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Found 2 results

  1. I’m at a standstill on my Fokker project as I wait for reference material, so.... Here’s my take on one. I’m thinking I’ll do an EF-105F from the Trumpeter G kit so obviously there’s plenty of hacking, cutting, and sawing go do. An F looks NOTHING like a G. Someone dared me to do it, so here we are. But before we get crazy into details, the shape needs to be fixed. If I can’t get the shape more or less right, I’ll pass on it as a valiant try The Trumpeter Kit is legendary for its basic shape issues, from the nose all the way to the he fin and even the ventral fin being all kinds of goofy so, we start with the most basic, remove the ECM pods and insert some smooth side in hid place
  2. 1/32 P-61 Black Widows Zotz Decals Catalogue # ZTZ32/058 Available directly from Zotz for US$30 + Shipping Once a newly released kit been on the market for a while all the aftermarket stuff starts to roll in... So over the next few weeks we will be bring you these items that you can use to detail up your Black Widow! If you missed out seeing our review of the Hobby Boss P-61 Black Widow kit, please check it out here – http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/919-132-northrop-p-61b-black-widow/. The Hobby Boss Decals from the Black Widow kit did look good on the first look, but they do have a few issues after looking into markings further after the original kit review was posted... The Stars and Bars are questionable size as they are appearing to be to large on the wings and too small for the tail booms. The serial number and colour of the dress on the pin up girl for Lady in the Dark scheme are incorrect. Plus Hobby Boss neglected to supply any stencils for the airframe... Now this is where Eli at Zotz steps in to help... One of his latest releases is for the Hobby Boss' 32nd Black Widow! Zotz's sheet 32/058 P-61 Black Widows, Eli provides decals for seven different P-61's which are made up of 5x P-61A and 2x P-61B schemes, that cover one Olive Drab and six overall Black paint jobs, plus a full set of Stencils and correct sized Stars and Bars for the wings and tail booms. My decals arrived in a hard card backed envelope all from Mexico, unfortunately it seemed to be well travelled and delayed as it ended up going via Australia first on its way to New Zealand, and had a couple of small bends/dents on the envelope which imprinted onto the decal sheet. Of course this isn't Eli's fault as it was well packaged, but the fault of it being mishandled during its trip by the different postal services. Opening the zip-loc bag, two sheets of decals and a glossy full colour instruction can be found within the bag. The larger sheet which measures 243mm by 193mm carries all nose art, serial numbers and stencilling for the seven different aircraft and stencils for one airframe. The smaller sheet measuring 142mm by 152mm has all the walkway markings and Stars and Bars. A full colour guide covering each aircraft, covering decal placement is covered also. The schemes are - P-61A, 42-5502, 421 NFS, Leyte, 1944, 'Nocturnal Nemesis/Skippy' P-61B, 42-39408, 548 NFS, Iwo Jima, 1945, 'Lady in the Dark' P-61A, 42-5525, 6 NFS, le Shima, 'Midnight Belle' P-61A, 42-5610, 458 NFS, Iwo Jima, 1945, 'Midnite Madness' P-61A, 42-5626, 426 NFS, Chengtu, 1945, 'Jing-Bow Joy-Ride' P-61B, 42-39586, 418 NFS, South Pacific, 1944, 'Black Panther' P-61A, 42-39595, 418 NFS, South Pacific, 1944, 'Times A Wastin' How is the Quality of the Decals?? One thing that I hate and sure all modellers will agree... Decals that won't stick, won't perform well or lay down well with solvents/setting solutions. If you have personally used a Zotz decal sheet in the past you surely will agree with me that isn't surely the case with Zotz's sheets. Normal decal steps are followed by soaking the decal in luke-warm water and positioning them in place and pushing out the air bubbles underneath the decal. To get the decal to sit into all the rivet and panels lines I have found that Zotz sheets react very well with Mircosol solutions, as you can see on the Apache Head decal on the 1/32 "B-25J at War Part 1" that I used in 2012. CONCLUSION Research on each scheme has been well done by Eli. A fantastic sheet if you are planning to build the Hobby Boss Black Widow kit, A must have you are planning to do Lady in the Dark. Highly recommended! My sincere thanks to Eli at Zotz for this review sample. To purchase, click THIS link. Dave J
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