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Found 3 results

  1. Some of you may have seen this before but its pretty impressive to watch it again.. I think his speech, both inspiring and Motivational, relates to many no matter the time or day ... Admiral McRaven's heartfelt speech .
  2. Chester Nez, 93, the last Navajo code talker
  3. I just realized that this GB does have very little in the way of ground equipment. Time to help rectify that! In 2007 when on a business trip to York, UK, I purchased the Dragon M4A2 Tarawa-boxing at the local hobby shop. On this site one can find very interesting info on the invasion of Tarawa, including photos of the Sherman tanks. http://tarawaontheweb.org The photos of Colorado below were taken from the "Tarawa on the Web"- website. Colorado was early in the fighting hit by a Japanese 75mm shell. Later on Colorado was the victim of a molotov-cocktail which set the tank on fire. The crew drove the tank back into the surf and by doing so, extinguished the fire. Maybe surprisingly enough, Colorado was together with China Gal one of the 2 only serviceable tanks of C-Company after the fighting. What is easily seen is that the headlights were not fitted and that the framing of the right headlight was completely deformed. Also, on the color stills (from a USMC-film) the rearing elephant of the 1st Corps Batallion looks to be yellow, not gray as on Dragon's decal sheet. The colors don't look to be that accurate in those stills, though... But that would mean that the names maybe weren't yellow either, but gray or off-white... If someone knows the "definite" answer, please let me know. I'm afraid it'll be like those RLM 76 discussions amongst Luftwaffe builders, though... That's it for now, since this first installment is written at work during the night shift. After grabbing some sleep I hope to be back with an update!
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