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Found 5 results

  1. This is what happens when you don't pay close enough attention to kit options... So my P-47 build is of the P-47D-5 series, which has different cowl flaps than those included in the kit. When i first looked, I saw multiple cowl options in the kit and somehow translated that into a mental image of both the earlier straight flaps as well as the later cutout flaps. Well, no. My bad! They had every *other* conceivable option for the different iterations of the D-series razorback, so why not these? So... Yes, my assumptions made an ass out of me. So - has anyone seen a replaceme
  2. Hola friends of the Jug, on public demand I will offer some detail photos of a P-47D, a subject which seem to stir the masses, last but not least because Eduard released the Dottie Mae recently. I have just the Eduard 1/48 Limited edition in my stash, but together with some nice add ons I hope to have a pleasant future build. I hope you enjoy the pictures, which where not easy to take, because of the light conditions and cramped space and limited access. So don't judge to hard. Cheers Rob
  3. Hola Señhoras y Senhores, after centuries in an Austrian lake Dottie Mae surfaced again some years ago and underwent restauration and now after all these years is able to get in her natural element again. When Eduard announced their version of the Hasegawa kit, it was instantly clear to me, that I have to build one and it turned out to be a pure pleasure experience. The addition of PE and some Brassin wheels is great and enhances the kit by far, specially in the cockpit. The only aftermarket used, where Master gun barrels and 0,3mm lead wire for the ignition of the engine and wiring in th
  4. Hola lovers of the flying heavy metal, certain members in this place made my mouth watering with their inspiring builds of P-47's recently. I always liked the brutish shape of a Jug combined with a certain kind of elegance, which to my eye is the result of a well engineered design, not to mention the shiny appearance of the natural metal finish. After my stalled build of the captured Me-163 Comet, I had to choose a subject where the fuselage was not a matter of thousand parts to align, it had to be a KIS a keep it simple design a halved fuselage. That's how the Eduard P-47D limited e
  5. 1:32 Dottie Mae (P-47D Thunderbolt) Limited Edition Eduard 'EduArt release' Catalogue # 11103 Available from Eduard and other good hobby retailers The P-47 Thunderbolt, designed by Russian expatriate Alexander Kartweli of Republic Aviation, and first flown in 1941 was quite an oddity among the sleek, lightweight fighters now possessed by both the Allied and Axis forces at that time. The ‘Jug’ as it became known, was the heaviest and largest single-engine fighter of its day, and with that came a price tag to match. Powered by the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 ‘Double Wasp’ engine,
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