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Found 1 result

  1. Hola friends of distinguished modelling, I started a new build recently, as I somehow like aircrafts, which were constructed in the pre war era, an era representing important changes in plane design. There is the transition to the single wing, full metal construction or the retractable undercarriage, to name only a few. I chose the fine IBG kit along some AM, like a Yahu dashboard, brass barrels and Venturi horn, resin wheels and some pre colored PE seatbelts. I will not bore you with an in depth building report, because there are some and I think, it's a fine kit from what I saw until now, with just some difficulties, I will point out. Another reason, why I choose the PZL is, I want to experiment with the paintjob. The idea is to brush paint the whole plane with oil colors, which I hope will give the snort brown / light blue grey scheme a little live with accentuation. The plane is ideal for such a task, as it's a monoplane, where all the surfaces seem to be in reach with a brush and there is no complicated camo, as the fuselage is completely covered in this ugly brown color. The cooling ring in front of the cowling will be no exception, as I plan to use metal waxes to depict the weathered copper. So far for the plans . I started the construction with the engine and cockpit parts which are added with a relatively high amount of supplied PE, which you have to use, because there is no plastic substitute included. Attachment points are sometimes very small and together with the mediocre manual, the placement and alignment of the parts is not that easy. The painting instructions also leave a lot to be desired, as they show for example with only one color printed picture, how the complete cockpit is colored, not very clear. I was expecting a somewhat faster build, but you have to go step by step here. I like to paint small sub assemblies or single parts for detailing prior to assemble the whole thing. This will not work in case of the fragile cockpit framing and I have to paint larger sub assemblies, than I feel comfortable with. This is where I am in the moment. All PE is kit supplied, the only extra work I did was to drill the front center frame with a 0,5 mm bit for more realism. Cheers Rob
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