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Found 3 results

  1. ReXx Exhaust 1:32 Albatros D.V/D.Va AEG G.IV Roland D.VIb Today we have are taking a look to the new items form ReXx catalogue, all in 1:32 scale. ReXx produce exhaust from metal "galvanically”. I really have no idea how theses beauties are produce but it´s my first time I look in flesh to these exhaust so it’s really a premiere for me. Today we will be looking to the latest ReXx release: AEG G.IV and Roland Vb exhaust in 1:32, suitable directly to Wingnut Wings and Albatros D.V/DVa also for Wingnut Wings. Looking at the packaging, all the exhauts REXx exhaust sets in a small clear plastic bag, with a little piece of foam to give extra protection. To finalize all are packed in a small clear box with a cardboard surround. All the three model kits that these sets are design for, are all from Wingnut Wings so all of the models are excellent and need so little extra to add. Let`s see if, in fact, the ReXx aftermarket pieces give any extra live to the fantastic Wingnut Wings models. RX32.058, 1:32nd Scale AEG G. IV – for Wingnut Wings The AEG exhausts is a complex one with a small “hat” on one end. The kit exhaust comes in two pieces, so the exhaust is cut in half and some work has to be done to get a “solid” round piece with no marking. The “hat” system in the kit model is a bit of scale but resulting of the injection moulding limits. The main problem is how to make the exhaust hollow? It´s quite difficult, as the only way will take lots of time, patience and skill from the modeler. It´s not only drill a hole in it as most of the exhaust and the success is not granted. The only thing granted will be the time it will takes. The ReXx exhaust also comes in two pieces each, so the “hat” is a separate piece and the connect hinges are very very thin. The main part of the exhaust is in a single piece and fully hollow which makes a huge improvement from the Kit part, beside of being extremely thin, replicating the scale. The ReXx also has those tiny bolts but are really too tiny. The ones on the kit model look better to me but those bolts are quite easy replicate with the appropriate tool. RX32.059, 1:32nd Scale Roland D.VIb – for Wingnut Wings. Next up is the Wingnut Wings Roland D.VIb. This time the exhaust is a single piece, with no metal blocks to cut it off like the AEG Exhauts. The detail is very suttle but fantastic with a great reprodution on the exhaust tip The exhaust looks very thin and fragile and totally hollow… Its hyper realist… if unbelievable!! Attetion its really delicate as its look like the real thing but only 32 times smaller. It’s a fantastic extra to Roland DVIb. RX32.016, 1:32nd Scale Albatros D.V/D.Va – for Wingnut Wings. RRP US$ 9.20 / € 6.60 / £5.50 The last but not the least, the Albatros D.V/D.V.a exhaust. This is not really a new release from ReXx but I used already this beauty on my Alb. D.V that will appear on SAM Publications. Comparing with the exhaust kit, the upgrade is immediately. The fit is not as good as the kit part but with some care, it´s easy to get it in place. The exhaust is extremely fragile and all hollow with real looking. You just can work with this by using a real flame to get it burn, but be careful, its get really hot in just a few seconds. The effect is great and real! Atenttion, do not touch with your bare hands on the exhaust as your fingers will leave your fingerprint, so work with gloves. Conclusion Longtime ago, there was a brand called “Moskit” that have some exhauts that would be similar to these ones. I say “similar” has I never had any Moskit exhaust in my hand. I don’t know if ReXx and Moskit are “related” any how too. Returning to our ReXx exhaust, what can I say? Grat looking rust/platina look will save you from painting and you just can weather it more with pigments or natural fire! Or you just can put it on the model!! Its will look like the real thing! Totally hollow and very thin, these REXx sets are worth every single penny as they are very realist and will be a total plus to your model, at least a Wingnut Wing Model.! By the way I also love ReXx Logo! VERY HIGHLY recommended. Francisco Guedes My truly thanks to Oleg from ReXx models for these review samples. To order theses beauties, just go and email Oleg at osrexxxx768@gmail.com or via facebook: REXx scale model accessories
  2. Dear friends! Have you started to build your Halberstadt Cl.II? It is a good time to do it! Finally two new Prop & Pipe sets are released and now available for order. You can choose Niendorf or Garuda propeller with excellent electroformed exhaust pipe made by REXx. Worldwide free delivery on all orders over $110 (ends 31st May) Visit to our online shop http://bit.ly/2QBEwtm
  3. Dear friends! Another two Proper Plane sets Prop And Pipe with Niendorf are released and available for order on our site Prop & Pipe for Junkers D.1 with Niendorf Prop & Pipe for Albatros D.V with Niendorf
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