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Ladies and Gentlemen,


If you would like to support LSM online, then we give you a selection of banners to use either here or on your other forum memberships.

























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Cool, thanks. I will do that.


It worked then ... :)


Oh, and as a customer of Arrow Wolf, you should definitely have a "I Love ...." banner too, don't you think? :)  :)

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So we have use url's to upload images of our work? You'll have to excuse my ignorance, I'm new to uploading my work on here. If someone could walk me through how to do so that would be awesome...I seem to have some trouble with this thing.


You're right ...   we need to post a tutorial about how to post pictures (I'll work something out) but, in the meantime, you need an account with someone like www.photobucket.com - which is probably the most used photo hosting site by modellers posting pictures in forums, it's free and offers a large amount of "space" before they start charging.


You take your pictures and load them onto your PC, connect to photobucket (say) and upload those pictures into a "album" you can created in photobucket.


This is what I do,

  1. I log in to LSM
  2. Then I open a separate tab in my browser and log in to Photobucket.
  3. Back at LSM I start creating my post (like your work in progress thread, say) and when I get to a point where I want to insert a photo, I go to a new line (maybe two) and then switch tabs and look for the photo I need from Phototbucket ...


This is what you should see :




Then, to get the image code ... look to the right and you should see this :





The arrowed box is what you need. Just put your cursor on it and click ... it will automatically copy the fulll image code.

Then, go back to your thread in LSM and, at the point where you want to insert your picture, right click your mouse and select paste.


Voila !! that's should be it.


I  know it sounds long winded but once you've got the hang of it you will whizz through it. 


Why is it done like this ??  Well Forums that require you to use this process (and that's most of them) piggyback off the hosting companies virus protection and it's unlikely therefore that someone with an infected machine can then infect the forum itself.


I hope that helps but please let me know if I can explain anything else.

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Not at all sir, there's no need to feel foolish whatsoever.    In fact, you've actually done LSM a favour by highlighting the need to post a "How Do I ....." topic for those unfamiliar with the process.  Meanwhile, I'm glad I was able to help.

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There is the issue of the "new" front end of Photobucket versus the "classic" version. When you find the links in the new version, if you click on the field, it automatically copies the link. In the classic version you had to right click and pick copy to copy the info in the field. Hope this helps.



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If the Photobucket link doesn't automatically copy to the clipboard when you click in it (for either the 'new' OR 'classic' interfaces), then it's an issue with your browser, not your OS or Photobucket version. I can only assume that if it doesn't work properly for you, you're using Internet Exploder, er, Explorer.



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[rant]I hate the new Photobucket. They switched it and it still shows as beta in the address bar. I can't even download full albums any more as they haven't yet sorted it. WHY then, would you force members to switch if it isn't finished?[/rantover]

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