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Found 21 results

  1. 1:32 Supermarine Attacker F1/FB2 Iconicair Available from Iconicair for £115 plus postage The Supermarine Attacker is a British single-seat naval jet fighter built by Supermarine for the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm (FAA). The type has the distinction of being the first jet fighter to enter operational service with the FAA. Like most other first-generation jet fighters, it had a short service life due to the rapid development of increasingly advanced aircraft during the 1950s and 1960s. The Attacker developed from a Royal Air Force (RAF) fighter jet project, under Air Minis
  2. Hello friends! Today we decided to tease you with our new project - a Continental 760x100 resin wheels. They are compatible for 1/32 scale models of different german planes - Albatros, Fokker D.VII, Pfalz and Roland. We are expecting they will be available in March 2019. https://properplane.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=62&product_id=114
  3. Even though I shouldn't be starting any new builds, this GB is a great excuse! Here we go!
  4. Tommy and Lazy Donkey 1:35 Royal Model (Catalogue n.º 790) Price Tag: 39.90€ ( 24 resin parts and a small PE sheet) Tommy and lazy donkey represents a caricature and humorous situation, perfectly plausible. In this set, we have 3 elements represented in the box art. Tommy, the donkey, and the wagon. The soldier stands in a comical posture with his hands on his hip and a smile on his face. The face has fun expression well achieved. All the posture is of fun and dialogue with the Donkey. And the donkey's attitu
  5. 1:32 Fighter and Mechanisn of the WWI BLACK DOG Catalogue n.º F32003, F32006 and F32012 Price Tag:€23,50 The name Black Dog is a well know name for all AF modelers with their AFV accessories and conversion. So WWI figures and in 1:32 is a new thing from Black Dog and a very welcome to WWI scenario as Black Dog is known for the quality. Today we got the chance of reviewing 3 sets of two figures each. They all come in a small flip side box with each figure in zip-log bag. The box art are the figures full build and painte
  6. 1:32 Ansaldo A.1 “Balilla” WW1 Italian Fighter Aeroplane AVIATTIC (catalogue n.ºATTKIT006) Price Tag – £ 160 ( resin parts, PE sheet with parts) One day, I got a surprise waiting for me… a package with the Aviattic logo on it!! An excitement get over me and I was just like a 5 years old kid with a brand new toy Ansaldo A.1 Balilla in 1:32. Knowing Richard and all the products release by Aviattic the “Balilla” would be top noch in quality and detail. Richard from Aviattic is a devoted modeler and a WWI passionate so all their proje
  7. Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U3 built with AIMS resin conversion and decals Why do I do this? Ok, there will be an update on the 1/32 Fw 189A-1 in the next days, and this is on the runway for completion in a few weeks. Despite this, I still have an open topic for the Sea Hornet that I'm hoping to make progress on in the next months......BUT, how about an infill project? Converting the 1:32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a fighter into a reconnaissance machine, Me 262A-1a/U3. These were rare machines, with many being converted from standard fighters at Cheb airfield in the Karlovy Vary
  8. 1:32 Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1 HpH Catalogue # 32030R Available from HpH for €210 If there was one country that didn’t mind defying convention with their aircraft design, it was Germany. Unlike some of the more unusual projects created by the Allied nations, the Germans really didn’t mind pushing the experiment further and as a result, a number of pretty unorthodox airframes entered regular service. One of these was the Focke-Wulf Fw 189, designed by Fw’s chief design engineer, Kurt Tank. This specific machine was the winning design for a requirement to provide the Luftwaffe with a
  9. 1:32 Gotha Bomber German Crew from Cooper State Models Catalogue n.º F32-008 Price tag: €29,95 And…. Here we go again, with a new release from Cooper State Models, now with a entire crew for the WnW Gotha. The CSM site has a brief history that is quite interesting and well worth the reading. It´s not the first time I post the CSM history but it´s always good to remember a brief history. So here`s goes: “In 1996 my parents decided that they were ready to retire from the family business. Since I was ready to do something else for a living, we sold the company. I had
  10. 1:32 Focke-Wulf Fw 56 Stösser Lukgraph Catalogue # 32-06 Available from Lukgraph. Email for enquiries The Focke Wulf Fw 56 Stösser (Goshawk) was a single-engine, high-wing monoplane advanced trainer, built in the 1930s in Germany.t was developed, in accordance with a request by the Reich Air Ministry for an advanced fighter trainer, by Kurt Tank, chief engineer with Focke-Wulf. It was also considered for possible use as a home defence fighter. The first prototype flew for the first time in November 1933. A second prototype had some modifications made to the fu
  11. 1:32 MiG-15bis HpH Catalogue # 32025R Available from HpH for €150,00 The Korean War was the first major conflict where jet fighters from both sides of the conflagration, fought against each other in pitched aerial battles. Even though the RAF operated the Meteor during WW2, and the Germans the Me 262, these two types never met in combat. Without a doubt, the most iconic jet fighters of the Korean War were the F-86 Sabre, and the MiG-15. Unlike the Allies in May 1945, the Russian jet programme wasn’t particularly advanced, with the MiG-9 ‘Fargo’ taking its first flight in 1946
  12. 1:32 Focke-Wulf Fw 190F-8 cockpit and gun bay (for Revell kit) Eduard Catalogue # see article for code and price Available from Eduard Following hard on the heels of the undercarriage struts and wheels that we looked at recently, are two brand new sets that are designed for Revell’s recent Fw 190F-8 kit. Having built the test shot, and being in receipt of the production kit, I do know there are a few areas where the new Würger is let down a little. Whilst the cockpit is passable, it isn’t state of the art, and the forward gun bay is probably the worst feature of the kit, due to bei
  13. Hello, it was a long time working on it, but finally I think it is done... a cover of plexiglas still missing, but the diorama and the truck itself seems to be finished. It is the KrAZ-255(, a Russian heavy military truck which was used also in and around Tschernobyl after the nuclear catastrophe. This is the place my diorama is settled in. A truck bringing some pipes to the reactor or to any other place in this area shortly or some days later after the catastrophe. The kit itself is a resin kit with photo etched parts in scale 1/25, produced by company MiniManFactory in Hungary. I have
  14. 1:32 F4U-1A cockpit Eduard 'Brassin' Catalogue # 632053 Available from Eduard for €41,25 Bunny Fighter Club price: €35,06 It hasn't taken Eduard as long to release a complete cockpit upgrade for the recent 1:32 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair as it did for the initial Birdcage variant, and I'm pretty pleased about that. Having the kit in my stash for a pending magazine project, and knowing the level of detail within the cockpit, it may seem surprising that a whole resin replacement is now available, but just wait until you see this! You really won't want to build that kit without first se
  15. 1/32 De Havilland DH.103 Hornet HpH Catalogue# HPH32024R Available from HpH €184,00 Some aircraft are born destined for greatness, revered as classics or even given legend status. Aircraft like the Spitfire, Mustang or Zero are part of their respective nations identities and are celebrated in the mainstream by people with relatively little knowledge of aircraft; others have a cult following amongst enthusiast, celebrated by those more informed on such matters. The De Havilland DH103 Hornet is one such aircraft. Effectively a scaled down Mossie it borrowed much from its larger sibli
  16. 1:48 Heinkel He 177A undercarriage set CMK Catalogue # 4176 Available from CMK for €31,80 It's taken me a little time to fathom out this specific detail set. We recently reviewed the He 177 engine set, and of course, this protrudes into the wheel well area of this behemoth. Now we have the undercarriage set itself, with a significant area of overlap. What we'll try to do here is to explain to you this set from two standpoints. The first will be fitting this set without the engine detail set, and then we'll look at what you'll need to do if you wish to install both of these into
  17. 1:48 Heinkel He 177A-5 engine set CMK Catalogue # 4174 Available from CMK for €31,80 This is hardly a new set, being almost 10 years old now, but when we get the opportunity to take a look at some of the relatively vintage kits and aftermarket products, then we don't shy away from it. That is certainly true when, a decade later, there is still no other kit or aftermarket solution from any other manufacturer. MPM's 1:48 Heinkel He 177 'Greif' is still the only game in town, and even in quarter-scale, cuts an imposing presence. Thankfully, SP&R have been sent not only the 'Hi
  18. 1:35 Conversion Set M-113A1 T50 MMK Catalogue # F3048 51 resin pieces and two photo-etched sheets. Available from MMK for € 24 When I get this conversion set sample to review, I thought to myself that it would not be to much to say or to look up. Opening the small and sturdy box, I could not be more wrong. After seeing so many resin bits and a medium size photo-etched sheet, I decided to get some online research to check up this one out… I was starting to “fall in love”… J A standard M113A1 with a Cadillac Gage T50 turret as used on the V100/V150 series of armored cars,
  19. 1:32 Letov LF-107 Luňák HPH Catalogue # HPH32031R Available from HPH for €60.00 The Luňák first took to the air in 1948, designed by a number of key, prolific Czech aircraft designers. It has the title of being the first ever glider to utilise laminar wing technology, put to great use in WW2 by the North American P-51D Mustang. Construction was generally of metal, with a later version being constructed of wood. Aerobatic performance was exceptional, and the type notably caught the eye of many aviation enthusiasts of the time. The late 1940's were a tense time in Eastern Europe, and
  20. 1:32 Fokker E.I / E.III / E.IV Resin Cowlings Manufacturer: Aviattic Available directly from www.aviattic.co.uk Everyone agrees that Wingnut Wings kits are top of the range when it comes to details. But lately we’ve seen a huge increase in aftermarket and scratch added detailing on Large Scale Modeller. Aviattic offers us more colour true Lozenge decals with added printed fabric texture. Quite an improvement over the Wingnut Wings decals to be honest. With these decals and other aftermarket sets (like Gaspatch’s anemometer and turnbuckles, Master Barrels guns, real wooden
  21. F4U-1 Wheels Eduard Catalogue # 632 019 Available from Eduard for 7,10€ Bunny Fighter Club price: 6,04€ Eduard have made many after market sets for the beautiful Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair, which will all be reviewed over the next couple of days here on LSM. My first review covers the resin wheels designed to directly replace the wheels and rubber tyres supplied with the kit. The wheels of the kit are very detailed, but the rubber tyres are more difficult to weather than these resin replacements, then of course we must consider the difficulty of obtaining a realistic bulge on the fl
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