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Found 6 results

  1. Something out of my comfort zone but it seemed like the right time to build it. As mentioned previously, this came about through an effort by Here Clunk to get me to try building a biplane. The kit is all resin with the struts reinforced with metal rods. The fuselage even has alignment pegs moulded onto it. Like seemingly all Hawker aircraft (I haven't checked the Hunter), there's a tubular frame to the cockpit. My copy had a couple breaks in it along with some resin flash. Rather than try to clean things up and fix the breaks, I decided to give making a re
  2. 1:32 Bristol F.2b Fighter (Post War) Wingnut Wings Catalogue # 32060 Available from Wingnut Wings for $99.00 with FREE Worldwide Delivery This release isn’t entirely unexpected, as it was announced that Wingnut Wings were going to revisit the F.2b at sometime, and give silver wings fans something to be pleased about. Well, at long last, WNW stayed true to their word, and the very latest from Peter Jackson’s NZ-based model company, has landed here on my doorstep in the UK. Of course, there aren’t going to me massive changes between the original Brisfit kit, and the
  3. Hi all, With the review done, it's time to build! I started with figuring ut what resin tubing goes where in the fuselage framing. So far so good! Test fitted the frame in the fuselage and all fits great. Still way more tubes to add.
  4. Hi all, Here she is. All finished. The resin Silver Wings 1/32 Fokker D.21. Started this kit on april 29 and finished today. So about 2,5 months. A joy to build. Great fit but challenging instructions. Take your time and you'll be fine. I added: • Master barrels turned brass gun barrels (2 sets). • Some minor details on the door (locks, hinge, etc..) That's it. Used Gunze paints all over and AK interactive panel washes. Also AK Interactive lense crystal clear and transparent red and green for the navigation lights. The aerial is EZ-line. Build log here: http://forum.la
  5. 1:32 Fokker D.XXI Silver Wings Catalogue # 32-017 Available from Aviation Mega Store for $149,95 or directly from Silver Wings Introduction Let me start this review by addressing the fact that: • I am dutch • My grandfather built the Fokker D.XXI before and during the war • I have a soft spot for this plane • My name is mentioned in the instruction booklet in this kit Taking the above into account, you might be inclined to think that I am somewhat biased and will praise it into the sky. Well… Maybe, but only if it deserves the credit. I never expected any company to tackle
  6. From the horses mouth; the 1/32 Fokker DXXI will be available in 1 or 2 months time. Yessss Cees
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