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Found 3 results

  1. While working on the CF-18, I took a look at another RCAF project I've wanted to do and one thing led to another. The RCAF flew a number of Liberators in Coastal Command colours from Atlantic Canada. One of them had a shark mount on it which later morphed into a more elaborate lions head. When the Hobbyboss B-24J came out, I figured I get I'd they ever did decals for it which DK Decals duly did. The kit: The decals: The AM: I'm not going to to try fixing the wing or the nacelles as that's just way beyond my paygrade. Plus I want to actually have a chance of finishing it.
  2. Ok, so Martin and I have been talking about Starfighters lately. That sort of pushed this to the front of the queue on my end of what I wanted to start next. I won't be getting too crazy with the build as far as AM goes: There's a resin burner can, wheels and PE bits for the IP and seats. For markings, I'm using the Canuck Models decal sheet There's only one problem. There aren't enough markings in the set for a complete plane. I'm going to have to splice something together once I get that far in the build. Onto the subject I want to build. Originally I thought of doing 12641 which is outside the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. But the insufficient number of decals put pause to that. 641 would have been beat too as it's the same code on my CT-133. Then I read about 12666 which was nicknamed Triple Sick. In the book "Starfighter" the pilot mentions how after he crashed the plane, the ground crew would buy him beers as they were so happy they no longer needed to work on the plane as it had a rep for being a pain to maintain. Hopefully that won't translate into my build of her. Carl
  3. Of course I haven't got the Tiffie in my grubby paws yet but I've pre-ordered it. Although the Typhoon looks really at home in full invasion stripes, I have chosen a later subject: Pulverizer II of 440 Sqn RCAF. This Bombphoon was based at B.78 Eindhoven in late 1944. An airbase which is still in use by the Royal Netherlands Air Force nowadays. It is also used as a civilian airfield, much used for European flights carried out with aircraft in the Boeing 737 size class. So, to be continued...
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