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Found 3 results

  1. In Summer 2016, when I was on the beach, I was pleased to spend several hours reading a book dedicated to the life of Colonel Robin Olds this was for me an inspiration to make a model with some history behind, a great history in this case. So, some time later, I started building my 1/32 Tamiya kit. Also involved from the beginning were GT Resin cockpit and Eduard Brassin wheels. Just a bit later, looking at the only picture I found, added to the description of Bolo, I had to provide the ALQ-71 Jamming Pod from Cutting Edge. Decals used: PrintScale and Warbird plus some home made like the Singha Lion emblem and tail codes Here following are some pictures of the complete model. I hope you will like it. Alberto
  2. Some time after I built my Phantom model, I thought it was a good idea to build one bird from the other side and I started my MIG-21 project. A little bit of history taken from: “MiG 21 units of the Vietnam War” January 2, 1967, in the skys over Noi Bai, Nord-Vietnam, at least five MiG-21 succumbed to the fire from 8th TFW Phantoms leaded by major Robin Olds. This unexpected loss was a terrible blow for the NVA 921 Fighter Group, including future NVA aces Vu Ngoc Dinh and Nguyen Van Coc who survived ejecting themselves. Speaking of the model itself, in addition to the Trumpeter kit, I used: True Detail Seat, Print Scale decals, Begemot stencils and Eduard Brassin AIM-9B to replicate AA-2-Atoll missiles. These are a few photos of the complete model and some from the w.i.p.
  3. This is the old kit from Revell. I think all they did was put some new pieces in their PFM kit to make an MF. Detail is lacking, the cockpit is a mess and inaccurate with the molds and fit are not up to what you'd expect today. Rather than chuck it out I thought I'd just build it as is, for the detail sets would cost more than simply buying the rather nice Trumpeter kit. Mark was nice enough to send me a pilot from the Trumpeter kit and Tony some VPAF markings (thanks guys) and I scrounged some sidewinders from an old Revell F-4E kit to stand in for R3-S missiles as they were pretty much Russian made sidewinder copies anyway. I was meaning to represent red 5040, the MiG 21 nightfighter that allegedly shot down a B-52 during the 1972 Christmas bombings, but I mucked up the masks for the numbers several times and rage quit them, so I'm calling it done. Unfortunantly its a grey old day in Melbourne for taking pictures, as you can see.
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