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Found 2 results

  1. Hola Senhores, Some years ago, while I was still living in Berlin, I started this kit and left it partly build in the box until recently, where I felt the urge to build something from that period and wanted to finish some of the started kits. The big time lag is the main reason, why I didn't wrote a WIP, the other is, it is my first WNW kit, first rigging experience and first kit of it's time with all these different materials to reproduce, like metal, wood, cloth... The kit itself is a gem, fit is almost perfect, details are sharp and the fragile bird is somewhat sturdy in the end. Most things went well, with the exception of decaling, my process of applying and sealing needs to be improved. After some evaluations I chose the factory fresh Colour scheme for my Pfalz, mainly because the Pfalz Silbergrau (silver grey) is the perfect appearance for this very elegant (maybe the most elegant of it's time) plane and because it's Pilot Hans Joachim Buddecke was born in Berlin like me. For the build I used some aftermarket like Master barrels, HGW exterior PE, Bob's buckles and eyelets from Gaspatch. My first rigging job was daunting, but everything went right, after testing different methods. The finish was achieved using RLM 2 on the fuselage for ports and hatches, then masking these and applying my own mix of Pfalz Silbergrau, which consisted of Tamiya White and Dark metal. Afterwards I misted some AK Aluminum onto it. I used some tonal variations for giving some depth to the base Colour and used some Neptune Blue Mig-Pigments for post shading mainly the wings. If you never build a WNW kit, you should try, I am hooked now and have some more in my stash. A Fokker D.VII in Lozenge, a Hansa Brandenburg W.12, a Snipe and a Fokker Eindecker and a FE.2b which still gives me the creeps, when I look at the rigging. Bur I think my next WW1 plane will be a Micro Mir Fokker Ev/DVIII. This will be a not so easy project with some scratching involved including brass soldering for the flimsy struts. Cheers Rob
  2. Here is my Pfalz D.XII that I built in 18 days before the launch of the kit at the NZ IPMS Nationals back in 2011.... Built from the Box... Ezline has been used for the rigging.
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