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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there! We've got a special offer for you! www.ProperPlane.com
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's official, I will do a WIP about the Fokker E.V / D.VIII. It's a late WWI monoplane with a parasol wing design. I liked the sleek design of the Fokker and when I spotted the Mikro Mir kit, I decided, I have to build one in Lozenge finish. It took my some tries to find solutions for the biggest obstacles I saw, until I felt save enough, to call it seriously a project. I'm kind of an up front coward , when I evaluate a non Tamiya kit, I look for the most difficult steps in the build that I can see and only if I have the feeling, that I can solve these, I really sta
  3. Hello all, I completed the Tripe towards the back-end of last year for a memorial group build. I'm very pleased with how she turned out. Hope you like her. Cheers Bob Von B
  4. 1:32 Fighter and Mechanisn of the WWI BLACK DOG Catalogue n.º F32003, F32006 and F32012 Price Tag:€23,50 The name Black Dog is a well know name for all AF modelers with their AFV accessories and conversion. So WWI figures and in 1:32 is a new thing from Black Dog and a very welcome to WWI scenario as Black Dog is known for the quality. Today we got the chance of reviewing 3 sets of two figures each. They all come in a small flip side box with each figure in zip-log bag. The box art are the figures full build and painte
  5. Wingnut Wings Gotha G.V 904/16 'Erika' So this is going to be my biggest project to date and I'm actually looking forward to it! As you can see this will be Gotha G.V 904/16 'Erika' build with the aircraft being prepared for a night sortie over London. I have no photos of the actual plane being prepared so some creative license will be used unless something comes to light. There are several firsts, including the incredible conversion kit by the talented Ron Kootje - I was one of the lucky few able to purchase the limited runs of his conversion kits and its going to be a very large und
  6. 1:32 Gotha Bomber German Crew from Cooper State Models Catalogue n.º F32-008 Price tag: €29,95 And…. Here we go again, with a new release from Cooper State Models, now with a entire crew for the WnW Gotha. The CSM site has a brief history that is quite interesting and well worth the reading. It´s not the first time I post the CSM history but it´s always good to remember a brief history. So here`s goes: “In 1996 my parents decided that they were ready to retire from the family business. Since I was ready to do something else for a living, we sold the company. I had
  7. Friedrichshafen (Aircraft of WWI: A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes: Volume 21 (Great War Aviation) Aeronaut Books Author: Jack Heris ISBN: 1935881353 Price tag: £ 41.49(plus shipping) Aeronaut Books is a born child of Jack Herris and their goal is to ensure that all types of WW1 aircraft are documented. All the titles from Aeronaut Books are POD (Print on Demand) to allows to make all the books financially feasible. Aeronaut goal is to ensure that all types of WW1 aircraft are documented. When Jack Herris owned Flying Machines,
  8. 1:32 Russischer Pilot (with leather jacket - in lederjacke) Kaiserlich russische Fliegertruppe Kellerkind Miniaturen (from Martin Hille) Catalogue n.º 060 Price tag: € 15,95 WnW really did a revolution concerning WWI modelling around the all world and brought the very best to WWI. Kellerkind Miniaturen is in fact one of those cases, giving WWI modellers very nice products and variety. Behind Kellerking is Martin Hille, a sculptor with great qualities and whom work I have been following in WnW fans facebook page and in Kellerkind facebook page for quite some w
  9. German Aviator 1918 THE FUSILIER Fus 54-19 1:32nd scale Price Tag: 15£ (Steve Warrilow picture) Steve Warrilow has been a busy bee in expanding his catalogue. Not only to the figure modeler, as such, but also to 1:32 scale, in order to give some figures to our WnW. I got a small box in the mail box and I was quite excited with it because I knew that was this particular figure that is made to fit WnW Albatros. A small plastic box, with three resin pieces, and one small sheet with painting instructions. The resin parts are the torso (all body and hea
  10. 1:48 Pilots & Ground Crew Sets 1 and 2 The Fusilier Catalogue n.º FUS 48/01 and 48/02 Price tag: £14 each set The Fusilier is a brand of one man: Steve Warrilow. Anyone who is in the WWI world knows his name. He dedicates to sculpt beautiful figures, only of the Great War. And if it has The Fusilier name on it, that´s for sure, a quality product. Until last year, Fusilier has only large scale figures being the small ones in 1:32. Today we are checking the two new 1:48 Pilots and ground crew sets. The sets pack came in small but sturdy hard plastic box each one.
  11. WOW. The box is huge, and its packed full of plastic. I know some have issues with the fact its expensive and only one decal choice but its the one I'd have chosen anyway and the whole thing is less than the W.29 goes for on its own on Flea Bay I'd say its well worth it and even with £46.22 to Parcel Farce for Import Duty its still almost £80.00 cheaper than Hannants if you order it personally. Well recommended, cant wait to build it and almost tempted to drop everything, it'll be epic and a long build process. Just reading the instructions now. Rigging scares the crap out of me though
  12. This is the kit I've been sort of building up to. 1/16 scale skeletonized Sopwith Camel with all the bones and nerves exposed. All flight controls operational, nicely detailed engine and full rigging. The model as designed does not include the engine or gun cowlings - I'll scratch build those from aluminum sheet (should be interesting as I've not done that particular kind of metalwork in the past!). I'll also build some of the cockpit components as the white metal castings just don't look right. I'll try my hand at replicating wicker using wire-on-wire framing for the seat and I'll use
  13. I'm building a 1/16 Sopwith Camel as a museum display, and I'd love to have a second engine to put on a stand next to it as part of the display. Absent ordering a second kit from Model Expo, do any of you know of a source for this engine/scale? Many thanks!
  14. I've found some interesting period references on general construction and operation of WWI-era aircraft. If you have a Google Play account, each of these is available as a free/public domain eBook download: 1. "Rotary Engines" by The Office of the Chief of Air Corps, US War Department, August 1919 2. "Aeroplane Structure" by Alfred John Sutton Pippard and and John Laurence, 1919 3. "Aeroplane Construction and Assembly" by J. T. King and N. W. Leslie, 1918 Each of these has great detail (plus photos and illustrations) of the internal workings and structures of a representati
  15. The Fokker D.VII at the Militaire Luchtvaart Museum in Soesterberg, the Netherlands. I have heard it was an original German D.VII that was shipped to the USA after WW I and was civilian owned afterwards. Supposedly it was acquired by the Museum and refurbished in the colors of the Luchtvaart Afdeeling (old Dutch spelling)of ca. 1920. I have this from hearsay, so please don't take my word for it... enjoy, I hope the photos prove themselves of use for your WnW D.VII projects! The pictures were taken by Jeroen Peters with my Nikon
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