything in a loooong time but have been lurking nearly everyday. So after reading Jeroen's topic on lurkers I thought I'd get off my lazy backside and take some pics of my most recent work, Trumpeter's 1/32nd Mig 29k. This is the first jet of any kind I've built so after being nagged at the recent Model Expo here in Melbourne to "just build a jet" I went home and did just that! Actually I picked this kit up at the swap n sell at said Expo for $50 after thinking that if I don't like it or it doesn't build well I haven't wasted a whole lot of hard earned. The kit builds beautifully with no real vices that some basic skills wouldn't be able to fix easily, general fit of the kit is excellent. Although the wing fold area is a real bear of a join to contend with! Photos... All paints used are Tamiya cross refed with Gunze which are called out in the instructions. And where she's at the minute.... I did have the bluing on the exhaust done with a drop of x8 blue in some acrylic clear which worked well but bought Tamiya's weathering set which has "burnt blue" in it and added to it......maybe a little over done? The painting of the top surfaces, as well as the bottom, I've tried to keep random. I tend to use the airbrush very much like a colouring pencil, very close to the surface and in short sharp strokes as well as cross hatching. What you end up with is a really patchy random layer of paint which in essence has already 2/3rds weathered the paint. Add to that some different shades and repair patches and it starts to become interesting and a whole heap of fun especially when its heading in the direction you want it to go! Not quite there yet with some small bits and bobs to do to the airframe. Working on the weapons at the moment so will update with that stuff soon. Sorry for the pic heavy post but I wanted to share my work with you all. Hopefully posting this will gee me up in the future to be more involved with the forum. Thanks for looking in...... Cheers Bevan
  5. Hi there, BIG... WIP will focus on a first stage : the internal sub-assemblies. The ball-turret is on stage followed by the dorsal turret / set of parts. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments. Thanks for checking-in. Cheers, Laurent.
  6. Here's my entry for a wonderful GB on yet another forum which theme is; "The name of the subject needs to have an animal in it...". The options are endless, and I decided to dive into the stash and grab one of my antiques. And I have plenty of antiques to chose from... But only one that ticks all of my -and- all of the GBs boxes... Matchbox kit? Check. 1/32 scale, and thus a nice big canvas to work with? Check. Room for improvement with minimal scratchbuilding? Check. Fits into the GB? TRRRRRIPLE CHECK BABY!! Tiger >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger Moth >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moth Tiger Moth >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_tiger_moth It's three times the animal it needs to be! Yummy multicolour box content. Matchbox was doing MCP before it was cool. Eat that, Academy! Decal sheet... and they look like they might (being very cautious here...) still be usable... Trees... lovely crisp parts, no hint of flash on anything. One of the advantages of using an early boxing! I -had- one of the Revell reboxes in the stash, and that one had a lot more flash and sinkmarks. And even if it didn't have a decal option for the floatplane version, it did have a nice Dutch decal option... oh well... Classic Matchbox instructions. Gotta love them, sooo much nostalgia! But the Revell instructions I downloaded have a nice bonus; loads of rigging help! And trust me, I need all the help I can get when I'm rigging... I want to try to build this OOB as much as I can. Perhaps some harnesses and some tinkering with the engine, but nothing major. I will be working on this one whenever the Wendover build grinds to a halt for whatever reason. Good way to keep sane... (I hope) More soooon! Rob
  7. Well.......almost done.This my AMS relief build. Forgot a couple of things until I put it in front of a Macro. Like the inside of the barrel, a little pigment on the outside end of same barrel. White glue lens on the periscopes. This is the Academy offering. Except for antenna, all oob. Show's of my lack of figure painting skills. But I'm not going to get any better unless I keep hacking at it. Vinyl tracks were wadded into a ball. Had to pin them straight onto a piece of styrofoam and heat them with SWMBO's hair dryer for about 40 minutes. Still not perfect, but thats as good as their going to get. I found I used wrong shade of Sinai Grey. Also learned that when useing the grenade launchers, glue them first, then the reactive armor blocks. The launchers wont be 90 degress to the ground. I used Tamiya thick and thin glue to attach them, so their not moving. Sanding the 2 piece barrel without losing too much detail was tedious but I was happy. And of course both .50 cal. barrels were broken off. 30 minutes of my life I'll never get re-attaching them.
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