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Aussie T610 SAR truck


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Ore_roadtrain.thumb.jpeg.0e65d453fbd143d3d1c4a0697fd739dd.jpegNOW! This would be a cool build, now let's see 1/24 scale Italeri mack Superliner along with Italeri Australian truck (western star) along with four of the Italeri dumper trailers. You would have to scratch build the three dolly's and figure out were to get the wheels/tires from the dumper trailer for the dollys, but it is doable, though it would be on the expensive side. 

 This my be my next build, since I already have the Italeri Australian truck kit to start with. Let's see whats on the plate. 1/25 Kenworth  W925 and Michigan gravel train, 1/25 Peterbilt 359 heavy haul tractor, with scratch built XL Specialized HD130 drop nose lowboy trailer with jeep and booster/stinger, 1/25 Caterpillar 375F L excavator to go on it and a 1/25 Peterbilt dump truck with AMT Autocar dump box. I wonder if I'm going to live that long...lol

Ron G 

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Probably not going to happen.

1/24 Italeri Australian Western Star truck (already have) all prices are what I found off of Ebay.

1/24 Italeri Mack Superliner - $77.00 

1/24 Italeri dummper trailer (4) at $75.00 each $300.00

48, yeah  I said 48 wheels/tires from Scenes Unlimited $250.00

So $77.00 + $300.00 + $250.00 = $627.00 plus tax snd shipping...YIKES!


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