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Found 11 results

  1. Hola Senhores, Some years ago, while I was still living in Berlin, I started this kit and left it partly build in the box until recently, where I felt the urge to build something from that period and wanted to finish some of the started kits. The big time lag is the main reason, why I didn't wrote a WIP, the other is, it is my first WNW kit, first rigging experience and first kit of it's time with all these different materials to reproduce, like metal, wood, cloth... The kit itself is a gem, fit is almost perfect, details are sharp and the fragile bird is somewhat sturdy in the end.
  2. Resin Continental 760x100 wheels and plywood decals Proper Plane Catalogue #’s wheels (RW-002), decals (PDW-1234) Price: $15.00USD per set Proper Plane is carving itself a very nice niche in the world of WW1 aviation modelling. We are used to seeing their superb hand-carved wooden, laminated propellers, such as reviewed HERE, but now they have turned their attention to the resin wheel replacements, possibilities of plywood decals. Continental 760x100 wheels This particular set is a direct replacement for kit wheels, and not just for WNW kits, as is obvious from the list of a
  3. Hi guys! I am back to working on my Bleriot11 and I thought that I would share the fun of this build.Actually, this airplane is part of a large-scale diorama involving a full-scale Peregrine Falcon woodcarving which I will get into explaining later.Cheers! John.
  4. 1/35 German WW1 - 25 cm Schwerer Minenwerfer Heavy Mortar CMK Resin Armor Catalogue # RA058 Available from CMK Kits for € 60,00 Introduction Another artillery piece (well technically mortar) from CMK. See our review of the 24cm Mörser here. This new range of WW1 artillery subjects is of the highest quality. Both in design and execution. As is common these days this kit was designed in 3D, subsequently 3D printed and then casted. More on the quality later. Let it be said that I was not able to spot any printing lines on the parts in this kit. 3D renderings
  5. Just finished this up this morning, after lack of Mojo for 9 months... Used AK Interactive WW1 British Tank Colours, Washes and pigments. Really fun build!
  6. 1:32 AEG G.IV Early Wingnut Wings Catalogue # 32034 Available from Wingnut Wings for $229.00 with FREE Worldwide Shipping An AEG G.IV has the significance of being the only two-engine WW1 German aircraft that survives in a museum today, having been on display in the Canada Aviation & Space Museum. First flown in 1916, the G.IV was a more refined version of its predecessor, the G.III, and was capable of carrying a heavier bomb load. This rugged machine differed in many aspects of its construction, being of an all metal, tubular welded frame (including metal inter-plane strut
  7. 1:32 Spandau, Lewis , Vickers machine guns Gaspatch Models Catalogue # see article for code and price Available from Gaspatch Models After some simply astounding releases in both kit form and in aftermarket, Gaspatch Models had been relatively quiet for a period of time. Apart from the turnbuckle releases which this company is famed for, over the last year, we've reviewed their 1:48 Salmson kit, and also a suite of their 3D printed Lewis guns. It was this latter product which signalled the start of a new product range for Gaspatch, and the one we were certainly keen to follow up
  8. 1:32 DFW C.V Mid Production Wingnut Wings Catalogue # 32040 Available from Wingnut Wings for $99.00USD, with FREE Worldwide shipping If you know anything about World War 1 aviation, it's that the DFW C.V was one of the most numerous types built, and also that it had an key bearing on how both war in the air, and war against ground forces, was conducted. For Germany, this was undoubtedly one of their most important aircraft, if not the single most important. It's true to say that, for such an important aircraft, not a lot is known about the development of it, except f
  9. Hi guys, Looking at Wingnutwing's instructions for their E.III I get a bit confused. Are the cables to warp the wing only attached to the control stick at the underside by the moving bracket on the U/C framing? Or also from the upper side at the pulley? See the front/rear schematic to see what I mean; in this case if warping is only induced at the bottom side of the wing and the opposing wingtip is pulled up because the top wires slip over the pulley by the tug of the downward warping wing:
  10. So here is my first entrie to the WW1 GB... Emhar's 1/35 Mk.IV Male Tank... Its the only game intown... its not to bad of a kit, but it does have some issues with a couple of things, mainly the tracks... To address that problem, I have got Panzershops upgrade set....
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