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Found 23 results

  1. So here it is as of 2010 before it was rescued from "The Shelf of Dooooooommmm!" What it started as.... WIP here - http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/810-rescued-from-the-shelf-of-dooooomm-tamiya-mkviii-spit/ And finished as Lt. Bill Skinner's Lonesome Polecat of the 308th Fighter Squadron, 31st Fighter Group, Castel Volturno, Italy, April 1944. Quickboost exhausts, Barracuda Resin Wheels and Mk.VIII decals were used for the National Markings and some stencils that were applied. Tamiya Decals used for the Nose art, kill markers and Squadron Codes. Weathered using AK In
  2. Rather than clutter up JohnB's build thread, here's my Spitfire XIV and XVI builds from a few years ago. The XIV is a Tamiya VIII kit with Raduis XIV conversion set. That was designed for the older PCM IX kit so needed a bit more work to make it fit the Tamiya kit. This was the first Tamiya Spitfire I built. Nothing like jumping into the deep end. Next up is my XVI also using the Tamiya kit. I was able to get advice on it from someone who worked on the real aircraft back in the day. The cowl panels are still removable. Nothing like a
  3. This one's for Martin! This is my current Tamiya Spitfire build. The plan is to do it as JE-J jr with her infamous ModXXX beer barrels. Profimideller make a conversion set for this but they make you assemble the barrels from individual staves. Not being a cooper, i couldn't make that work for me so I found some wood barrels in a suitable size: Much easier. JE-J Jr is a IXe so I had to modify the wing armament to match. AML make a suitable conversion set so I used that. Cannon barrels are from Master. The engine all assembled and rea
  4. 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk.VIII ProfiPACK Eduard Catalogue # 8287 Available from Eduard for €37.45 The Supermarine Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and other Allied countries before, during and after World War II. Many variants of the Spitfire were built, using several wing configurations, and it was produced in greater numbers than any other British aircraft. It was also the only British fighter produced continuously throughout the war. The Spitfire was designed as a short-range, high-performance interceptor aircraft by R.
  5. Hi all, After acquiring available drawings and asking a few here and there, I began a looong Spitfire simulator project using basic aircraft fabrication techniques (sheetmetal, riveting, welding, casting). I'll have to make a few concessions, given that it will be a simulator, but will try to keep it as faithful to the original as I can. Some of you might spot something that I did upside down (easy fix ). Here's some photos of my progress (2 years now)... Frame #8 buildup along with intercostal below rudders. Trim Gauge and Gear Indicator Youtube video show
  6. Haven't posted any progress on this to date but have been beavering away for the last few weeks. The kit, which I'm sure all are familiar with. Goes together like a dream with very little problem and very little seam work. This is the current state of play. Cockpit done and installed but didn't manage to get any pictures at that stage. Used the HGW seatbelts and painted and weathered everything using Ammo's RAF cockpit set. First time I've used the HGW belts and although fiddly they weren't too difficult. I followed the tip I've seen mentioned on a few forums to leave the
  7. Hello all ! First WIP for me here on LSM, very happy to start this build with you. I choose the well know Tamiya Spitfire IXc . I will do this scheme. See you soon for the first step. Clostermann
  8. So I was clearing out some rubbish from the Garage and I found a Mk.VIII Spitfire that I started back in 2010 when the kit was first released by Tamiya... Looking at its current state, I cocked up the paint masks... thinking back this was probably the first time I tried to use a multi part mask. Its nearly finished and it won't require much work to get it back to workable state to complete it! Looking into the pit area... I have used the kit parts and added my own wiring, placards, Eduard Harness and Master barrels.. So it will be a shame for it to sit and rot away
  9. 1/32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc Revell Kit No. 03927 The Supermarine Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter aircraft that was used by the Royal Air Force and many other Allied countries before, during and after World War II. The Spitfire was built in many variants, using several wing configurations, and was produced in greater numbers than any other British aircraft. It was also the only British fighter to be in continuous production throughout the war. The Spitfire was designed as a short-range, high-performance interceptor aircraft by R. J. Mitche
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone. I went for a ride to Shuttleworth (Old Warden airfield), my favourite place on the planet yesterday. I love this place, really old school place and so many vintage aircraft you turn round so fast your head almost comes off. Im lucky enough to know a few of the engineers here and some of the volunteers as I fly in here quite a lot in my little toy airplane (they're nice to me even though its not vintage). So whilst walking around I took a few photographs in the Engineering shed of the Lysander, Brisfit and a Chipmunk thats being renovated. AR501 the Spitfire i
  11. So after a bit of hassle with the wheel covers and alignment(still don't think it's 100%, but not much scope for adjustment)I'm calling this one finished. It's built OOB apart from Eduard belts, acetate gunsight and Techmod decals. Not a bad kit considering its age, but there were some issues with the canopy framing being poorly defined, particularly the rear section which is pretty much DIY. Anyway, here are some pics: Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXc, 306 (Polish) Squadron, F/Lt Jozef Zulikowski, RAF Northolt 1942.
  12. I never learn. Building two kits at once takes at least three times as long as building them one at a time, but whatever; the Mosquito is more of an experiment, right? I wanted a grey/green Spitfire to go with my Mk.1, and since I've been a bit Beaufighter curious for a while, when I saw this I thought it would be rude not to get it: I believe the Spitfire dates from the '90's, and comprised relatively few parts, and pretty sparse interior detail. This won't be much of a problem with a closed canopy though: With the exception of some seatbelts, this will be OOB (really this time), alth
  13. Spitfire LF. Mk.XVI engine & armament photos. Last Sunday on the way back from Flying Legends at Duxford I visited the Spitfire Memorial at Manston. They have a Spitfire LF. Mk. XVI on display, complete with 250LBS & 500LBS bombs plus wing hardpoints. The remarkable thing about this Spitfire is that it's fitted with the "e"-wing but it's quite clear that it's in fact a modified "c"-wing, since it has the .303 gun apertures in the wing leading edge and the cartridge/link ejector chutes underneath the wings. Also remarkable are the deflectors underneath the wings to guide the cartrid
  14. 1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX MH434 in Civil Service RAM Decals Catalogue # RAM32-002 Available from RAM Models for £9.99 If you’ve ever tired of seeing endless lines of Spitfire Mk.IX models that have been finished in standard camo schemes, and long for something very different for your project, then you could do far worse than model MH434. This particular Spit has been in many films etc. wearing various paint schemes, including a brown and green BoB scheme. However, if you want a total break from the norm, then this is a sheet which I’m sure will hold appeal. How about a Sp
  15. 1:32 Spitfire Mk.II instrument panel Yahu Cataloge # YMA3201 Available from StoryModels for £5.19 I remember having real fun when I built the test shot of the Revell 1:32 Spitfire Mk.IIa last year. The kit isn't perfect, by any means, but one quirk I had to deal with at the time was the rebuilding of the instrument panel which was reversed. Revell actually fixed this and made quite a nice job of it, but if painting and super-detailing instrument panels isn't one of your preferred tasks, then Yahu have come up with a solution. This, with some minor plastic surgery, will give
  16. 1/32 Corrected Oil cooler and Rotol Propeller Eagle Editions Catalogue# 70-32, 71-32 Available from Eagle Editions Oil cooler $7.50, Rotol Propeller $19.75 A little bit of a special one for you all today, earlier this year we reviewed the new tool Revell 1/32 Spitfire IIa. Perhaps I was a little critical in my review of this kit but chief among my criticism was the fairly obvious over sight of not including the blunt Rotol Spinner that typified the Spit MkII and the early style oil cooler. At the time of my review, LSM's very own Jim Hatch was already well along into his buil
  17. 1:32 and 1:48 Wet Transfer Stencils (Various) HGW Catalogue # see article for code and price Available from HGW This, of course, isn't the first time we've looked at the new series of Wet Transfer from HGW, but this series is now expanding quite rapidly. We have been sent the latest releases in 1:48 and 1:32, so we'll take a look at each set independently, and what they offer the modeller, over the standard, traditional decal. 'But surely, these are decals', I can hear you say. Technically, yes they are, but that's where the comparison ends. These are like a halfway ho
  18. 1:32nd Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIa Revell Catalogue# 03986 In August 1940 611 Squadron RAF became the first unit to be equipped with the latest MkIIa Spitfire. With the Battle of Britain at its height the MkII sealed its position as part of the Battle legend. Despite early production troubles the MkII had the distinction of being the first variant to be produced at the Castle Bromwich aircraft factory, it incorporated a number of improvements over the MkI chiefly the latest Rolls Royce Merlin XII which used a Coffman cartridge starter rather than the electric start allowing the MkII t
  19. Whilst NOT strictly a walk-around, GUY5SY has asked that post the following YouTube clip here as there is an amazing amount of footage of the Lancaster and of the Mosquito whilst in the ground and both inside and out. Then, of course, you get to see and hear 6 aircraft powered by Merlin engines flying in formation with each other :- It's glorious!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceuU1UQuwVU Enjoy it. Grant
  20. This was my first published article that I ever did.. It appeared in the September 2011 issue of Military Illustrated Modeller magazine... Cockpit had wiring and hydraulic lines added (this was before Barracuda's Sidewall upgrade set was on the market), Eduard's Late Mk.IX harness and some of Interior PE set was used. I also added Barracuda's fantastic Cockpit upgrade set, Padded Seat and access door and 4 slot wheels. This scheme is included in the Tamiya boxing, but its incorrect. I was lucky and was able to contact the pilot's son, and he confirmed with me with the correct serial number
  21. Been playing a little with my new studio lights and selected the 1/32 Spitfire built by Luuk from Dutch Decal as the victim! JPG's straight from the camera, no tweaking. I'm not completely satisfied with the results yet. But enough about photographing; on to the model:
  22. Hi guys, Does anyone know if and where I can get a loose LL-sprue from Tamiya's Spitfire Mk.XVIe? I need the cannon bulges to make a highback Spit Mk.XVIe... Cheers! erik.
  23. 1/32 Beer Kegs for Tamiya Mk.IX Spitfire Profimodeller Catalogue # 32065 Available directly from ProfiModeller for 319,00 CZK During the Second World War, brewery Henegar and Constable donated free beer to the Troops. After the D-Day landings in Normandy, supplying the war effort with critical supplies was already an issue and as you could imagine, carting liquid refreshments was pushed down the vital supply list. Some crafty soldiers were able to source the non-essential supplies from the locals or by other means. It was the RAF Spitfire pilots that ended up with a better solut
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