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Found 4 results

  1. This is the ordinary Revell 1:32 kit. I only added PE seatbelts from Eduard and scratch made brake hoses. Decals and painting scheme is from the kit. Painted mostly with Vallejo. This aircraft # 680718 was flown by Otfried Baisch who died in it, after being shot down by P51D Mustang. Video from the build in on my YT channel: I will gladly read what you think, and any suggestion what I can improve are welcome.
  2. Hi there! We've got a special offer for you! www.ProperPlane.com
  3. Broken Wings Captured & Wrecked Allied Aircraft of the Blizkrieg. Aircraft Pictorial series, #2 Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing Price: 29€ (EU price) At LSM we had the pleasure to read, view and review several past titles from Canfora Publishing, like the Wingspan Vol. I, Vol.II, Rare Wheels, T-60 and others. And also the first books of this series also passed in LSM. Check here. Today we have in hands a new title in this series: Broken Wings, also written by Tom Leamlein. This book have some unpublished pictures from author private collection and all are from Allied aircraft in a specific era: Blitzkrieg. As the first book of this serie, the idea is to compile the best pictures of fallen aircraft. Like others books from Canfora as Wingspan, this one is produced in soft-cover landscape format with 176 glossy pages. The quality paper is a reference in Canfora books, that helps a lot in the printing stage of thousands of black and pictures that have more than 70 years. I have been a modeler for 30 years now, and some of these pictures (several ones) are totally new to me and as my acknowledge, is the first time that most as published. So, these pictures were taken by German troops in the early stages of WWII. As the first serie book, this volume is also a truly and fantastic inspiration to all modellers, that will give to us some very new and good ideas for aircraft dioramas. All the pictures are in black and white and in the cover, a Curtiss Hawk H-75A3, flown by S/lt Rey of GC 1/5, shot down on May 18, 1940 (French Air Force). This volume its about several nations aircrafts, like France, U.K., Soviet, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, ex-Yugoslavia after crash landing or soil destruction. The book is divided and organized by nation, with the insignia on the top right of the page, starting with Polish Air Force and ending ex-USSR Air Force. So some of the aircraft are less know from the general modeler like the Amiot 143, Zmaj Faziz FN or the Kharkiv KhAI-5. So several types from those air forces are covered. Conclusion Is the book a good value for the modeler? Yes as it give the modelers, besides inspiration for new projects, very good and useful pictorial information of the airplanes in large and good resolution pictures. For me, it as work as an inspirational as I just have more future project in my head... thanks Canfora! Thanks to Toni and Canfora Publishing for the review sample. Fran
  4. So here's my starting point... yes, I *just* opened the box... I'm still thinking about which ship to build - lots of options, with some interesting stories to tell. Before I start, though, I have to clear *this* from the bench... I should have this out of the way by the end of March - famous last words! This will be fun
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