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Re-Stock - JH Model's Wooden Stand / Jig


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What-ho Chaps!


Just thought I'd let you know that I've a mall re-stock of the very popular JH Models Wooden Stand / Jig in both monoplane and biplane variations.


They arrived this morning and by lunch-time three had gone so, if you think one of these would be useful for you then don't hang around, they're flying out of the door.




3f134807-3fbb-4bff-bf7c-8284f22689ef_zps JH4801_mono_plane_jig_zps33d9db7d.jpg




e784b77a-89f5-4703-a0db-716cce64f43c_zps JH4802_bi_planes_jig_zps6054e996.jpg


As Reviewed by James H. on SP&R Here: http://www.scaleplasticandrail.com/kaboom/index.php/all-other-subjects/all-things-tools/75-all-other-tools/1814-biplane-building-painting-and-transporting-stand-from-jh-models

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