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Lotus 98T A.Senna 1/12 MFH Body work done

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11 hours ago, GusMac said:

This is going to look absolutely stunning! :thumbsup2:


3 hours ago, Artful69 said:

Lovely ...

My introductory years to F1 ... :)

I remember Lotus turfed the Renault engine (a masterpeice at the time) for the newer Honda unit later - when the Japanese were at the peek of their Motor Engineering prime ... I have memories of Murray Walker's voice in commentary working up to the threshold of pain ... "Ayrton Senna, spinning ... spinning!!" "... and into the pits comes Alain Prost ... Now his time here will be VERY interesting considering the bungled tyre change of Keke Rosberg earlier ... lets hope McLaren has this sorted out now" ... Nigel Mansell staying out too many laps in his Williams - trying to win the Championship at the Australian GP, when he should have pitted for tyres ... the rears blew in what is now and Iconic piece of racing footage "... and look at that!!! ... that is Nigel Mansell and the car absolutely shattered, he's fighting for control" ... Satoru Nakajima with race cam in the Lotus Honda, showing how spectacular an exploding turbo impeller can be ... I remember thinking that the pit stops were boring until they brought back refuelling ...

Anyway ... Nice work Mark ... I'm REALLY glad you have the old cigarette advertising plastered on there ... like the successor to the 98-T, the 99-T wouldn't be the same without the old Camel logos plastered all over the yellow ...

Rog :) 

yes indeed the golden years

i have stopd watching in beginng 2000

then the good years where over in my opinion

Great drivers and cars and when it whas raining ooooooboy


I hope to have a update at the end off the week

going to try to get the 4 wheels on the ground



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That is some impressive stuff, you are showing here. The depth of detail is breathtaking and your paint- and decalwork is perfect. Not the least your work, inspired me to think about building a 1/12 car and I ordered a Tamiya Porsche 935 last week.

Cheers Rob

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so here a update

it all whent good so faster update

still a few details to do and one big part the rear wing

i let the pics speek for you







Thats it for know enjoy



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3 hours ago, Peterpools said:


I’m just blown away ..... absolutely immaculate  and brilliant work
Keep ‘em comin


Thanks Peter ido my best

next update  will be next weekend i think



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  • mark31 changed the title to Lotus 98T A.Senna 1/12 MFH Body work done
13 hours ago, harv said:

Just beautiful  !!....harv


9 hours ago, GusMac said:

That looks just stunning Mark. Superb gloss work to get it so uniform and shiny. :unworthy:

Thanks Harv

a lot off hours whent in to the paint job before i whas happy

1 hour ago, belugawhaleman said:

The paint finish is superb. It's too bad my inability to produce a good finish has kept me

away from this kind of subject. I've enjoyed viewing your work and would like to see more

automotive subjects on this forum.

Thanks for sharing you work with us.






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6 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Stunning glossy finish. This looks even better than the real thing! 
Can‘t wait to see it completed! 


still working on the last parts

just need to make the rear wing and put it in to place



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